Thursday 30 August 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Cream Compact - Review

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"This water-based formula blends effortlessly and offers the lightness and radiance of a fluid with the ease and convenience of a compact format. The complexion is immediately hydrated and smoothed, with a look of natural, flawless radiance and a comfortable feel that lasts all day." - Chanel

I purchased this foundation when I went shopping at Doncaster in July. When swatching, my friend and I instantly fell in love with the texture - it felt so light. An impulse purchase then ensured - yes, I have a problem controlling myself. I have only recently got around to giving it a good try.

This foundation comes in a really nice black compact with the Chanel logo on the lid. It has an inner closure over the cream foundation, a decent sized mirror in the lid and room for a sponge. It is classically elegant Chanel and very travel friendly. It also has SPF15 which is always good.

The Vitalumiere Aqua Compact comes in 10 shades. I was matched to the shade 22 Beige Rose. This is actually one shade darker than I am normally but it is the palest shade with pink undertones, 10 Beige was too yellow for me.

I fell in love with the texture on my fingers so much that I didn't even have it applied to my face before handing over my money. This was a big mistake! 

I have tried to apply this foundation several different ways including a sponge, paddle foundation brush, stippling brush, buffing brush and my fingers. No matter what I try I can not get this foundation to work on my skin. It always looks uneven on my skin. It also has a light coverage.

Applied using a stippling brush, photo taken with flash.

In the above photo it does not show how bad it looks. In real life it just appears to sit on the skin and then is blotchy, no matter how much I buff or blend it. Even my Mum commented on my makeup not looking as good as usual. It may last on the skin but it doesn't look good from the start. I am not sure whether it is my dry skin that is causing this or whether it is just the foundation.

It is so disappointing, I really wanted to love this foundation and thought I would. I have never been let down by a Chanel product until now. I really want to ring them and complain, for the price it is not a good or even somewhat good product. To me it is absolutely horrible. Another thing I hate is how quickly it is disappearing. I have used it around 5 times and the compact looks half empty.

This foundation retails for AU$100.00 at Chanel counters for 12g of product. I really regret buying this foundation it is definitely not worth its price tag. I would not repurchase it, I am not even sure I will finish this one. Though I hate the thought of wasting such a pricey product.

Based on my experiences, I do not recommend this foundation, I much prefer the original Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. Though if you are really keen on the Vitalumiere Aqua Cream Compact I suggest getting it applied and really thinking it through before purchasing. I have never been this disappointed in a product before especially such an expensive one.

Have you tried this foundation? Have you ever been really disappointed by a product? What was it? What did you do about it?

Thursday 23 August 2012

Lust Have It - August 2012

My August Lust Have It box finally arrived yesterday. I was out all day yesterday and am now only getting the chance to share it with you. This month celebrates Lust Have It's first birthday. It seems strange to think I have been receiving these boxes for a year (though it does explain the piles of samples I have laying around).

I received the 'Fun & Flirty' pack this month (as I seem to every month). It contains a variety of products including hair care, make up and body care. There is also four full size products, which is great. It also came in a box with a bow this month. Like a present!

The August Lust Have It box contains:

tanGo Tanning Glove - $29.95
This is a cloth that is designed to remove fake tan without using exfoliants or chemicals. I never use fake tan (side note: why can't people be happy with their natural skin colour???) so I can't use it for that. It can also be used as a make up removing cloth - just add water. To me it seems like the micro fibre cloth I use to dust with and it cost less than $8.00!

Tigi Rockaholic Rock Out Shine Blaster - 100ml $27.95
This smells like fairy floss OMG! It smells good. This is another full size product though mine leaked a bit in the box. It is a shine serum that helps mask cuticles temporarily and speed up drying time. I am excited to use this... though it smells so good people may try to eat my hair!

ModelCo Eyeliner in Black - 1.2g $26.00
Another full size product! I can't say I have tried much make up from ModelCo, I always think they just make fake tan. It is a nice black colour and is smooth to apply. It also has a sharpener built into the lid which is handy.

Marc Jacobs Dot EDP - 100ml $160.00
I was so excited to see this 1.2ml sample. I wanted this perfume before even trying it and now after smelling it, I MUST HAVE IT!

Appelles Skin Detox Shower Gel - 100ml $12.95
This is a 30ml sample. It is made with pure essential oils and botanicals. It has a wild berry scent though it smells a bit cheap(?). I will probably use it though.

