Saturday 30 November 2013

Violet Box - November 2013

As with my other subscription box, I received this earlier this week and lacked time and motivation to blog about it until now. As I had taken the photos already I thought I may as well just write the blog and post it. Queen of lazy here!

The November Violet Box Contains:

Body Armour Face Cream - 50ml $35.00
You would receive either the face cream or the body lotion from Body Armour. Personally I would have preferred the body lotion as I have my skincare all sorted at the moment. This is a full size product. 

ModelCo Colour Box Eye Pencil + Sharpener - $18.00
I received this in the shade Black. Can't complain about a full size makeup product but I do hope it is better than the last ModelCo eyeliner that I tried - it was very hard and minimal pigmentation. Hopefully the sharpener in the cap won't dry the pencil out as it leaves it exposed to air. 

ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder - $18.00
Another full size makeup product from ModelCo. I received the shade Amaretto Sunset which is a dusky rose. Not fond of the texture of ModelCo blushes, I find them quite powdery. 

Tailor Skincare Masque - 10 pack $40.00
This is New Zealand brand and the masque is all natural with no nasties. It is two ziplock bags, so two applications. It smells amazing! The whole box smells like the masque. 

Guess Girl & Guess Night - 50ml $49.00
Guess Girl is obviously a female fragrance in a 1ml sachet. I hate perfume samples in sachets. Guess Night is a mens fragrance in a 1.5ml spray vial. Seems weird to receive mens perfume in a women's box but, oh well. 

Side note: Why does ModelCo keep appearing in these sample boxes (and stuck on magazines)? I actually tweeted about this and ModelCo replied saying 'As an Australian beauty brand, we use sample boxes to get our award-winning innovative products into the hands of an international audience - a #trybeforeyoubuy philosophy that works really well for us'. Good for them but I personally feel it cheapens the brand. Like why buy the products when they always give them away? Are they so bad no one will buy them or are they unable to sell them? That's just my thoughts though. 

Anyway, the photo below shows the blush and eyeliner up close.

Overall another great value box from Violet Box - it has over $75 value with two full size makeup items. Even though I am not really excited to see them you can't deny the value of the ModelCo products or the fact that they are makeup and we all love to receive makeup in a subscription box. So far, Violet Box is appearing to be an outstanding performer. Looking forward to next months box!

What do you think of the November Violet Box? Happy or not?

Bella Box - November 2013

I received my subscription boxes earlier this week but was too busy to blog about them straight away. I also wasn't very excited about them either so the motivation was harder to find. I took photos and then debated as to whether I would even blog about them but I decided I had already done half the work taking photos so I should just write the post. So here we are!

The theme for this months Bella Box is 'Refreshing Beauty' and again, I don't see much that fits with the theme in the box. Why bother with a theme if the items don't fit it? 

This month gave subscribers a sneak peek of the new packaging to come. I am assuming it is the new pillow boxes. I like it but not all the products fitted in so it seems a little silly. The items also weren't as well protected in the new packaging. 

The November Bella Box contains:

Bella Box Pout Pencil - $14.99
I received this in the shade 'Coral me Maybe' which is more of a red than a coral. Unfortunately mine is all mushed into the lid (as you can see in the photo above). I believe Bella Box is replacing these though so I'll email them and see. On first swatch, it seems like a nicely pigmented product. Good on Bella Box for starting their own make up line!

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Corrector Pen - $11.99
I have tried this product before and found it absolutely useless. Maybe it is a new version though with the whole NEW on the top corner? Can only hope it is better than the last one I tried. 

Indio SOS Gel - 50ml $72.00
This is a gel for sensitive skin to help combat redness. May come in handy, I am prone to redness around my nose. A nice 10ml sample though my tube appears to be leaking through the top. 

Wilde Organics E'Lustrous Shea - 150ml $39.95
This contains unrefined shea and organic virgin coconut oil. I am not actually sure what to do with this. Is it a moisturiser? A balm? I will have to do some research. This is a small 15ml sample pot. 

