Saturday 29 June 2013

Spending Ban - Update

Time for an update on my Spending Ban progress!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my decision to go a on a Spending Ban (posted about here). My spending on make up and beauty items had gotten out of control and I needed to reign it in. I decided to go a 6 week Spending Ban. 

I am now just over 3 weeks into my ban and I am very happy to say I have not purchased any make up in that time! It is quite freeing to go into a store and not even look at the beauty section because I know I don't need anything. I even went into a Priceline today and managed to come out without any make up items. 

Being on a make up spending ban doesn't mean I don't make any purchases though. I made an essentials purchase this week of hair care items. I also picked up some lovely candles as a treat for making it this far. 

When I saw the new release Glasshouse Fragrances candles I honestly hoped I would only like one of the three. Sadly or happily - depending how you look at it. I feel in love with all three of them. They are all gorgeous! The three scents are:

Avallon - Cassis & Vanilla
Cassis is French for blackcurrent (in case you were wondering, I know I was). This scent is sweet and fruity yet still has some warmth from the vanilla. 

Shambala - Honey, Vetiver & Patchouli
The honey in this adds a whole other dimension to this scent. It is slightly powdery and sweet. 

Cuba - Pineapple, Tangerine & Cherry
I almost feel like drooling when I open this one up. It seriously smells like a tropical drink. Oh I really, really love this one! My only problem with this is the glass is more of an oval shape than round. It makes getting the lid on and off very hard! 

I cannot wait to burn these. I believe Glasshouse has a promotion running where you vote for your favourite scent and it will become a permanent part of the collection. These retail for $39.95 each and are available from your local stockist. But be quick they are selling out fast!

I also had to stock up on some essentials from Adore Beauty. I happened to run out of my shampoo, conditoner and mask all at the same time this week! Hair care is really the only products I don't have a heap of back ups for. 

So I purchased my favourites from evo - The Therapist shampoo & conditioner, Day of Grace leave-in conditioner and the Great Hydrator moisture mask. The leave-in conditioner is a new purchase but the others repurchases. I will review these in full in the future, hopefully!

I also got one of the famous Adore Beauty Goodie Bags! I am most excited about the Benefit They're Real mascara mini. I have been wanting to try this mascara for ages but for some reason have never purchased it. It is also make up and you know the whole spending ban thing... I will take any new make up I can get my hands on!

Only another three weeks to go on this spending ban. I already feel like I have better control over my spending. I am looking forward to celebrating the end of my spending ban with a trip to Chadstone though...

Anyone else on a spending ban? What have you purchased recently?

I am still getting around to getting my blog sale up too! 

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Violet Box - June 2013

I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I came home on my lunch break on Monday. The very first Violet Box! I had intended to blog about it on Monday night but I fell asleep instead and then I was going to blog about it last night but I couldn't take a decent photo to save my life. Therefore it is finally getting blogged about today. 

I feel bad about putting it off because it is definitely worth writing about it. Ususually when I put something off, it is because it is not worth writing about but that is not the case this time. I have just been really slack. :)

Violet Box arrived in an outer white box with the actual Violet Box being a stylish black with the logo right bottom corner. Nice and simple yet stylish. Personally I have liked Violet Box from the start because of the name. I love purple and violets (the flower), so I am already feeling the love for Violet Box. 

Violet Box includes the standard information card that seems to come with all subscription boxes. It includes a little bit of information about the items and prices and so. There is also a couple of cards with offers on them to do with items included in the box. 

The June Violet Box contains:

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser - 200ml $23.95
This is designed for normal to combination skin that is sensitive. Whilst my skin can be sensitive it is more dry than normal. So this doesn't really suit my skin type at the moment. But it could more in the summer time. This is a generous 50ml sample bottle. 

CK One Color Gloss Eyecolor - 4g $25.00
So freakin' excited to see this in the box! I was even more excited to see I got it in the shade 600 Spin which is a very pretty gold colour. This is a very sheer product but I think it would look lovely as a wash all over the lid or as a highlight shade. I saw some people got this in a green or blue shade but I love that I got this gold. A full size, high end make up product. Massive thumbs up to Violet Box for that. 