Appelles Body Booster Skin Lotion - 100ml $12.95
Another 30ml sample. This is also wild berry scented and contains ingredients like shea butter and vitamin e.
Again will probably use it eventually.

Appelles Body Bar Vegetable Soap - 40g $4.95
I don't really use soap as soap but I have been known to put it in my underwear drawer to make it smell good.. Yeah, soap is soap.

This months box is definitely better than previous months, though I was expecting something a little more exciting for the first birthday box. Some people received a set of earrings though only for annual subscribers. I think maybe they should have rewarded the people that have been members from the start - annual or monthly. This months box has good variety and four full size products is great. The value is also really good, over $80.00. I just find it is not as exciting as I hoped.

Are you a Lust Have It subscriber? What did you receive?

Sunday 19 August 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup - Review

I was recently given the opportunity to trial the new Revlon foundation - Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup as a member of the Beauty Heaven Trial Team. I thought I would share my review here too.

I have not used a Revlon foundation for a long time though it was one of the first brands I tried. I chose the shade 150 Buff. It is a pretty good match for my skin. Though it is probably a little neutral for my cool skin tone but workable.

This is how it looks everytime you open it, even after it has been used.

When you open this foundation, it looks very thick and heavy – this is not the case though. The texture is very similar to softly whipped cream. I also like that it has no scent and contains SPF20.

When applied onto the skin it instantly blends smoothly into the skin. It is a breeze to apply. It blends very easily. It feels like nothing is on the skin. I have found it best to apply with fingers; it gives the best finish and the lightest application.

This foundation dries down to a matte finish that is still very natural. When first applied it is a medium coverage but definitely buildable to full coverage without looking cakey. I found no primer or powder is needed. On my skin this foundation lasted all day and did not shift, fade or change in any way. It still looked flawless after around 12 hours.

Trying to show the texture of the foundation.

The only letdown with this foundation is the packaging. It is in a very heavy glass pot with a plastic lid. Not very travel friendly and is quite bulky. It is also a little unhygienic as fingers needed to dip into it. Also this foundation only has 23.7ml most foundations are 30ml.

I really love this foundation. It gives a flawless finish and feels like nothing on the skin. I highly recommend it. Personally if I hadn’t known it was Revlon I would have thought it had to be a high end foundation.

The Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup is available in 7 shades and retails for $34.95 at all Revlon stockists.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?

*This was provided to me for review as part of the Beauty Heaven Trial Team. This did not influence my review in any way.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Essence Cosmetics - Review

When I was in Bendigo back at the start of June I made sure I headed to Target to pick up some items from the cosmetics brand Essence. It is a German made budget brand, I don't think there is anything over $10.00 and there is quite a good range of products. Including powder, blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss, nail polish and tools.

I decided to pick up a variety of products to test out the brand. The only problem is Target wasn't that well stocked and I have heard that it is quite common at various Targets. The other problem I have with the product is they are not sealed. You have to go through everything before purchasing to make sure it has not been used. Some of the products I wanted to purchase, I wouldn't as they had fingerprints in them.

My Base Skin Perfecting Make-Up Base 20ml - $7.50

I picked this up as my favourite primer had recently run out and for the price I thought it was worth the try. It comes in a nice pump package which makes getting the product out easy. The primer has an apricot tint but blends out when applied. It instantly makes my skin look more radiant when applied, like an inner glow. I haven't noticed if it has made my foundation last longer, my foundation normally lasts all day and does so when using this primer. It does make a nice smooth base for foundation to be applied onto.

Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer 3.5g $4.50

This concealer has three different shades in the one palette. Pink for discolouration, beige for imperfections and green for redness. I find the pink is great for dark circles under the eyes. It is light so it does not feel cakey on the skin and really helps cover my dark circles. The green is good for disguising the redness of pimples. I have unfortunately found that the beige is actually to dark for my skin tone so I have not really used it.

This concealer is great for the price especially getting three shades. They are very emollient and easy to blend. I have found the staying power is not that great and it needs to be touched up during the day. I recommend this concealer though. It is great to keep in the handbag for any touch ups needed during the day and for the price it is a steal!

