Sunday 6 July 2014

We Need to Talk...

It's not you, it's me.

I started Luxury on the Lips over two years ago. 

In some ways it is strange that I started a blog. I have never been a writer, I love reading but writing has never been my forte - English was one of my worst subjects at school. I never used to find writing for the blog a chore though, it just seemed to flow once my fingers hit the keyboard. Lately though I have lost all inspiration and motivation for blogging. It does feel like a chore and I have a strong belief that if you don't enjoy something you shouldn't make yourself do it. 

Therefore it is time for me to admit that blogging is not me anymore or at the very least currently. I am not one to say never but for now I will no longer be posting anything new on Luxury on the Lips. The blog will stay here and this definitely does not mean my passion for all things beauty has diminished. It is still as strong as ever. My inspiration and motivation may hit again in time but at this stage it is goodbye. 

Thank you for your readership and support over the years. I have enjoyed interacting with you all and have met some lovely people because of blogging. 

Remember, you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram.

Stephanie xx

Friday 9 May 2014

Mother's Day 2014 Gift Guide

Since it is almost Mother's Day in Australia I decided to put together a bit of gift guide. These are all things I would buy my Mum, if she was actually interested in candles, body care products, makeup and perfume. She is however not. So I am not actually buying her anything this year, but here are some ideas for your (hopefully less difficult) Mum!

Glasshouse Fragrances - Birds of a Feather Candle $42.95
This is a beautiful candle in a beautiful pink glass jar. The scent is Pink Lemonade and is described as 'a delicious blend of grapefruit, cherry and lemon'. The scent is gorgeous and quite refreshing. The best part of purchasing this candle? It is helping charity! Yep, 5% of the retail price goes to the McGrath Foundation which supports those with breast cancer. 

Palm Beach Collection - Violet Candle $39.95
Violet is a really classic scent that can be considered old fashioned. Not in this candle, it just smells really beautiful and feminine. This candle has a really good scent throw too, it can well and truly be smelt throughout the house. The glass jar has a simple elegance to it, it looks very clean and stylish. 

Lush - You're the Best Gift Set $18.95
Lush has a great range of affordable gift sets for Mother's Day, starting at $14.95 for a small gift pack. The gift set pictured contains Rockstar soap, Secret Garden bath bomb and Wonder Woohoo bubble bath. I think Lush would be a great place for younger kids to pick up something cute and lovely smelling for Mum. 

Jurlique - Delicate Rose Precious Collection $40
To me, Jurlique is a perfect brand to gift to Mum's and Nanna's at Mother's Day time. Jurlique has a really elegant air about it and would be great for the sophisticated Mum. There is a range of gift sets available starting with this one at $40 that contains Rosewater Balancing Mist and Rose Hand Cream. 

The Body Shop - Strawberry Heart Tin $39.95
Another perfect brand for Mother's Day gifting, though to me The Body Shop is perfect for the younger (or younger at heart) and a little bit hipper Mum. This heart shaped tin is perfect to show Mum your love and contains Strawberry Body Polish, Strawberry Shower Gel, Strawberry Body Butter and Born Lippy in Strawberry. FYI: They all smell delicious. 

Estee Lauder - Mother's Day Makeup Collection $75
This gift set is amazing (and I am really tempted to buy it for myself) and is a bargain at $75. It contains an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick, a lip gloss, nail polish and more. A perfect gift for a make up loving Mum! 

Chloe - My Little Chloe's Trio Set $120
Another one I am tempted to buy for myself. How cute is this set of miniature Chloe perfumes? If your Mum is a perfume lover she will love this set! Bottles can also be purchased individually for $40.

That is the end of my quick gift guide for Mother's Day 2014. I think Mother's Day is a great day to show your Mum (and Nanna), how much they mean to you and how thankful you are for everything they have done (and still do). I don't believe you have to spend a lot of money, just buy a card and spend some time with them - it will most likely mean more to them than an expensive gift. 

