Friday 16 March 2012

Chanel Spring 2012

When I recently visited the Chanel counter for my facial and to purchase my new skincare (blogged about here). I couldn't stop myself from hauling some Spring collection as well as some other items (more about that in another post). After my facial the makeup artist applied my makeup using the Spring collection (I forgot to take a picture though!) and this inspired some of my purchases.

I purchased the Limited Edition blush, a lipstick, a lip gloss and three nail polishes. I love the colours of the Spring collection, so soft, feminine and beautiful.

I knew even before seeing this blush in person that I would be taking it home with me. It is just so beautiful. It is the Blush Horizon De Chanel and is limited edition (so if you want it, head to a Chanel counter QUICK!). It is a 'Soft Glow Blush' so it applies as a sheer-ish wash to the cheek. It came in a velvet pouch and with a brush in another velvet pouch - Chanel do luxurious so well.

The blush is a pinky, coral colour. If the brush is swirled through the whole powder it is more pink. However if you keep the brush to the bottom half it is more coral.

This blush retails for $90.00AU.

Before having my make up done, I had never tried a Chanel Glossimer. I feel in love that day. I used to love glosses when I was younger but now cannot stand a sticky gloss. The Glossimer is beautiful on the lips. It provides shine and a slight colour but is non sticky. I hadn't planned on purchasing a gloss but I had to have it. I purchased the colour 161 Bagatelle. It is a bright pink with gold sparkles.

I also purchased one of the Rouge Coco lipsticks that is part of the Spring collection. Rouge Coco's are a quite hydrating formula. I had to have 39 Paradis. It is a beautiful pink-coral lipstick that leans more pink. It also has pink sparkles/glitter.

Paradis is swatched on the left and Bagatelle is on the right. You can see they are quite similar colours with Bagatelle less coral. The make up artist told me this is the combination on the models lips for the advertisment. Bagatelle is worn over Paradis to to soften the colour slightly.

Rouge Coco lipsticks retail for $50.00AU and Glossimers for $46.00AU.

Finally I purchased all three nail polishes released with the Spring collection. I love the colours that Chanel create, they can be so unique and trend setting.
  • 533 April - A creamy, berry red colour.
  • 535 May - A bright, bubblegum pink. I had to have this as May is my birth month.
  • 539 June - A pastel peach colour. This is the only Limited Edition shade of the three. I had to have this also because it is my Nan's and Mum's birth month.
These retail for $39.00AU each.

So there is my Chanel Spring collection haul. I hope you enjoyed it :). I really love this collection, I think it epitomises Spring. With the soft and beautiful colours it makes me sad to think we heading towards Winter.

Did you purchase anything from this collection? As always let me know if you want any more details or reviews on anything featured here. My Giveaway post should be up by the end of the day (hopefully)!


  1. $90 for a BLUSH!? How did you hand over that much money without having heart failure? I can barely hand over $26 for a lipstick. D:

    1. It's strange for me I have no problems handing over my money for Chanel, Ysl ect but when it comes to a drugstore brand for $25ish I um and ah over it for ages before I'll make a purchase :)


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