Marble Mania Blush in 01 Swirlpool 7g $6.50

This blush is part of the Marble Mania collection so I don't think it is permanently available. When I saw it though I had to have it. It is gorgeous to look at in the pan. All those shades of pink, mauve and a little bit of peach mixed in, so pretty. It blends into a luminous peachy pink. It wears very well and does not fade through the day. I love this blush and I am so glad I picked it up. I highly recommend it.

Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 05 Camp Rock 5.5g $5.50

I really (and I mean really) love cream eye shadows. They are just so easy and fuss free, so when I saw these I had to get one. This was the only shade that did not have fingerprints in it so it's the one I purchased it. Camp Rock is a shimmery, metallic light grey. The shadow is quite soft, making it easy to apply and blend onto the lid. It doesn't budge all day nor does it crease. A steal at $5.50 I have already picked up another shade and will do a more comprehensive review in the future.

Lipstick in 47 Prom Night 4g $3.95

As a lipstick lover I could not leave the Essence stand without one. I chose the shade Prom Night which is a baby pink. Sadly I don't like this lipstick, I actually think I may hate it. It feels and smells like a cheap lipstick. It is gritty on the lips and just doesn't feel nice, so much so that I wiped it off my lips.

Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss in 04 Trendsetter 4ml $2.00

I am not much of a gloss person, I am more of a lipstick fan. However I am really impressed by this gloss. It has great pigmentation and really does last. It is slightly sticky but not annoyingly so. It also has a nice scent - like berries. I really like the hourglass shaped applicator too, it makes application really easy. Next time I am at Target I will picking up some more, at only $2.00 each I can afford to.

Have you tried any products from Essence Cosmetics? Any recommendations?

Tuesday 14 August 2012

BellaBox - August 2012

BellaBox sure arrived quickly this month! I received a dispatch notification email yesterday afternoon and got a parcel notice in the letterbox this morning. I only went to the post office late this afternoon to pick it up. Not feeling well and could hardly get out of bed but have made the effort to get up and blog about it.

The theme for August is 'Go Green' and features the pick of natural products. This month includes a nice balance of beauty, skincare, body and lifestyle products. I definitely think there is good value in this months box and a couple of products I am really excited to try. Also glad it arrived earlier this month, compared to previous months.


The August BellaBox contains:

Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish in Chai Shimmer - 3g $24.95
This is a brand new product on the market. It is 100% natural and smells pretty good (like Christmas!). The colour is a very sheer nude with a soft shimmer. Really excited to try this out and really happy to see the first item is full sized.

Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - 225g $29.95
Really loving the Lush products I have been trying lately. Being winter, who doesn't have dry skin? This is a 45g sample pot. The smell is quite strong and at first I didn't like it but it is already growing on me. Smells like roses and lemon.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion - 354ml $12.99
I can't figure out if this 29ml sample is for the face or body. I think it is for the body. I have heard good things about Aveeno but I'm not overly excited to try this.

EmerginC Kombucha Cleanser & Phytocell Cream - 120ml $44.00 & 50ml $105
A 3ml sample of each product. I think I received these in a LustHaveIt box a few months ago and never used them. I doubt I will use these after my skin reacted to the serum capsule I tried from another months BellaBox.

Uspa Organic Wild Thyme Foot Pumice - 200ml $39.00
Okay, I'll admit I have horrible feet! I will definitely give this a try. It is like a scrub for your feet and is a generous 30ml sample. The only thing that puts me off it the really strong smell that I do not find nice.

Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner in Black - 2g $30.00
I am super excited to try this full size(!) liquid eyeliner. Testing this on the back of my hand, it allows me to draw a really nice fine line that is super black. Very happy to receive this!

Phytocare Daily C - 30x3.7g sachets $17.80
This is a Vitamin C powder that you mix into liquid. It seems similar to Berocca to me, a little less exciting but still a different product to include.

BONUS PRODUCT: You, Me & Everybody Bodhi Me Hand Wash - 250ml $5.99
This is literally to big for BellaBox so if you place an online order from the BellaBox shop and enter the code you will receive one for free. Nice offer but not sure I will be ordering anything. 

I am really happy with this months box. After the last couple of boxes and my self diagnosed 'Sample Box Fatigue" I am really glad I did not end my subscription. There is a great range of products and excellent value. I am looking forward to trying these new products out. I especially love the two make up products and full sized too! Excellent job BellaBox! You have earned my love again :)

What did you receive in your BellaBox? Same or different?