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT - 50ml $80.00
I can't say I have used Calvin Klein perfumes before besides the occasional samples. This is a really pretty feminene fragrance that is flowery and fresh. Even my Mum liked this. This is the standard 1.2ml sample vial. 

John Plunkett Glyco Peel - 15ml $28.95
This is an interesting product and I don't think I have tried anything like this before. This is a night time exfoliator with 25% glycolic acid. The packaging says it is suitable for all skin types but sensitive skins should rinse off after a minute to avoid irritation. A full size product I look forward to giving a go. 

Lash Control Clear Coat Mascara & Brow Fix - 8.87ml $25.00
Another full size make up product! This is a really interesting mascara. The middle is a soft tube that you can squeeze when pulling out the brush to control how much product is on the brush. The firmer you squeeze, the less product. I think that is awesome! I regularly end up with too much of my brow set on the brush. I look forward to trying this out. 

Argania Hair Oil - 5ml $34.99
This product reminds me that I haven't used any of my hair oils lately. This is a handy little 5ml bottle that would be handy for travel or to keep in the make up bag, to tame any unruly hair during the day. It smells amazing too. 

Overall I am really impressed with the first Violet Box. What really matters is if Violet Box can keep up this standard of boxes for a long period of time. The variety and value is fantastic. I love how there is skincare, hair care, make up and perfume in the one box. 

I am also really, really pleased with the CK One Color Gloss Eyecolor. The shade is stunning and I cannot wait to give it a try! 

The Violet Box retails for $22.95 a month on a monthly subscription plan. There are other subscription plans available like 6 monthly and annually for different prices. 

Violet Box has impressed first up and I really hope they keep it up! That is truly the test of a good subscription box - if they can impress their subscribers month after month. 

You can subscribe to Violet Box on their website HERE

Did you subscribe to Violet Box? What do you think of the first Violet Box?

*This product was kindly provided for consideration for review in accordance with my Disclosure Policy. This has not affected my opinion in any way, honesty always.*

Sunday 16 June 2013

Keeping up with Luxury on the Lips..

If you are an avid reader of any blogs you probably already know this but some of you may not. Google announced a few weeks ago that they would be shutting down Google Reader which is a popular way for readers to keep up with their favourite blogs. The shut down date is fast approaching. After 1st July 2013, you will no longer be able to use Google Reader. 

So that you can keep reading Luxury on the Lips and not miss a post here are a couple of ways to keep up with Luxury on the Lips:


Bloglovin' is being touted as the replacement for Google Reader and it is easy to see why. It is very easy and quick to set up an account. Just head HERE to set up a profile and start following all your favourite blogs! To follow Luxury on the Lips just click on the link on the right sidebar - it looks exactly like the one above. Bloglovin' automatically updates with new blog posts. 


I believe the majority of people have a Facebook account these days so it is a simple way to keep up to date with Luxury on the Lips. Just head HERE to like the Luxury on the Lips Facebook page. There is also a link in the right sidebar too. Updates are always posted when a new blog post goes live. 


Ah, Twitter I favourite way to rant and ramble in 140 characters or less. Follow Luxury on the Lips on Twitter HERE for updates when new blogs are posted. Again there is also a link in the right sidebar. Also expect lots of random tweets, ranging from what I am doing, what I plan on doing and what I am eating (as you do on Twitter). I also include some rants and raves for good measure. 

I hope this post has given you a couple of options on how you can keep up with Luxury on the Lips and all your favourite blogs. I know I am already a big fan of Bloglovin'.

What way do you keep up with your favourite blogs?

Friday 14 June 2013

BellaBox - June 2013

When I blogged about my spending ban yesterday, I forgot all about Bella Box. I have decided that my Bella Box does not count in the spending ban because I am declaring it an essential. Australia Post must have upped their game this month as I got the despatch email yesterday and it arrived today. Lately I have been having to wait a few days for my Bella Box to be delivered. 