This year I am not actually buying my Mum and Nan a present, they don't 'need' anything and they both have their birthdays in June (so I need to keep my gift ideas for then). On Sunday I am taking them to the Halls Gap Zoo (weather permitting) which is something we have wanted to do for ages. My Nan is really looking forward to going in the enclosure with the Meerkats (one of her favourite animals), I told my Mum I'd pay for her  to hold a snake. Needless to say, she was not impressed with the idea. Then I'll take them out for lunch, it will be a nice family day. 

What are you buying your Mum this Mother's Day? 
Anything special planned?

Monday 5 May 2014

Birthday Wishlist

As it is my birthday on Wednesday (May 7th), I thought I would post a quick wishlist of sorts. I definitely won't be getting gifted everything on my list and would never expect that. I have a habit of splurging on myself for my birthday, it is a bit of a tradition I started a couple of years ago and I do it at Christmas time too. I am a big believer in rewarding yourself. So I will end up buying most of these things for myself over my birthday month. 

Emporio Armani Watch
I saw this watch in a jewellers window and fell in love. I think it is actually a mens watch but I love the simplistic and elegant style of it. I will have to wait a few weeks to actually purchase it though as I don't like buying jewellery without trying it on first and I won't be near a jeweller or store that stocks Emporio Armani for a while. 

NARS Contour Blush
I have wanted one of these since seeing one of the YouTube "Gurus" use it a couple of months ago. I think the Olympia shade would be best suited to my skin tone but of course that is the only one sold out on the Mecca Cosmetica website. 

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour
I am not even sure if this is out in Australia yet but I will be giving the Chanel Beauty Boutique a call in the next couple of days to try and track down this and the next two items on this list. I love the Les Beiges powders and am intrigued by this product. 

Chanel Summer 2014 Collection Illusion D'Ombre
You should know by now that I LOVE the Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow formula. The Summer collection from Chanel sees three new shades released; New Moon, Mirage and Utopia. I know I definitely want the other two but am unsure about Utopia (the pale lavender) at this stage.

Chanel Summer 2014 Collection Le Vernis
These three nail polishes look absolutely gorgeous and I MUST have them. The collection actually includes five polishes but these three stand out the most and will be a perfect way to fantasize about summer whilst winter is coming.

Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette
Because I need another neutral themed eyeshadow palette like I need a hole in the head. I have no power to resist them.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette
See above...

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
I have wanted at least one of these blushes since their American release but my spending ban stopped me. I am not even sure which one I want but I love the powders so I am pretty sure I will love the blushes. 

There is just a bit of what is on my current and never ending wish list. It has gotten pretty long over the last couple of months due to my ten week spending ban which coincidently ends tomorrow. I will let you know how I have gone tomorrow. I am such a tease. Haha! 

What is (or was) on your birthday wishlist?

Sunday 13 April 2014

NARS - Schiap Lipstick

I had this lipstick sitting in my stash for over a month before I finally wore. It seemed too bright and in your face to wear to work so I had to wait for a weekend that I felt like wearing it. I wish I hadn't waited that long.

Schiap is a beautiful hot pink. What used to be my type of lipstick, before I started working and became a boring lipstick wearer. Sometimes bright lips can be just too high maintenance for an on the go work environment. 

Schiap is described by NARS as a 'shocking matte pink'. Yes to the shocking pink part but I would consider it a semi matte finish. The longer it wears the more it dries down but it is not fully matte, there is still a slight creaminess to it. This lipstick is super pigmented, the swatch at the end of the post is two swipes. 

I was really impressed by how well this lipstick wore, over a full day I only touched up once and that was after eating lunch. It wore off evenly too which meant not ugly line left around the lips. It just faded evenly, so it still looked good even though the colour wasn't as strong. 

Application of Schiap is super easy, it has a very creamy texture that makes application smooth and even. I applied two layers, blotted and applied another layer to put the shine back. I didn't use a lip liner and experienced no problems with bleeding or smudging. 

Overall, I am really in love with this lipstick. It looks amazing on - really brightens up my face and looks polished. It's the type of lipsticks that you get complimented on (and I did within an hour of being out). It is comfortable to wear and looks good the whole time.