Monday 13 August 2012

Wanting, Desiring, Needing...

Since I have purchase pretty much everything from my first 'Wanting, Desiring, Needing...' post. I decided it is time for a new one. I pretty much always have a wish list, a lot of the products on it aren't new things just things I haven't gotten around to purchasing. This list is more products that are new releases, that I NEED now. :)


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By now you should know that I am a massive fan of Chanel make up. When I was shopping at Doncaster I found out that two new shades of my favourite cream shadows - Illusion D'Ombre had been released. During the trip I picked up one of the shades (88 Abstraction, a coral pink) but the other 89 Vision - a gold shade was sold out.

Another two shades of the Illusion D'Ombre have been released with the 'Blue Illusion' collection. I had a friend look for them in Myer Melbourne but she was told they are only sold at the Chanel Beauty Boutique at Chadstone. The shades are Apparition - a dark blue and Destination - a pale blue. I will have these shadows in my collection - nothing will stop me!


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Clinique recently released eight new shades of the awesome Chubby Stick (previously reviewed here). I am super excited. The colours are absolutely gorgeous! I am eyeing off the shades Oversized Orange, Mighty Mimosa and Curvy Candy. I cannot wait to get to a Clinique counter.  

Estee Lauder:

Image Source

I have been lusting after this palette since watching this Lisa Eldrigde tutorial. It is the Bronze Sands Gelee eye shadow palette. The colours are just gorgeous. I have tried asking on the Estee Lauder Australia Facebook page when it will be released in Australia but haven't received a response. I believe it must be being released soon as I spotted it in the David Jones Beauty Book.

Marc Jacobs:

Image Source

Marc Jacobs very recently released his latest fragrance - Dot. It is inspired by his love of polka dots. The bottle is absolutely stunning. I haven't even smelt it yet but if it is like his previous fragrances I am sure I will love it. 


Image Source

Having a German heritage (my Fathers side is German), I have a bit of a soft spot for German themed products. This collection from OPI has some gorgeous shades and really quirky names. I think I will pick up at least a couple of shades.

Tom Ford:

Image Source

I have been wanting this perfume since I first saw it advertised. Isn't it just gorgeous? I love Violets. I first smelt Violet Blonde when I went to Chadstone in May. I sprayed it on my arm and thought 'yeah, it's nice but nothing special'. After around an hour I realised I really loved the scent. I went back to purchase it at David Jones but there was no one around to serve me so I left empty handed. The more I think about this perfume, the more I want it.


Image Source

Recently, I have really started to love my Touche Eclat highlighting pen. 20 years after it's release YSL has released the Touche Eclat Foundation. This foundation seems to have all the things I love in a foundation - light coverage with a natural radiant finish. As soon as I can get to a YSL counter I will buy this foundation.

What is currently on your wish list? Are we lusting after the same thing?

Sunday 12 August 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadows - Review

The long awaited and much talked about Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eye shadows finally made it to Australian shores in July. As a cream eyeshadow addict, I had to get my mitts on them. Sadly I had to wait until the end of July, when I was in Melbourne to find the shades I wanted. Everywhere only had a couple of the brights. I ended up going to over eight stores to find the five shades I wanted. Perseverance paid off though, I came home with the ones I wanted!

These shadows are highly pigmented and super easy to apply. I like to use my fingers to apply and then blend out the edges with a brush. I have not tested these for 24 hours (I always remove my makeup - as you should) but the 12 or so hours I have worn them for, I have been impressed. They do not fade, move or crease. I found them a little difficult to remove though, even using my favourite Bioderma Crealine H20.

This shadows can be used as a base to apply powder shadows on top of. Personally, I don't do this. I use cream shadows to make life easier and not have to bother with powder shadows. Cream shadows have no fall-out and I find them much easier to blend.

The shades I purchased are (they are shown in this order in every photo):
  • 05 Too Cool - shimmery white
  • 15 Audacious Asphalt - slightly shimmery, blackened grey
  • 25 Bad to the Bronze - shimmery bronze
  • 35 Tough as Taupe - matte grey-brown
  • 45 Bold Gold - shimmery gold
These are the more neutral shades of the ten available. Originally I had no plans to purchase any of the other shades, but now I really like the look of the green, purple and pomegranate (which is a reddish brown).

