Friday 16 March 2012

BellaBox - March 2012

I received the March BellaBox this morning. This months theme is 'Get Naked with BellaBox' as it is Autumn it is all about letting your true self shine. The products appear to be based around a natural theme. This months box also came in a small drawstring calico bag instead of the normal box - cute idea and something different.

The products in the March BellaBox are:
  • Yes to Carrots Lip Tint in Ready Red - Full size - $9.95
  • Pure Fiji Coconut Hydrating Body Lotion - No size given - $29.95 for 354ml
  • Planet Eve Daily Face Moisturiser - 10ml - $59.00 for 50ml
  • U Little Beauty Natural Repair Hair Mask - Full size - $19.95
  • Bellamer Eye Balm - No size given - $40 for 15g
Also included is a Carman's Classic Fruit & Nut Muesli Biscuit. This is not listed on the card, so I assume it is a bonus product.

For me this months box wasn't as exciting as other months and other brands but I think for some people it would be. At the moment I am not really interested in changing my skincare (after recently starting a new regime) especially using anti-ageing products. I will probably give it to my Mum though.

I will give the Bellamer Eye Balm a try. The Pure Fiji body lotion smells divine and I can't wait to use it. I will give the U Little Beauty Hair Serum a go but I am not a fan of its smell. The Yes to Carrots Lip Tint will get some use - I love moisturising lip colour. I probably won't eat the biscuit - I hate Muesli but I'll feed it to my Brother (he eats anything & everything).

I was a little disappointed that there wasn't really a make up product this month but I can see why. With the focus being on letting your true self shine, make up probably isn't needed.

Overall this months box is quite good but I think some people would probably like it more than I do. I do really like that this months came in the little bag, makes it a little more interesting. I eagerly await next months box. :)

P.S. My giveaway post is coming soon! I promise. It is just taking longer to sort it out than I thought it would. :)


  1. If I were a subscriber, I'd be pretty happy with this box because I like trying new skincare products out.

    I hope the products pleasantly surprise you. :) x

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I unsubbed from BB as they did have nice stuff but it wasn't really for me. It's very natural etc which is good but I prefer makeup or haircare - so much skincare in BB

  3. This box looks great! I agree with you that BellaBox is a more "natural" box company and I really love that about them. I think Lust Have it is a more "cosmetic" box company. I think it's great when they include a little treat too :) I'm looking forward to my box any day now!


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Stephanie x

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