Monday 19 March 2012

Crazy About Essie!

At the end of February the site OzSale held a sale for Essie nail polishes. They were only $5.00 each and there was free shipping! I really love Essie polishes so I couldn't resist. I ended up ordering eight colours. They arrived today, so I thought I would share with you. OzSale have great deals but it can take a couple of weeks to get your order, but when the savings are this great I don't mind waiting.

The colours I choose are (Left to Right):
  • 17 Canyon Coral
  • 74 Pansy
  • 343 Sea Breeze
  • 722 Haute as Hello
  • 723 Knockout Pout
  • 743 Nice is Nice
  • 744 Topless & Barefoot
  • 758 Absolutely Shore

I can't wait to try them all out! Make sure you look out for them in future "My Nails are Wearing..." posts. I am definitely keeping my eyes on OzSale to see if they have any more sales like this.


  1. You did well!!!! Love all the colours! x

  2. Love the colours! My 4 arrived too and straight on my nails =)

  3. I love all the colours esp the Haute as Hello, Topless & Barefoot and Absolutely Shore.

  4. I am glad others managed to get a bargain too! It was such a great deal. :)


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Stephanie x

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