The shadows are packaged in a little glass pot that holds 4g of product. Just make sure you close the lid tightly, so they don't dry out. :)

These retail for the very reasonable price of $11.95 each, though I only paid around $8.00 each - yay for sales on Maybelline. I highly recommend these shadows, if you haven't already purchased these head to your nearest Maybelline stockist. These shadows tick all the boxes and are great value.

Have you tried the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadows? What do you think?

Wednesday 8 August 2012

BB Cream Showdown - Garnier, Loreal & Nude by Nature

There is such a hype about BB Creams at the moment and many of you are probably confused about BB Creams and you're getting caught up in the hype. I know I am! So I thought this post may be helpful to you.

"BB cream, also known as Blemish a cosmetic item sold mainly in East and Southeast Asia, although larger beauty brands are increasingly introducing BB creams to Western markets as well. Originally formulated in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 1950s, the cream was initially used to protect skin after laser procedures and surgery, while also providing light coverage...BB creams come in a variety of different formulations and qualities mainly perceived as being anti-inflammatory and having a soothing effect." Wikipedia 

There are currently three different products marketed as BB Creams in Australia. I have purchased and tried all three. There are many, many different ones available in Asian countries but I didn't want to confuse you or myself any more than necessary and the Asian BB Creams are not readily available in Australia.

I like that BB Creams are like skincare and make up combined into one product. The less products needed to apply in the morning the better!

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Light 50ml $13.95

"Discover the BB Cream secret - a new generation of skincare that combines the best of skincare with the benefits of make-up in one application! New Miracle Skin Perfector has a lightweight formula with vitamin C and mineral pigments to deliver long-lasting hydrating care with SPF15 UV filters and a light touch of make-up for instantly visible, radiant results. Quickly & perfectly it unifies, corrects, brightens, moisturises & protects!" Garnier

This was the first BB Cream available in Australia (around September 2011). I purchased it within days of its release. Let's say I was excited to try it. I used it regularly for a couple of weeks.

After a few uses I decided it was too much work. It did not set, it just sat on top of the skin. I do not have oily skin (quite the opposite) and it looked greasy. It needs powder to set. It does not provide much coverage and is not buildable. It will become orange and cakey looking. I also found the light shade was not light enough for my skin tone.

Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream in Fair Skin Tone 30ml $26.95

"A Feather-light hydrator which transforms on contact with skin, releasing smart pigment capsules to correct tone, cover imperfections and refine skin texture. With up to 24 hour hydration and SPF 12, you can have all the benefits of skincare with the perfecting properties of make-up." Loreal Paris

This is extremely strange when you first squeeze product out. It is a white, grainy and very runny. As it is rubbed into the skin the pigment capsules (which causes the graininess) burst and the colour adjusts to your skin colour.

This BB cream does not provide much coverage. I do find it adds a nice brightness to my skin and makes my skin seem more radiant and perfected. However if I try to build any coverage, it turns orange! Not a good look, I have to apply only a very thin layer. For me this is okay if I don't want any coverage, just some radiance.

Nude by Nature BB 5-1 Miracle Cream 50ml $19.95

"Where make-up and minerals collide! Our BB 5-in-1 Miracle Cream takes the best skin care mixed with the best in mineral make-up to give your skin the nourishing softness you like, with the flawless finish we love. BB instantly hydrates, corrects, perfects, protects and gives your skin natural radiance in one lightweight application. BB you best, beautiful self with this natural wonder!" Nude by Nature

This is the newest BB Cream available. I purchased it at Priceline on a whim. I tested it and it seemed more like a traditional BB cream and the light colour was a good match. I also like the high SPF and the 'natural' spin to it.

Sadly this did not work for me either. It is thick and hard to blend into the skin. It sits on the skin. The more I try to blend, the product balls up on the skin and comes away. It looks patchy on the skin. I never managed to wear this out. It just looked that bad on my skin. It was very mask like.

The Verdict:

Personally I am not a massive fan of any of these BB creams. They just don't do much for my skin at all. Both the Garnier and Nude by Nature will be meeting my rubbish bin soon I think. I believe the traditional Asian BB Creams are different, but until I try them I cannot really compare them. For now I will stick to a light foundation or the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser (review to come soon).

Are you a fan of these BB Creams? Have you tried any others? Any recommendations?

Friday 3 August 2012

An Example of my Make Up Hoarding...