The theme of the June Bella Box is 'Girls Night In... Girls Night Out". There is a good mix of products and I am pretty happy with it. A couple of full size products too!

The June Bella Box contains:

Street Star Cosmetics Street Gloss Lip Gloss - 7.4g $17.95
Bella Box sent out an email about this lip gloss earlier today, before I had even opened my box. Glad to see Bella Box is on top of things. Some lip glosses are out of date. Mine is. The best before is 2011, so it's a lot out of date. I received this is in shade 209 Translucent Baby Pink which looks very pretty.

Bioderma Atoderm Cream - 200ml $29.95
I love Bioderma Crealine H20 and am really happy to have the opportunity to try other items from Bioderma. Especially one that is suited to my skin type. This is suited to both the face and body. I received two 8ml sample tubes. 

Tiaki Day Cream - 60g $45.00
This is a 100% botanically derived day cream made in New Zealand. Tiaki appears to be a very environmentally friendly and natural brand. Even the tube is biodegradable. This is a 5ml sample. Bella Box also has a special offer on this product - you can purchase a full size tube for $40.00 ($5 discount). 

Kiss Nail Dress - $13.99
I received these in a bedazzled lepoard print. Yeah, not really my style but I do love these nail stickers. I think I have received this product from Bella Box before. 

Toni&Guy Creative Texturising Glue - 100ml $15.99
I never have a good result with this type of hair product. Although it says it is designed for both long and short, I think it will work better on short hair. As my Mum said "Oh that would be good for Jake after he has a hair cut". My brother just got a freebie from me. 

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Mask - 10ml $3.99
I have never tried one of these masks before but a peeling mask does sound fun. Hopefully this is suited to more drier skin. This is a 5ml trial size.

Brazilian Butterfly Assortment - 200ml $18.00 - $22.00
This little packet contains 7 sample sachets from Brazilian Butterfly, from what I can gather is a waxing brand. The samples include products like body wash, body lotion, body scrub and a ingrown hair treatment. All the sachets are 5ml in size. 

BONUS PRODUCT Natio Nail Colour in Valentine - 15ml $9.95
This is a classic vibrant red and I love that it is called Valentine - so fitting. There is an extra card in the box that says to share a photo of your Night Time mani using this polish for your chance to win a black diamond ring worth $500. There is 3 to win. I have never tried a Natio polish before so I look forward to trying it. 

Overall I am pretty happy with this months Bella Box offering. There is a good variety of products and great value, once again. Looking at the available products for this month, there is one item I would have loved to get - hello Sigma eye brush! 

What did you get in your Bella Box? Happy or unhappy?

Thursday 13 June 2013

It's Time for a Spending Ban!

There comes a time in every beauty addicts life that you realise you own a hellava lot of make up! And I mean a lot. I have come to that realisation recently. I have drawers and boxes full of make up that is not getting the love it deserves. Let's not mention the boxes of nail polish that has never been on my nails.

My face drawer.

Since starting work six months ago, I have had extra money to spend and have really lost all self control when it comes to shopping. Yes, I work hard for my money and pay all my bills but I spend a lot. 

However, I have decided lately that there is other things I want than just owning too much make up. Like travelling, a new computer, camera and that Chanel bag I have been dreaming about for years! Or these super gorgeous Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats! 

My lips and eyes drawer. 

So what does one do when they come to this realisation? They go a self imposed spending ban. Yes, I am on the dreaded spending ban. I have tried before and honestly? I usually only last about 3 days. 

So far I have made it a week with no beauty related purchases. I plan on going for six weeks all up. My spending ban will finish on July 19th. Just in time for me to do some shopping when the family and I go to Melbourne for Chase's first birthday (with a pirate theme). Arrr matey! 

There will be some exceptions of course. Essentials like hair care, skincare and body care products are allowed but only what is a must have necessity. 

A sneak peek into my future blog sale.