Puretan Pure Bronze Instant Tanning Lotion - 200ml $29.95
Bah! More tanning products. Won't use this and this little 15ml sample seems a bit tiny for a large application (like more than one leg).

BONUS Caron Laboratories Bump Eraiser Paste - 30ml $16.99
This is a balm for ingrown hairs, I actually have a tube of this (from another sample box). I have only used it the one time but it worked really well. This is a 2.5ml sample sachet. 

Overall another slightly disappointing box from Bella Box. The products are pretty boring (except for the Pout Pencil). Nothing amazing in this box and I don't know. Am I asking too much for a box to wow me? High hopes for next month otherwise I will be ending my subscription (after over two years). 

What did you think of the November Bella Box? Happy or not?

PS. November Violet Box coming up next!

Sunday 10 November 2013

Nuit Infinie de Chanel Collection - Rouge Allure in 217 Radieuse

You would probably know about my lipstick addiction by now. I can never walk past a pretty pink lipstick (especially when it's Chanel) without bringing it home with me. Same story applied when I saw one of the lipsticks released as part of the Nuit Infinie de Chanel Collection. It only took one swatch and a second of thought before the Radieuse Rouge Allure lipstick was coming home with me.

The Rouge Allure formula from Chanel is described as a 'luminous intense lip colour'. I find it is the most satiny and shimmery formula that Chanel offers whilst being pigmented. The Rouge Allure lipsticks are very comfortable to wear. They glide onto to the lips, wear for around 3-4 hours and leave my lips feeling quite hydrated. 

The Rouge Allure lipsticks are housed in the very stylish 'click' tube. Meaning you press on the top of the tube - the gold part shown on the top. When you press in, there is a click and the actual lipstick is released. They are one of my favourite lipstick packagings. 

Radieuse is a cool toned blue pink with a satin finish. For me it is the perfect everyday colour, it adds a pretty soft pink tinge to my lips with with a nice shine. Almost like I have lip gloss on over the top. This is the type of colour that is perfect for a more intense eye look as it doesn't detract attention from the eyes but compliments it. Radieuse is the type of shade I like to slick onto my lips as I am rushing out the door. It is no fuss but makes you look polished and put together in a second. 

The swatch below makes Radieuse look a little more rosy than it is in real life and has taken away some of its luminosity. This is two swipes of lipstick. 

For me this is a lovely lipstick but quite dupable. The formula is lovely as is the colour but I feel it is not a overly unique shade. So unless you are a Chanel fan like me, it is not a must have. Both MAC Angel and Creme Cup would be good dupes for Radieuse. I am happy to have it and will enjoy it but you may find a dupe in your collection already or prefer the slightly cheaper MAC options. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Radieuse is limited edition and retails for $50.00 from Chanel Boutiques and Chanel counters. It is part of the Chanel Holiday/Christmas Collection 2013.

Will you be picking up Radieuse or looking for a dupe? 
Are you a fan of blue based pink lipsticks?

Friday 8 November 2013

GlossyBox for

Whilst browsing Net-A-Porter the other day, I came across something that really excited me. Actually most times I am browsing there I come across items that excite me but this is something I could actually afford so I was extra excited. I thought about it for a day or so but the words 'limited edition' sucked me in, again. I was then checking out minutes later. 

The item that really excited me is the GlossyBox for Net-A-Porter, described as a 'luxury limited-edition beauty box'. We all know what GlossyBox are - a subscription box service that went belly up in Australia after only a few months. Net-A-Porter teamed up with GlossyBox UK to create this one time, limited edition box. A luxury box is definitely what this is! The great thing with this box is you know exactly what you are going to receive when you order - no disappointing surprises. The even better thing about this box is the price tag - only $31.00! 

The products come housed in a small signature Net-A-Porter box with black GlossyBox logo tissue paper wrapped around the goodies it contains. It feels very luxurious when opening, lots of ribbon and tissue paper make it feel very special. 

