Saturday 28 September 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty...

I am not a fashion blogger and Luxury on the Lips is not a fashion blog but like when I purchased Betty (read about my love here), I really want to share my latest designer purchase with you (though this post is long overdue, I made this purchase about 2 months ago). 

I am by no means a very fashionable person. I wear what I want and rarely spend much on clothes (there is better things to spend money on, like make up). I do love fashion though, I have been an avid reader of Vogue for years and love browsing Net-A-Porter which is how I found these babies. 


Meet the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats!

Being a bit of a crazy cat lady I fell in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them. There price put me off though! I had never spent that much on a pair of shoes. I ummed and ahhed for ages as to whether to make the purchase. But then my tax return arrived and there was no way I could stop myself. 

I purchased the Kitty Flats in black velvet and oh my, when they arrived I feel even deeper in love. They are absolutely gorgeous. The cat face is stitched in gold and the small heel is also gold. There is also a spider web (which seems to be the Charlotte Olympia logo) in gold on the sole of the shoe.
I love the included polaroid photograph to stick on the side of the box - such a good idea! I also love having dust bags for the shoes - my first pair of shoes with dust bags! 

I have only worn my babies since getting them almost 2 months ago. I was too scared that they would get damaged. Sadly the first time I wore them, they tore up the back of my feet. I have a problem with blisters and didn't put anything on my ankles to protect them. It won't stop me from wearing them though! 

I was really annoyed to see you can purchase a almost exact copy of the Kitty Flats from Rubi Shoes for less than 30 bucks! I don't understand how they can get away with it. Isn't it breaking copyright law? 

Anyway I am extremely pleased to own these babies and I feel like I have started a new addiction. I am currently really desiring a pair of Jimmy Choo Gilbert Leather Pumps. I have a feeling the purchase will happen sooner than later. But in nude or black

The Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats can be purchased from Net-A-Porter here. The price has decreased by over $150 since I purchased!

What was your first designer shoe purchase? 
Or if you haven't purchased a pair, what pair would you want as your first designer shoe purchase?

Thursday 26 September 2013

Guerlain - Violette de Madame Collection - Madame Rougit Blush REVIEW

I am a sucker for a pretty blush. I am an even bigger sucker for a pretty bush when it has those two words that make my heart race attached to it - LIMITED EDITION. Those two words have me opening my wallet and pulling the credit card out faster than you can say credit, please. This is especially true when I saw this Guerlain beauty pop up on the Harrods website (I was already planning an order, so this was swiftly added to the cart).

The Violette de Madame Collection is the latest release from Guerlain for the fall season. Besides this pretty blush, the collection includes eye shadow duos, lipsticks and lip glosses. I only picked up the blush and a lipstick (which I may review later, interested?). 

The blush comes housed in a black compact with a secure magnetic closure and a clip sealing bottom that holds a brush. The compact comes with the standard black velvet pouch. The compact, whilst nice looking can feel a little bulky - thanks to the brush compartment. 

The brush itself is okay, a little scratchy but usable. I prefer a bigger fluffier brush though. Really, I wish companies wouldn't bother to include brushes - for a make up lover, they will already own a more suitable brush. I would prefer a slimmer compact and no brush. 

The blush consists of four different shades, starting from the bottom up (in the above photograph): raspberry pink, pale pink, beige and coral. Personally I don't use the individual shades - I just swirl my blush brush around the whole pan and apply. The shades are really too small to apply individually. The top half on the blush tends to lean more warm whilst the bottom half is cooler.

One of my absolute favourite parts of this blush is the scent. It smells like violets which I LOVE! I am a massive fan of violets so this pleases me greatly. If you aren't a fan of scents, no worries! You cannot smell it once it is applied. The scent is quite strong in the pan though. 

All the shades swirled together produces a pretty rosy, pink. The white dots disappear after the first use or two. The blush is slightly shimmery but not too much so. It gives a beautiful brightening colour to the face. No looking like a disco ball! 

