Thursday 8 March 2012

My New Skincare Featuring... Chanel

I had been using the same skincare for around 18 months and though there was nothing wrong with it, I was just bored of it. The Clinique 3 Step System worked but I needed to try something new. Somewhat similar to even though I have a foundation I like I need to try a new one. Similar to the saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side' - I need to know if there is something better out there.

When I purchased my Perfection Lumiere foundation from Chanel, their skincare was used to remove the makeup I was wearing. With one use I knew I had to try it, the smell was divine and my skin felt amazing all day. I am know as a pretty stubborn person, so once my mind was made up there was no changing it.

I decided to head to Myer Geelong last Saturday to purchase my new skincare. Knowing how Myer can lack staff at beauty counters I rang to check someone would be there. I spoke to a lovely woman at the Chanel counter and she told me that they had artists in from Melbourne and I could book in for a one and a half hour session. It cost $70 but that was redeemable against purchases made on the day. I jumped at the chance and booked in without fulling knowing what was going to happen in the session.

When I arrived I was told it was for a facial. I was very excited - I had never had a facial before. I was taken into a small room at Myer and was pampered for around an hour. The lovely Carmel applied a cleanser, exfoliater, face mask (and massaged my face) and finally applied moisturiser. It was amazing! It may have been my first facial but it definitely won't be my last.

I was then taken through what skincare I should be using. I chose what I wanted to purchase that day. I had then had some make up applied using the new Spring 2012 collection. I also made some makeup purchases but more on that in another post.

I cleanser I purchased is the Creamy Cleansing Milk Comfort + Anti-Pollution for Face & Eyes. This is a rich creamy cleanser perfect for dry skin and it effectively removes make up. The only problem is that it is meant to be used on dry skin and my Clarisonic is meant to be used with wet skin. I think I may purchase the foaming cleanser from the same line to use in the morning with my Clarisonic.

This cleanser has a combination of plant extracts and a bio-technological ingredient to help remove the effects of pollution from the skin.

The toner I purchased is Silky Soothing Toner Comfort + Anti-Pollution Alcohol Free. This toner is again designed for dry skin and is alcohol free so it doesn't dry out the skin. It has a lovely fresh, flowery smell. This toner also has a combination of plant extracts and bio-technological ingredients to help remove the effects of pollution from the skin.

This my favourite product, the Hydra Beauty Serum. This serum works to provide the skin with Hydration, Protection & Radiance. It contains Camellia Alba PFA which helps the skin maintain optimal moisture levels within its cells. It also contains Blue Ginger PFA which is a powerful antioxidant to help protect and reinforce the skin's self defence system.

Instantly after applying this the skin feels much more hydrated. It is quite lightweight and absorbs into the skin easily. I already feel that my skin stays feeling hydrated all day.

I didn't actually purchase an eye cream but the sales assistant gave me three 3ml samples of Beaute Initiale Eye Energizing Multi Protection Eye Gel. This eye gel helps with puffiness and dark circles.

The last step in my skincare is a moisturiser. The one I purchased is Beaute Initale Energizing Multi-Protection Cream. The Beaute Initale line is designed for younger skins and to help with the very first signs of ageing. This is a nice thick cream that has SPF 15. I use this as both a day and night cream even though it has SPF the sales assistant told me it is activated during the day.

So that is my new skincare regime. I am really excited to be trying a new range and brand. I have taken photos of my bare skin so I can compare my skin periodically and I will let you know if there is any changes. The skincare was quite expensive but for myself I am willing to pay out to do the best for my skin. If you want to know the prices let me know down below. There is a lot of different products I could add to this but I decided to keep it quite simple at the start and add products later if I want or need to.

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