The GlossyBox for Net-A-Porter contains:

Charlotte Tilbury KISSING Fallen From the Lipstick Tree in Stoned Rose
"Lips are left plump and hydrated thanks to this antioxidant-infused lipstick, which protects from UV rays and external pollutants. The dusty-pink hue is a makeup-bag classic."
This was the first item I saw included in the box and what really sucked me in. I already own three lipsticks from this line and couldn't resist adding another to my stash. The formula is lovely and the shade is a work appropriate everyday browny pink. Almost a 'my lips but better' shade for me. This is a full size item that retails for $43.00 on its own from Net-A-Porter.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum 
"This powerful, antioxidant-rich serum protects skin from environmental damage and counteracts the signs of ageing."
This is probably the least exciting item in the box for me, mainly because I have my skincare sorted for the moment. It does sound like a useful product though and it is a decent sized sample bottle at 5ml. This works out to be worth around $17.00 (using on the Net-A-Porter price for the 50ml bottle).

Ellis Faas Mascara in E401 Black
"This velvety formula lenghtens, separates and evenly coats lashes with every stroke."
The second item that really sucked me in to purchasing the box. A full size, luxury brand mascara. I love the elongated silver bullet tube - so luxurious and almost Bond like. This product retails for $35.00 from Net-A-Porter but a whopping $50.00 from Mecca Cosmetica in Australia. 

Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist
"Tousled beach hair is only a spritz away thanks to this volumising and texturising mist, which is scented with fresh coconut and Tahitian gardenia."
I couldn't stop myself from spraying this beauty into my hair as soon as I opened it earlier. It smells freaking amazing - like floral coconuts. It has me almost believing I am on a tropical holiday (ohh wouldn't that be nice?!). Just from the first use, I love how fine the mist it sprays is - my hair doesn't feel drowned. This product retails for $30.00 from Net-A-Porter. 

Ila Bath Salts for Inner Peace
"Blended with skin-softening essential oils, tension-soothing sandalwood and uplifting jasmine, these Himalayan salt crystals work to clear toxins and restore your inner calm"
So, I don't actually use our bath - that's what happens when you grow up during a drought, filling the bath up feels like a massive waste of water. This really smells lovely though and will probably take up residence in a clothing drawer. This works out to be worth around $7.00.

Joya Ames Soeurs Roll-On Parfum
"Evoking memories of exotic destinations, this fragrance captures the delights of rich orange blossom and cedarwood in a roll-on design for easy application."
I didn't hold high hopes for this perfume, rarely do I find one I like these days without sniffing around 15 different bottles, but I was surprised. I quite like this woody yet sweet fragrance, it has a warmth to it but not so strong that it would be set aside for night time wear only. This was the smallest value sample coming in at around $3.50 for the 1.5ml sample size.  

Below is an image of the Ellis Faas mascara and the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. See what I mean about the sexy tube for the mascara? So sleek looking. The lipstick is showing up more red in the image than it actually is, in real life it is more of a brown with a pink tinge. 

Overall, if you are looking to try some new products I highly recommend picking up this box, the value for money is amazing and there is so many luxury products in it. The box has a value at over $135 which is freaking awesome and has to be one of, if not the best value boxes I have ever purchased. From what I can tell, it is a one time offer - so don't wait if you are interested!

The GlossyBox for Net-A-Porter can be purchased here and retails for $31.00 shipping from Net-A-Porter is $10 but super fast. I ordered on Tuesday and recieved it on Friday - that is 3 days! Net-A-Porter now sells a variety of beauty brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Eve Lom, Ellis Faas, Kevyn Aucoin and Le Mertier de Beaute.

What do you think of the GlossyBox for Net-A-Porter? Will you purchasing one?

Thursday 7 November 2013

Nuit Infinie de Chanel Collection - Illusion D'Ombre in 827 Initiation & 837 Fatal

With the latest collection from Chanel - the Nuit Infinie de Chanel Collection - for Holiday/Christmas 2013 hitting counters recently, I was very pleased to find two new and limited edition shades of Illusion D'Ombre's were released. The Illusion D'ombre shadows would have to be one of my favourite products made by Chanel so I could not resist and honestly? I wouldn't even try to resist the call of Chanel and limited edition. It is a very strong pull!