Yesterday I went through my 'makeup overflow' box. I mainly store my makeup in a set of those plastic drawers on wheels that you can pick up almost anywhere lately. I keep an overflow box under my bed. My overflow box has older products, ones I don't currently use or just products I don't like but cannot bring myself to throw them out.

I needed to go through my overflow box as since my latest shopping trip the lid would not close! I think I may have a little more makeup than normal (feels so wrong saying that). When looking through it I was really surprised to see how old some of the stuff is. I don't use any of it lately, yet I could not bring myself to throw it out. The packaging was too cute, I used to really like it, I might need it one day etc, etc.

I have decided the time has come for the following products to meet the bin.

These products would have all been purchased circa 2009. That is three years old! I wouldn't even think about applying the foundation onto my skin. The Maybelline lipstick and Revlon cream eye shadows aren't even made any more.

When thinking about these I remembered where I had purchased them - the chemist at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne. What really surprised me is that I have not been near there for over six years! These two Chi Chi loose eye shadows have to be at least six years old, I definitely would not put these near my eyes now.

 I used to have a love of Playboy things. Not the magazine! I always thought the bunny symbol was just the cutest (I still think it is pretty cute). I purchased these lip glosses back in around 2008. The make up range was available in Priceline for a while. These lip glosses both smell disgusting and they have changed colours. One used to be a orangey colour - it is now pink. :|

Look at those eye shadow colours!

Four bronzers! I didn't even wear bronzer...

All these lip products now smell funny.. YUCK!

I used to have a major love for all Sugar Baby products. I used to buy whatever I could get my hands on. I started buying this stuff in around 2007 and haven't purchased any for years. I can't say I have used it for years either. Somehow I ended up with four (four!) bronzers from the brand. I didn't even use bronzer! What in the world was I thinking?!?

I haven't thrown these items out until now because I always loved the packaging. Its cute girlishness it part of what attracted me to the brand. It is time for it to meet the bin, though I may have to pick up some things next time I see a stockist.

So there is an example of my make up hoarding! As I buy new and better items I try to get rid of some of my older unused items. Though that doesn't apply to my nail polish - I have some that are OLD! (but it doesn't seem to go off like make up). I think I need to be less of a make up hoarder... But for now these unloved items will be meeting the bin and leaving my life. Farewell old cosmetics.

Are you a hoarder? How old are some of your items?

Thursday 2 August 2012

July Au Revoirs


Is it really August already?

Really into the second half of the year now. It has gone far too quickly but it has been good. In July I managed to use up quite a few products (and buy some too).

The products I finished in July are:

Chanel Lait Confort Creamy Cleansing Milk
A really nice cleanser that removed my makeup and cleaned my skin without drying it out. I will repurchase in the future but not the immediate future.

Chanel Lait Confort Silky Soothing Toner
I liked this alcohol free toner. It did not irritate my skin. As above I will repurchase eventually just not in the immediate future.

Bobbi Brown Repair Serum
This was a sample I received with a purchase from the Bobbi Brown counter. It was a nice serum though it only lasted about a week, not enough time to see any difference in my skin. Probably wouldn't purchase.

La Prairie Cellular Time Release Moisturiser
I got this 15ml sample from La Prairie for being one of their first 200 followers on Twitter. It was a nice moisturiser but I am not sure it is worth its price tag (around $115 for the 15ml sample).

Chanel Beaute Initiale Energizing Multi-Protection Cream
I really enjoyed using this moisturiser. It was very nourishing and I loved the scent. It is also great that it has an SPF15. I will come back to the Chanel skincare when I will get the benefits from anti-ageing ingredients.

Radox Cocoa Butter Shower Cream
A nice body wash that seemed to last forever! A nice scent that lathered nicely, I also liked that the scent lingered softly after using it. I probably won't repurchase mainly as I am trying to more towards more natural products.

Artiste Brush Cleaner
This is the second bottle I have used up this year. I find I am going through it quicker as I am wearing makeup almost everyday and therefore cleaning my brushes more often. I have already repurchased and will continue to do so.

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
This is the only deodorant that I use. It is amazing! If you have problems with sweat or odor I suggest you try it. I have already repurchased and will continue to do so.

So there is my empties for July. I am pretty happy with my effort. I just need to stop buying makeup so I can start using some of it up. :)

What products did you use up in July?

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