Schiap would be one of the brightest pinks I own (and I own a lot of them). None of my lipsticks are quite the same shade; they are a bit more fluro and slightly paler. Schiap happens to be one of the most comfortable too and has the best wear. 

If you are looking for a pigmented, easy & comfortable to wear bright fuchsia pink lipstick I highly recommend you check out Schiap. It is like nothing I own and I am so happy to have it in my stash. 

Schiap can be purchased from Mecca Cosmetica for $39.00.

Is Schiap a lipstick you would rock?
What's your favourite bright pink lipstick?

Friday 4 April 2014

Makeup Empties - #1

Since I decided not to do regular empties posts, I haven't been keeping all the random beauty products I finish up, but I have been keeping all my actual makeup empties. It has been really satisfying to see the empties pile up! These empties are for the first three months of 2014, I am planning on making these empties posts a quarterly type of thing. 

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
This was my first 'high end' foundation and when I pretty much started my love affair with Chanel Beauty. I first reviewed it HERE, way back in January 2012. The review still stands, I loved this foundation right up until I finished it. It is medium-full coverage with a matte finish. I have found it a perfect foundation for work. Sadly the bottle design doesn't allow you to get out the last few drops of foundation, which feels like a waste. I may repurchase in the future but first I want to try the newest Chanel foundation - Perfection Lumiere Velvet. 

Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup
I purchased this foundation back when I was obsessed with Clinique (before my Chanel love affair). This was a fantastic powder foundation - natural with a light-medium coverage. I loved the grinder in it, you only shaved off the amount of foundation you needed each use. This made it much less messy than other powder foundations. Sadly, this product has been discontinued!

YSL Touche Eclat
I purchased this at the height of the hype surrounding it. I understand why some people hate it and why some people swear by it. It didn't always work for me but when it did it was amazing! The trick is to know where to apply it and to not overuse it. I will repurchase (after my current spending ban is over). 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer
This was a quite good concealer but I absolutely hated the sponge applicator. I think mine was defective as the concealer used to come out the side of the sponge, it was so bad I ended up removing it. The actual concealer was good and I would consider repurchasing it when it is on sale. 

Guerlain Meteorites Compact Pressed Powder
This powder has the most amazing compact and was beautifully scented. The powder was a great product, it set my foundation and removed any shine but never looked heavy or cakey. I will repurchase this soon. In the meantime, I am considering pressing another powder into the empty pan. The compact is too pretty to waste. 

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara
This mascara is long overdue for its trip to the bin. Sadly this mascara didn't really work for me. The brush just picked up too much product and clumped up my lashes. I prefer the Doll Eyes version to this. 

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
Really sad to see this mascara empty! I loved it. My lashes looked long and thick with absolutely no clumps. The brush was really easy to use and gave great results. I would repurchase, once I have made a dint in my unopened mascara stash. 

Revlon Luxurious Colour Kohl Eyeliner
This eyeliner came in a sample box ages ago. I really liked this liner, it is like a powder in a pencil. Very dark and matte black. Easy to apply and wore well. I think this liner has been discontinued but it has a very similar formula to the Kevyn Aucoin Eye Pencil. 

Benefit Instant Brow Pencil
I enjoyed using this brow pencil and it seemed to last for ages. It was quite a soft, waxy pencil which was easy to apply and the medium shade was a good match for my brows. Because it was so soft, applying too much did happen but a quick brush through with the spoolie on the other end and you were good to go. I would consider repurchasing but lately I am having a moment with firm brow pencils (hello Shu & Kevyn). 

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy
If I am completely honest (and I always am here), this is really just a glorified lip balm. The colour is almost non-existent and the moisturising properties aren't that great. The packaging looks great when you whip it out but a bit of a disappointing product. I would rather spend my money on the original Rouge Volupte formula. 

Face of Australia Big Volumising Lash Mascara
For the $6 I paid for this mascara, I was impressed. It gave me big lashes and lengthened them well too. I love the fluro orange tube (it was very easy to spot). It did seem to dry up quite quickly though. I will possibly repurchase, if it is still available. 