The Illusion D'Ombre shadows are a cream shadow with an almost mousse like consistency. I would consider them one of the best cream shadows on the market - fantastic colours, long wearing and easy to apply. Actually that is pretty much everything I look for in an eyeshadow!

The two shades released for this collection are perfect for the holiday season. Rich tones with beautiful soft sparkles make for a very elegant look for all the special occasions that come with Christmas time. 

The shadows come housed in the typical glass pot with a black lid with the Chanel logo imprinted on the top. Also included is a little shadow/liner brush which I didn't even take out of the box, I find it pretty useless with these shadows (application tips down below).

827 Initiation
Described as a platinum bronze by Chanel, I find this shade leans to more of a bronze-gold on my skin. This shade is quite glittery so the pigmentation is not as strong on initial application but can be built up. This wears well for a full day on my eyes with minimal fading at the end of the day and no creasing or shifting on the lid. No fall out either from this more glittery shade. 

837 Fatal
This shade is described by Chanel as silver purple. To me it is more of a medium dark, plummy brown shade. This has more a metallic shine finish than Initiation and definitely less glitter. Pigmentation is good on initial application but can still be built up or sheered down for a more subtle eye look. Again this shade wore well all day with minimal fading by the end of the day but no creasing or shifting on the lid. 

I know some people have trouble applying the Illusion D'Ombre's and personally I did too to begin with. I now find the best way to apply is to use your fingers to apply the shadows to the lid area and then use a blending brush to soften out the edges (I like to use a Real Techniques Base Shadow brush or a MAC 217). Then use your pinky finger or a pencil brush to apply to the lower lash line. You get a reasonable amount of time to work with these shadows before they set. No primer is necessary but it never hurts. 

Initiation on the left and Fatal on the right. The swatch is pretty accurate but doesn't really show the glitter in Initiation. It is quite a fine glitter though. This is a couple of finger swipes of each shadow to really show the colours. It is easy to get that opacity on the lid and can be sheered down easily too. 

Personally I love these shadows and would never hesitate to buy or recommend these. They are just that good. Remember these shades are limited edition so don't think about it too long (meaning just buy them, you won't regret it)!

The Illusion D'Ombre's retail for $48.00 for a 4g pot. These are currently out in the Chanel Beauty Boutiques and I would imagine they are out at other Chanel stockists by now too, if not yet then they will be soon. 

Have you tried the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre's? 
Would you sport these shades on your lids for the holiday season?

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Sephora Haul via Tarazz

I wasn't sure about posting this as it is another haul. I don't like to post hauls all the time. I worry that people don't like to read hauls all the time (I personally LOVE haul posts). I decided I would post this haul as I wanted to share my experience with Tarazz (website HERE). I know some people are interested in purchasing through them but are unsure if they are reliable and such. 

Tarazz is described as a online mall that allows you to shop from several sites with one checkout. Coincidentally, Sephora is one of these sites. Tarazz was launched probably around a year ago now but the first time I looked at them I wasn't too impressed - the prices seemed inflated (even with currency conversions) and shipping was ridiculously high (started at around $30). When I checked again recently, the shipping costs were much lower and the site was a lot easier to navigate. 

I had a few items I was absolutely lusting over from Sephora and I know I could have used parcel forwarding but I was really unsure as I have never used it before. I didn't know if Sephora would accept my credit card and I didn't like not knowing how much shipping was going to be before purchasing. Tarazz lets you know shipping costs on checkout and there will be no additional costs later. So, I placed my order a fortnight ago... 

So onto the goodies I received and I'll let you know what I think of Tarazz down below:
Please note: I have rounded up the price of the beauty items below just because it was easier.

Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2
I purchased (and reviewed HERE) the original Ocho Loco set last year and have been so pleased that I purchased it. The 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils are amazing and I cannot wait to try out these different shades. I am especially excited about the three very pretty looking brown liners. This set represents amazing value also - it cost around AU$66.00 for eight full size liners and a sharpener. 