This blush doesn't have the most amazing texture - it is a little drier than I would like but it does get better with the more use. It seems the pattern has caused the texture to be drier and harder. On myself, this blush wears around 7 hours with some fading after that. This blush, having the drier texture does make blending out a little more difficult but not impossible - just use a nice fluffy brush. 

Above is a swatch of all four shades mixed together. You can see the luminous colour the blush gives without being shimmery. How pretty is it?! The golden glow is just lovely on the skin. 

As a blush fiend I am very happy to have this in my collection. I love it but I had decided I would love it before I even tried it. For those just looking for a good quality blush, this may not be for you. It is expensive for a formula that is not absolutely perfect and a shade that is could be duped. 

I believe this blush is out currently in Australia and retails for somewhere between $80-90. Remember it is limited edition so if you like what you see, don't wait to pick it up! 

Are you a sucker for a pretty blush? Does 'limited edition' make your heart flutter? 

Sunday 22 September 2013

BellaBox - September 2013

The September Bella Box was waiting for me on the doorstep when I got home from work on Friday. This was a little unusual. I normally have to pick up my box from the post office but this time it was sent by a courier (which explains why I never got a tracking email like normal). This months Bella Box was so full it was well... overflowing. Not all the items were in the box, actually most of the items weren't in the box, that's how full it was!  

The September box is presented by Cleo magazine and the theme is 'Spring Party Essentials". Naturally the latest issue of Cleo is included. Last month, I didn't feel like the products fit the theme but this month that is not the case. These products definitely fit the theme. 

The September Bella Box contains:

Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Masque - 10ml $3.99
The mud masques always seem like they would be fun. I can't say I use masques often - I am too lazy. I am not sure this one is suited to me as I don't have blemish prone skin. Back a couple of months I ago I received another masque from this company - I hate repetition in my sample boxes. This is a 5ml sample size. 

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps - 1 set (18 wraps) $8.99 
I received this in the style 'Bling Candy Drops' which I really like. It is a shimmery white base with multi-sized dots in purple, green, yellow and pink. It also has silver raised drops, giving the bling effect. I really like using these type of nail product so I look forward to giving these a try. 

Schick Hydro Silk Razor - (1 razor & 1 cartridge) $9.99
This is the first time I have received a razor in a sample box but it is actually something I am pretty pleased to get. Razors are not something I spurge on - I usually buy the cheapest disposable ones available in the supermarket. The Hydro Silk razor has five blades and a really nice design that makes me think it would work with the curves of the body really well. The box also includes a 25% off coupon for refill blades from Woolworths. 

Manicare GlamEyes Kelly Lashes - 1 pair $11.95
Lashes aren't something I ever wear mainly because I don't feel the need to (thanks to being blessed in the lashes department). The Kelly Lashes are really nice looking flirty lashes. Adhesive is included and I am realy tempted to give these a shot - will wait for a special occasion though. 

Footcare Gel Ball of Foot Cushions - 2 pairs $8.99
These gel cushions have to be one of the best inventions ever! They defintely do make wearing heels more comfortable. Always a handy product to have around.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Spray - 150ml $14.95
Now, if you are a regular reader you will know that I never fake tan and have never felt the need to. I am pale and proud! However if I was going to tan, this would be the type of product I would use. It promises a light natural tan with no streaks. Sounds good huh? May have to try this one...

ASAP Pure Mineral Eye Pencil - $20.00
This pencil contains natural antioxidants and vitamin E which makes this pencil suitable for sensitive eyes. I received this in the shade 'Brown' which is a really nice blackened brown. The texture is a little firm but workable. Gotta love a full size make up product! 

BONUS PRODUCT: Cleo Magazine October 2013 - $6.95

Overall, I am really impressed with the September Bella Box. It is a massive step up for me from lasts months box. There is great variety of products within the box itself and from boxes in the past. The items in the box fit the theme very well and I am really just happy with the value and quality of the box. 