I am currently on another self-enforced spending ban and am really proud of myself! It has been almost six (SIX!) weeks and I have not purchased any makeup!! In total my spending ban will go for ten weeks and end the day before my birthday (perfect timing). It has been great to not spend all my money on makeup. My bank accounts are looking much healthier and I am more comfortable with my relationship with makeup hauling at the moment. It is more of a love and less of an obsession that it has been. Anyway, I'll keep you up to date on my progress, wish list and inevitable birthday haul. 

What products have you emptied lately? 

Monday 31 March 2014

Face of the Night & Update

On Saturday night I had a work function to attend. Nothing too fancy, just dinner at the local hotel with colleagues. I ended up spending all day in bed sleeping and watching Reign online (which is a pretty typical Saturday for me). Because of my laziness I only had an hour to shower, do my hair, makeup and decide what to wear. I ended up being about 10 minutes late - story of my life! 

These photos were actually taken after the dinner - my makeup has been on about 5 hours. The light in my room wasn't the best but I just decided to roll with it. I kept my eye makeup pretty simple for the night and left my skin dewy. I didn't want to do anything over the top as it was a pretty casual night but I cannot resist an opportunity to get 'made up'. 

I started my makeup by using my favourite illuminating primer - the Burberry Fresh Glow which gives a great base for foundation. The Dior Airflash Spray Foundation is my favourite special occasion foundation as it leaves my skin flawless and is quick to apply. For concealer I used the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under my eyes and on my nose (which seems to always look red lately). As I wanted to keep my base dewy, I only powdered under my eyes using the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light. I wanted a pop of pink of my cheeks so I used the Estee Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelee Blush in Tease which a shimmery pink. 

I only used one palette for my eyes - the Nars And God Created the Woman Eye Palette which I love. I mainly used the three shades on the top row and a little of the bottom left shade in the outer corners. To lines my eyes, on both the upper lash line and the waterline I used the Kevyn Aucoin Eye Pencil in Basic Black. This is a soft but powdery pencil that applies and blends like a dream. For mascara I chose one out of my unopened stash - the Ellis Faas Mascara. I brushed my brows and lightly applied the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil in Ash Blonde. 

As the eyes were quite strong, I went for a soft pink on the lips. I wanted something low maintenance so I chose the Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Radieuse from the 2013 Holiday Collection. 

So... Long time no blog, hey? 

It wasn't a planned break but real life just got in the way. Work has been hectic (we have been understaffed for about 3 months), I have started back at Uni and it has been a bit challenging (what is an essay again?), reoccurring family issues came up, Daisy the Ragdoll had two kittens (so CUTE) and I got a killer toothache (and almost fainted at the quote to properly fix the problem). Sometimes real life just has to come before the online world. 

I have also struggled to find any inspiration for blogging. It felt more like a chore than something I enjoy and do for pleasure. I cannot promise regular blog posts but I refuse to blog unless it is about something I want to share with my readers. I feel there is no point in blogging just for the sake of uploading a new post.

Hopefully it won't be such a long time between this post and the next. I do have some ideas for future posts but if there is anything you want to see please let me know. If I do disappear again, you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram using @luxuryonthelips on both. 

When did you last get 'made up' to go out?
What have you been up to during the last few weeks?

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Two Ways to a Better Night's Sleep

I have always been a bad sleeper, my Mum tells me even as a baby I hardly slept. I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and my quality of sleep is not good. Technically I suppose I have insomnia. 

I have tried so many different remedies - relaxing music, a period of relaxation before bed, herbal medications and prescription medications (I have tried two different sleeping pills, one made me sleep for about 18 hours at a time and the other kept me awake for about 36 hours). I would put my sleep problems down to stress. However, I remember being about 4 years old and having a tea party in my bed with my toys after everyone else went to bed because I couldn't sleep. I don't remember being stressed then! 

My sleeping issues have always been a problem but I have found ways to try to manage it. Especially so in the last 6 or so months, I have found two products that have really been helping me out. 