Tarte Off the Cuff Palette 
This is the item that really pushed me to make the order. I had to own this palette. It features four Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes, one Amazonian Clay bronzer and a cuff bracelet (that doesn't fit my chunky wrists). I love the Tarte blush formula and I cannot wait to use it. I love the balanced mix of shades in the palette too - some neutrals, some brights and the one bronzer. This gorgeous palette cost AU$47.00. 

Tarte Thoughtful Treasures Set

This little set contains three deluxe size bestsellers from Tarte. A miniature Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Thankful (a limited edition shade), a 7ml bottle of Pure Maracuja Oil which I have never tried but am interested to and a miniature LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint in Energy. This little set would be a good introduction to Tarte for those that have never tried the brand before. The cost for this set is AU$21.00. 

Dior Diorific Vernis in 995 Minuit
Deborah Lippmann Luxurious Nail Color in Wicked Game
Urban Decay Nail Color in Vice
I was super excited to see that Tarazz would ship nail polishes to Australia - almost nowhere else will. These weren't planned purchases but I couldn't help myself, would you expect me to? The Diorific polish is from Dior's current holiday collection Golden Winter and cost AU$29.00 - look at that gorgeous bottle! I have been wanting to try Deborah Lippmann polishes for ages and this pretty polish caught my eye it cost AU$19.00. I have heard good things about the Urban Decay polishes and again this shade just called out to me, it cost AU$17.00 and look at that funky bottle. It has a skull on the top!

Marc Jacobs Tonite Lights Glitter Dust in 304 Ultraviolet Light & Lovemarc Lip Gel in 118 Roll the Dice
This very pretty eyeshadow from Marc Jacobs was just calling out to me and I purchased it blind having not read any reviews on it. The shade is gorgeous but on first swatch the texture seems dry and pigmentation is patchy. I already have one lipstick from this and couldn't resist picking up another one. The photo shows it as a red but it is more a raspberry pink. The eyeshadow cost AU$36.00 and the lipstick was AU$37.00. 

Thoughts on Tarazz?
Overall, I am really pleased with the experience. It took two weeks from the time of ordering for my parcel to reach me from the US which I think is pretty fast! Shipping for this loot cost a grand total of $21.00 which I think is a bargain especially considering how quick it was. Remember they order it from Sephora and then have to wait for it to be delivered to them before it is shipped on to Australia. Tarazz also kept me up to date with the progress of my order, an email when it was ordered with Sephora, another when it was shipped, and again when it arrived in Australia.

I wouldn't hesitate to order from Tarazz again, I only wished that you could order from all the brands Sephora stock (like Hourglass and Nars). They provided the exact service I like - fast, reasonable costs and they kept me up to date. It is also a plus that they will ship nail polishes.

What have you hauled lately? Have you ever used Tarazz? Thoughts?

Saturday 2 November 2013

October Favourites

This was an especially hard month for me to pick favourites. With all the new products I have added to my stash during October, I haven't really been picking the same products regularly. Therefore this months favourites post is quite light on the products. 

Nars And God Created the Woman Eye Palette
I have really been enjoying this neutral palette lately. The shades are gorgeous and work so well together. I love using the top right shade all over the lid with the bottom middle shade in the outer corner. I then use the black on the bottom right to line my eyes and the top left shade as a highlight. These shadows are pigmented, soft and easy to blend. I love the eye looks I can create with this palette. 

Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Nude No. 1
This is a highly pigmented, creamy lipstick. I was expecting something sheerer but I was happy with the surprise. This shade is described as a pale pink and I would agree. I actually own three different shades and there are only slight differences in the actual colour. It wears really well and doesn't dry out my lips. I also like how stylish the tube is for a pencil form. 

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer
I have had a few pimples pop up over the last month and I have found this the best concealer in my stash to really cover them up. The shade Light matches my skin really well. I find if I set this with some powder then the coverage lasts pretty much all day. 