You may ask how a self confessed shopaholic plans on going six weeks without buying any of her favourite addiction? Firstly, I gave my credit card to my Mum to hide for me so I couldn't use it. Secondly, I am avoiding beauty sites like they are the plague. Thirdly, I plan on appreciating the make up I own and fourthly, I will be having a blog sale. 

If anyone is interested? It will include brands like Chanel, YSL, Benefit, Lancome, Clarins and lots of drugstore items. All reasonably priced and I will ship internationally (at buyers cost). 

I will keep you updated on how I am going with my spending ban after another week or two. Hopefully I will succeed. 

Have you been on a spending ban? Was it successful? Are you interested in a blog sale?

Sunday 9 June 2013

Chanel Summer Collection 2013 - Stylo Eyeshadow REVIEW

In my Birthday Wishlist post I mentioned the Chanel Summer 2013 Collection and how gorgeous it was. I had my heart set on four of the Stylo Eyeshadows. 

When at Chadstone shopping, I went to the Chanel boutique and was very excited that they had the collection on display. I managed to pick up three of the shades I wanted but the other was sold out. I have since managed to track down the one that escaped me from Myer. Therefore I can now share them with you! 

The Stylo Eyeshadows are housed in a pencil form with a slanted tip for ease of application. The lids have the typical interlocking C that is just classically Chanel. I also love the band of colour around the end. It makes it so easy to know which shade is which. 

I was really excited about these as like I have mentioned before, I am lazy when it comes to my eyeshadows. I just can't be bothered spending half my 'getting ready' time blending. Thanks to the easy application and pretty colours these have fast become a favourite. 

These are a dream to apply. They are silky smooth and just glide across the eyelid. I apply and then blend out the edges with a brush to give a perfect finish. On first application these Stylo Eyeshadows have a cooling effect on the eyes. I would image it would be quite refreshing in summer. 

I apply these in the morning and I have found they last the whole working day. Apply, blend and then give it about thirty seconds and they will be set. My lids are on the drier side so I don't have a problem with creasing or fading. Oilier lids may though as they are a formula with a lot of 'slip' when first applied. 

The collection includes six shades but I only purchased four of them. The other two shades were a blue and a green colour. I very rarely wear those type of shades, so I stuck to the more wearable ones (or in my opinion anyway).

The shades are (L-R):

07 Moon River
A metallic taupe with a hint of platinum and my favourite. This looks lovely all on its own, blended out at the edges. An elegant, simple smoky eye. 

17 Cool Gold
A bright yellow gold with a metallic finish. Very brightening on the eyes. I find it looks great on the inner half of the lid with another shade blended outwards. 

27 Pink Lagoon
Is described by Chanel as a fresh pink. I feel it leans a little coral. It may bring out redness in the eye area. A very pretty metallic pink shade otherwise.

57 Black Stream
A black with silver shimmer. Perfect for a more unusual eyeliner. The silver sparkles stop it from being a boring black. 

The shades are swatched below in the same order. The swatches are a two swipe heaviness. I love that with these shadows, you can blend them out to be sheerer or leave for a more opaque application.

At $47.00 each for 1.4g they are not cheap but I am very glad to own them. High end products will never be cheap but I think these are quality products for the price. Shades like Moon River are perfect for everyone for everyday. 

I love these shadows and am very glad to have them in my stash. If you feel like a splurge or are a Chanel fan go and pick these up whilst you can!

Wednesday 5 June 2013

May Favourites

I am sure I have mentioned this before but I really hate picking favourites. I honestly use so many different products in a month that it is hard to pick favourites as such. These are more my stand out products for the month. These have been on repeat and I have actually been really impressed by them as I have used them. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light

Oh! I cannot tell you how much I love this powder. It just makes my skin look glowing and flawless no matter what foundation I use. Will do a full review on this soon. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Amused

In May I really preferred the look of a pinky flush to the cheeks. I was finding that coral/peachy shades were making me look, well orange. This blush gives me a healthy looking flush that really brightens my face. It also lasts all day as promised.