This Works - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
Scents are something that has always helped me relax but I never found one that actually helped me relax and feel drowsy until trying this offering from This Works. Infused with lots of essential oils including lavender, vetiver and wild camomile, this is a soft yet powerful spray. I have tried lavender sprays before and had minimal results but this combination of oils works really well together. I almost feel instantly relaxed when I sniff this, it isn't overpowering or overly herbal smelling.

I spray the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on my pillows, sheets and doona about 5 minutes before heading to bed. I like to give it a little time to settle on my bedding as it can leave the bedding feeling damp until it has dried off. 

I purchased the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from Mecca Cosmetica (HERE) for $35.00 for 75ml. I have been using it most nights since purchasing and the bottle is still going. If you are after something a little bit cheaper (with slightly more product), The Body Shop also has a Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist (HERE) for $29.95 for 100ml. I have tried this one but it appears to be made with similar essential oils. 

Holistic Silk - Lavender Eye Mask
I am a little weird when it comes to light and sleeping. Some nights I cannot stand complete darkness, it can make me feel very claustrophobic and I panic. Other nights, all I want is pitch black with absolutely no light (these are usually nights I have a headache or am feeling completely exhausted). Since I cannot completely remove light from my bedroom on these nights I turn to an eye mask. Similarly to the linen spray, I have tried eye masks before but will little success until this one. 

My interest was piqued in the Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask after Lisa Eldridge mentioned it in a video. It took me a while to take the plunge and purchase it though (this mask isn't cheap). I am so glad I did though! It is a beautiful, big mask that completely covers the eye area and fits nicely around my nose. The front of the mask is silk with a pretty blossom design but the back is a lovely velvet that feels lovely against the skin. The mask is infused with lavender and one of my favourite parts? It has a tie fastening, not elastic which means it easily fits my big head without feeling tight. This mask well and truly blocks out any light which is perfect for the nights I want complete darkness (and works well during the day too). The complete light block out also means the rising sun doesn't wake me in the morning helping me achieve a better night's sleep. 

I purchased my Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask from Beauty Bay (HERE) for around $90.00. Yes, an expensive investment but just that - an investment in good sleep. If you don't want to pay that much for an eye mask you could try one from Peter Alexander (HERE) for $9.95, these have an elastic band and I have found aren't as good as the Holistic Silk for blocking light. 

These solutions don't have a 100% success rate, I still have those nights that I lay awake in bed for 6 hours. I have noticed that these products do help most of the time and if you are someone like me (who has always had sleep problems) most of the time is still pretty damn good!

How do you get a good night's sleep?

Thursday 13 February 2014

LOVE - Products for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost upon us again! The day that has lovers rejoicing and singles hating the world. For me Valentine's Day is just another day - Yup I am single #foreveralone. Therefore no special plans for me which doesn't really bother me. I am sure all of you that are in love are excited for tomorrow. Yes?

PS. Look at that MAC Lipstick heart! My true love x Haha!

As I did last year, I have again curated a selection of products that I think are perfect for Valentine's Day. Whether it is the name, the shade or the actual product I think all of the following would be great to use on Valentine's Day.

Last years edition (HERE) was more suited to a sexy Valentine's Day celebration whereas this years is perfect for a soft and sweet Valentine look. 

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette 
The shadows in the Naked3 Palette are perfect for a soft and pretty eye look. The Naked3 Palette features lots of pretty pink and soft gold shades. You can create a lovely, soft look that is perfect for a romantic evening with your love or lazing on the couch watching Reign (my new favourite show - it is freaking awesome). 

Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow
This blush got a place in this blog post because of its heart shape which is pretty much the universal sign of love and therefore Valentine's Day. This blush gives a really lovely glowing flush of colour to the cheeks. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 55 Romance
Romance is a beautiful medium pink. This lipstick is a great low maintenance option with good moisturising properties. This would look great paired with a golden pink eye look created using Naked3. The name of this lipstick is just perfect for Valentine's Day - the day for Romance. 

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine
Okay, so this pretty much made the list just for the name. I mean Sex Machine! How inappropriately appropriate for Valentine's Day?! Sex Machine is a matte nude pink. 