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment
I have noticed during the last couple of weeks that my hair has been looking dull and a little frizzy, especially so after using dry shampoo. I had forgotten how much I love this product after neglecting it for a couple of months. My hair instantly looks healthy, smooth and shiny. I love the smell of this stuff too. 

I have a few other products that could have been included here - mainly items from the Chanel holiday collection but I will be posting reviews in the next week or so. Therefore I didn't want to include them as I felt it may get a bit repetitive. 

What were your favourites for October?

Friday 1 November 2013

October Empties

How is it already November? Time seems to be flying! I am still waiting on the warmer weather though, it has teased but just hasn't stuck around. I know I will be complaining it is too hot in a few weeks times but currently, I am sick of having to wear jumpers and cardigans all the time. Oh well.. I am sure the heat will make up for the cool once it arrives. 

Anyway onto the empties!

Shu Uemura Ultimae8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil
I really enjoyed this product. I love how it effectively cleanses away make up and the days grime without leaving my skin feeling stripped or dry. My skin actually feels moisturised after using this. My only problem is when I use it to remove eye make up. I always end up with it in my eyes... maybe I am just using it wrong. Haven't repurchased at this stage as I am using the Eve Lom cleanser at nights currently.

Shu Uemura Porefinist Gentle Foaming Cleansing Water
I received this as a sample from a David Jones GWP bag (I think). I liked this but it felt a little uneffective against makeup and left my skin feeling tight. I think this just didn't suit my skin type. 

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
This scrub bought back high school memories, Biore reminds me so much of Clearasil and all those brands that is your first introduction to skincare. I loved the tingly clean feeling this gave my skin but it was too harsh to use more than twice a week.

Payot Demaquillant Essentiel 
This was a sample I received from somewhere and I actually really liked this product. It is a very gentle cleansing milk with Shea butter so it left the skin feeling hydrated but cleansed.

Tiaki Day Cream
I was surprised how much I liked this moisturiser. It was hydrated my skin for the day but didn't feel heavy on the skin. The fact that it is 100% natural is a bonus. 

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion Skin Conditioner
This is a fantastic product! I am really lazy and pretty much never moisturise my body unless my skin is feeling really dry. This just takes an extra 30 seconds or so in the shower and I come out with silky soft skin. I haven't had a chance to repurchase yet but I think I will buy the one for extra dry skin instead of this one for normal to dry skin.

4me Nail Polish Remover Pads
These were useless for removing polish. The formula was really weak and barely made a mark on the polish on my nails. I ended up soaking these with another polish remover to be able to use them up.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel
I LOVE this product. It is really effective at sanitising my hands and it smells lovely whilst doing so. My whole family would use this when we were out and about. The scent is a lovely floral, fruity scent that had a colleague asking 'what is that gorgeous perfume?'. The only downside is it is on the pricey side for hand sanitiser - about $8 a bottle. I will repurchase but for now I am using a cheapie from the chemist. 

Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo
Love this product and have already repurchased (for the third time).

Goldwell Dual Senses Ultra Volume Gel-Conditoner
This was an okay product, not moisturising enough for my hair but I used it a few times until it ran out. I liked to use this on occasion after the Big shampoo to leave my hair feeling really light and clean. 

Mirenesse Tight Liner
This isn't so much an empty as it is more it has dried up and there is no point keeping it. Can't say I have used this much. I am more of a smudged out pencil liner girl than a slick liquid liner one.

Shu Uemura Pentagon Sponge
This was a pack of 4 square sponges with the corners cut off on one end. After using these I now understand the benefits of using a more expensive sponge compared to the bulk $2 bag I had been using. I will repurchase this soon, at $16 for 4 sponges it isn't too pricey.

So there is another empties post done! I have lots of posts planned for the next month including reviews on the Chanel Christmas collection, items from the Nars & Guy Bourdin collection and a haul on its way from Sephora (via Tarazz) and Nordstrom (which now ships some beauty brands to Australia).

What did you empty in October? 
Which of the above posts do you want to see first?

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