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

I put off buying this for ages and I wish I hadn't. It is a perfect match for my eyelids to cancel out any redness, veins or darkness on the lids without any other shadows needed. It really brightens up my eyelid area and can always double up as a primer. 

Shu Uemura Hard Formula 9 in 02 Seal Brown

I have pretty full brows so I don't need a lot of help in that area. This pencil is perfect as it is a hard formula and it applies minimal product. The pencil actually reacts with the oils in your brows so colour only really applies where you want it. I think an eyebrow pencil can really give your make up a polished look. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 54 Boy

Another product that I put off purchasing for ages and wish I hadn't. This is the perfect work lipstick. It provides a nice soft colour with a pretty shine. I love! Highly recommended. 

Yardley London April Violets EDT

I call this my 'old lady perfume' but I don't care. I really love the smell of violets and it is all my Nanna's fault, she is the one that introduced me to it. I find violets have a fresh uplifting smell that I just love. This was also a bargain for only $15 at Chemist Warehouse.

Woot! Second post for the month already. Haha... Hopefully the long weekend ahead will allow for more blog posts to be written.

What were your May favourites?

Tuesday 4 June 2013

May Empties

Firstly apologies for being such a bad blogger lately. I have so much I want to write about but I just can't seem to sit down long enough to write plus I have been busy with work and just life in general. I also decided to paint my bedroom this past weekend. It turned out to be harder than I thought and I realised I own a lot of 'stuff' and it takes ages to move it around. 

In May I was very bad at emptying products. When I went to the bag on the back of my door that I chuck my empties in during the month, all I found were mascaras. I went through my mascaras at the start of the month and chucked any old, finished or unloved mascaras. So this post will be one solely about a girls must have - mascara!

Max Factor - False Lash Effect
I purchased this because Lisa Eldrigde uses it in lots of her videos and after using it I understand why. It is a fantastic 'drugstore' mascara. The brush is quite large with rubber bristles. It really adds volume and length to the lashes. Will repurchase in the future. 

Benefit - Bad Gal Lash
When I first tried this mascara, I was really not impressed. The formula is a mousse and drier than a normal mascara. The brush is massive which can make it a little difficult to apply. What I love about this mascara is how black it is. I would consider repurchasing. 

Napoleon Perdis - Ah-Mazing Lash 
This was a GWP with a magazine sometime last year. The brush on this is a rubber one that balloons out on the end. It makes it a horrible mascara to use. You get too much on the lashes that the ballooned out end hits but none on the rest of the lashes. Would not purchase and I am not even sure it is for retail sale.

Bobbi Brown - Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening
This sample size came in a subscription box ages ago. It is good for lengthening the lashes but doesn't add an volume which is what I like. Would not purchase.

Clinique - High Impact Curling
I usually love Clinique mascaras but this was a real disappointment. The curved shape of the brush means too much mascara is on one side of the brush but none on the other side. Very glad this was part of a GWP and I would not purchase it. 

Australis - Voluptu Lash
This has a comb like brush that I found really annoying. It seemed to clump my lashes up and apply too much mascara. Would not repurchase. 

Australis - Killer Curves
Unlike the Voluptu Lash mascara, I really liked this. It has a rubber hourglass shaped brush that adds length, volume and curl. Would repurchase.

Rimmel - Sexy Curves Full Figure
I am not sure how I got this mascara. I think I won it. The brush shape looks really cool - it is like three circles but it doesn't pick up enough mascara. Does not provide the 'full figure' it promises. I found it quite a natural looking mascara. Would not purchase. 

Face of Australia - Impact-Curl 
This mascara has an almost identical brush to the Kiler Curves mascara. The formula is just as good too. Would consider repurchasing. 

Ah, finally a new blog post! I hope June will be better for blogging regularly. I have lots of products I want to share with you including items from Tom Ford, Chanel and Nars. Will probably do a post on my new nail polish storage too - I love it.

What did you finish up in May? What is your favourite mascara? 

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