Lanolips 101 Ointment
I have only just gotten on to the Lanolips train but so fair it has been a lovely ride. This balm is fantastic for dry and cracked lips. Perfect to use before and after all that kissing some will be doing on Valentine's Day. 

Essie Nail Colour in 740 French Affair
Last years post included a bright red nail polish which really suited the more sexy theme. French Affair perfectly suits a soft and pretty look. It is a pastel pink polish with a tinge of purple. Very pretty. 

Marc Jacobs Honey EDP*
Whilst spending Valentine's Day with your Honey you can wear Honey. If you are rocking a sweet and pretty look (as you would be if using the products mentioned above) you need a scent to match. Honey is that scent - sweet and soft with the honey providing a little warmth. 

That is my products for Valentine's Day 2014 edition. Forgive me for overuse of the words sweet and soft in this post! I hope all those celebrating Valentine's Day have a lovely (hehe lovely on the day for love) time with their special someone. I shall continue to watch Reign. Seriously. 

Happy Valentine's Day!
What products do you think of when considering Valentine's Day?

Products marked with an aserik (*) were provided for consideration for review, this has not affected my review - honesty always. 

Monday 10 February 2014

Valentine's Day with Lush - Prince Charming & Neon Love

When I saw the Valentine's Day press release from Lush, I got pretty excited. I was finally going to have a Prince Charming! Well, okay not a 'real' Prince Charming but in my world I am pretty happy with a Prince Charming body wash. I mean, we can't all date Prince Harry can we? Though if he is ever looking for an Australian girlfriend (or even a fling), I call dibs! 

Lush are pretty much my favourite shower product company. I love the shower gels, the jellies, the Daddy O shampoo, Big Shampoo and well, anything I have tried from Lush!  

I placed my order on the Lush website within hours of the products becoming available. I knew I wouldn't be getting to a store and limited edition collections from Lush sell out fast! I don't use our bath (which I think I have explained why before but it has to do with growing up in a drought and not a big enough water heater) so that ruled out the bath bombs and such. I was pretty happy to get the two items I did though - Prince Charming Shower Gel and Neon Love Soap. 

Prince Charming Shower Gel
"With marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla and fresh pomegranate juice, Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset, leaving your skin silky soft and smelling lovely – the fragrance is made using a beautiful blend of grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils." - Lush

Firstly (if you couldn't already tell), I freaking love the name of this shower gel! What a perfect name for a Valentine's Day themed product. I think a name like this instantly has people interested, it is kind of cheeky and cute. Secondly, the colour of Prince Charming is a darkish pink which is girly but not too girly that a guy can't sneak a use. 

The scent of this is not as sweet as I was expecting (I was thinking Snow Fairy sweetness level) but it really works. It has a sweet smell but the grapefruit provides that bit of zing that makes it a very uplifting and refreshing shower product. Perfect for a 'just dragged myself out of bed 15 minutes before I need to leave for work' shower.

Neon Love Soap
"This is a unique soap with an uplifting, fruity fragrance. Bergamot and rosewood work together to create a rich scent, whilst fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt nourish and soften the skin." - Lush

My past experiences with soap have not been good ones (this is excluding Lush soaps). Having skin on the drier side I usually find that soap exacerbates this problem. I hate washing with soap that leaves my skin feeling tight and light rubber. Luckily, that is not the case with Neon Love. I lather myself us in the shower and when I get out my skin feels hydrated and nourished. 

Neon Love smells absolutely amazing (probably even better than Prince Charming). It has quite a warmth to it whilst still being quite sweet, even my Mum loves the smell and she is fussy with scents. This soap leaves the shower smelling amazing after each use. 

TIP: I find the best way to use soap is to rub it against my loofer to create a foam and then rub the loofer all over. 

I am hoping to get another Valentine's Day themed post written before the actual day but I may just be too busy showering with these lovely smelling goodies! Just joking... maybe. 

