Monday 12 March 2012

Avon Calling...

Avon was one of the first brands of make up I had much experience with. The Avon lady would regularly drop off the brochure when I was growing up. My mum would quite often buy me a couple of items from the brochure. So when our Avon lady dropped off the brochure (we still get brochures but rarely buy anything nowadays)  recently with a clearance brochure, I was feeling nostalgic and made an order.

I ordered four lipsticks and a tinted moisturiser from the clearance brochure. From the normal brochure I purchased a Rose Cuticle Balm. My order came within about 2 weeks of being placed.

The tinted moisturiser is Ideal Shade Get Glowing Tinted Moisturiser. It adds a nice healthy glow to the skin and feels nice and light. It was only $9.99 in the clearance brochure.

The Rose Cuticle Balm smells divine and it hydrating without being greasy.

Radiant Rose, Plush Rose, Peach Silk, Coral Bliss

I purchased two Pro Luscious Pout lipsticks in the shades Radiant Rose and Plush Rose. These are full coverage lipsticks with a little pot of gloss in the lid for added shine. These were only $4.99 each in the clearance brochure.

I also purchased two Glazewear Silky Shine lipsticks in Peach Silk and Coral Bliss. These are really shiny and light on the lips. I love the sleek gold case too. These were also only $4.99 each.

Radiant Rose, Plush Rose

Peach Silk, Coral Bliss

I am quite happy with my bargain purchases from Avon. I have found in the past that Avon products can be a little hit and miss but thankfully all these products are hits.

Do you use any Avon products? Any faves?

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