The Lush Valentine's Day collection is available now online and in store. It is limited edition (so if you like the look of anything - buy NOW). A few items are sold out online so head to a store if you can. Plus - you can smell before you buy (oh! how I envy you city people). 

Is this your type of Prince Charming?
What are your favourite products from Lush?

Saturday 8 February 2014

Glasshouse Fragrances - Hong Kong Candle

Hong Kong is the latest limited edition release from Glasshouse Fragrances. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it (even though I hadn't smelt it yet). I fell in love with the glass instantly. How can one not love a hot pink glass with purple print? Luckily, I also fell in love with the scent which is named Double Happiness. 

Hong Kong is inspired by the vibrant & glamorous (as the name suggests) Hong Kong. Two versions of the Hong Kong candle are available - Day & Night. I purchased the Day version. The difference between the two is the glass jar. Day is pink glass with  purple print and Night is green glass with  blue print. I could not smell any noticeable difference with the scent of the two candles. Though the saleswoman tried to convince me there was a difference. 

I am not good at describing fragrances but I find Hong Kong to be quite a sweet floral with a green base. Does that even make sense? What I am trying to say is the scent is sweet but with more to it. Yup, hopeless at describing fragrances!

Here is the official fragrance description:
Top - Bergamot, Dewy Greens, Orange Zest
Middle - Jasmine, Ginger, Magnolia
Base - Green Tea, Crushed Tonka Bean, Green Foliage

Hong Kong is just as potent as the other Glasshouse Fragrances candles that I have tried. They are the type of candles that you can have lit in one room yet be able to smell it right through the house. Hong Kong is in no way over powering though, it is a strong yet subtle scent. 

Overall, Hong Kong is a candle I am really enjoying and am glad to have in my ever growing collection of candles. 

Hong Kong is available now for $42.95 and is limited edition (and limited edition Glasshouse candles are known to sell out quickly). Glasshouse Fragrances can be purchased directly from Glasshouse here or from Luxola here

Are you a candle lover? 
What is your favourite candle?

Monday 3 February 2014

Estee Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelee - Heat Wave

This is a product I have had in my stash for a while now (since May 2013 to be exact). I purchased it from Harrods and because it wasn't available in Australia at that time, I decided not to review it. I don't like to post on products that readers aren't able to purchase, it seems a bit like teasing to me, yes?

Well, have no fear! I am not posting this to tease you. The Illuminating Powder Gelee in Heat Wave has recently been released in Australia as a part of the latest Bronze Goddess collection. 

Excuse my photos of an already used product, as I said I didn't originally intend to review this product. It does show how little you need of the product though - you can still clearly see the moulded lines in the product. 

The Gelee formula from Estee Lauder is very similar to the Extra Dimension formula from MAC. It is considered a gel-powder-liquid formula or at least that is how a Estee Lauder sales rep described it to me. To me, it is a powder without the powdery texture and achieves a much more pearlescent and metallic finish than a normal powder product does. 

Heat Wave is a golden champagne colour with a metallic finish. It is not an over the top metallic finish though, I would call it a fine pearl shimmer. Initial swatch on to a fingertip shows it to be quite pigmented but I have found it to be easily blended out on the face. 

Included is a large sponge tipped applicator - think an extra large eyeshadow applicator. The applicator does work but it applies a lot more product than needed and is difficult to blend with. I find the best application method is either fingers or a small fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Contour brush. You only need to dip the brush lightly into the pan before applying. 

Heat Wave can also be used as an eyeshadow which I only tried for the first time earlier. It looks beautiful on the eyes and really brightens the lid area. It provides a sheer, shimmery wash of colour. 

On the left I have applied Heat Wave with the included sponge applicator and on the right I applied with my finger and blended it out. It is still quite a heavy swatch though and can be applied much more lightly on the face.

Heat Wave can be purchased from Estee Lauder online (and I assume Estee Lauder Counters) for $75.00, the compact contains 6g of product.

Now if only all Heat Waves were this lovely! I am talking about the one currently terrorising Victoria. Is terrorising too dramatic? Nope it is not.

Are you a highlighter devotee? Thoughts on this pretty Heat Wave?

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