This is the type of box that really shows you what Bella Box is about! 

What did you receive in the September Bella Box? Thoughts?

Sunday 15 September 2013

bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 - The Power Neutrals

From the moment I saw this palette reviewed on Temptalia (HERE), I knew I would own it. I am a sucker for a neutral palette, especially when the reviews for said palette are good. It took about six weeks for it to become available in Australia. As soon as I saw it on Mecca Cosmetica, it was in my cart and I was proceeding to check out. I told you I would own it! 

The Power Neutral palette is housed in a sleek gold case which as nice as it looks, it really attracts fingerprints. Not a big deal but it does annoy me. What is inside the palette however definitely does not annoy me. Inside are eight gorgeous neutral themed shadows (as the name suggests). These shadows are beautifully pigmented and so buttery soft! 

The shadows included in the palette are (L-R):
  • Boss Lady - a peachy beige with soft shimmer
  • Moneymaker - a mostly matte brown with green tones
  • Schmooze - a shimmery golden bronze
  • Boardroom - a matte dark brown
  • Exec - a grey taupe with a satin finish
  • Payday - a light matte grey beige 
  • Magnate - a satiny peachy nude
  • Get Ahead - a matte medium brown

I love that this palette contains a mixture of finishes - satin, shimmer and matte. I also love that the shadow themselves are not just shades of brown. There is a mixture of neutral tones ranging from the beiges to bronzes with greys and greens mixed in. It makes The Power Neutrals a very versatile palette. 

The brush included is pretty decent too. One end has a soft shader type brush that can be used to blend out too. The other end has a small pencil brush which is quite firm. It isn't an amazing brush but it is definitely usable. 

I find the shadows in this palette apply so smoothly and are easy to blend out. Probably because of how buttery soft the shadows are. The pigmentation of these shadows mean you just have to dip the brush in and apply. No packing the shadow onto the brush. I have found that these shadows don't crease or fade during wear - with or without a primer. 

The swatches above are on bare skin with no primer. Shadows are swatched in the same order as they are in the palette. Yes I know my eye shadow swatching abilities are shocking. Please refer to the Temptalia page linked above for better (much better) photos. 

Overall I am very impressed with this palette. The quality is fantastic and the shades are versatile and so pretty. Schmooze is an absolute favourite of mine, it is a shade I just adore. 

Did I need another neutral eye shadow palette? 

Probably not but I have absolutely no regrets! I highly recommend this palette if you a neutral palette lover like me. Or if you are looking for a high quality and versatile palette. 

The bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 in The Power Neutrals can be purchased from Mecca Cosmetica for $49.95. 

Thoughts? Are you a neutral palette lover like me?

Saturday 7 September 2013

30 Days of Fashion & Beauty - Priceline Pinky Bus + Goodie Bag

It's the 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty time again! This event/celebration has been running the last couple of years. There has never been an event near me though... Until now! The Priceline Pinky Bus visited Horsham, VIC today! Horsham is about an hour away from where I live so I was super excited. Finally something I can attend, us country dwellers miss out on a lot as most events are based in larger cities. 

So I got up early this morning (which is something I never do on a Saturday) and headed off to Horsham. When I got there, I had the option of either having my make up done, a manicure or having my hair done. Since I have had my make up done quite a  few times at beauty counters and there was a long wait for nails I decided to get my hair done. There was a bit of a wait so I headed in to Priceline to pick up some supplies then headed back to the Pinky Bus. 

It was a gold coin donation to have a service in the bus and to get the goodie bag (featured below). The funds are going to the Priceline Sisterhood Club supported charity Look Good Feel Better

I told the lovely lady (whose name I didn't get) that was doing my hair to do whatever she wanted. Having my hair done is not something I ever have done so I was interested to see what she would do. We decided on some braiding and god I LOVE IT!

My hair was parted on the side and was braided across the head using 5 strands. I am so happy with it! It just looks gorgeous and I wish I knew how to recreate it. Note to self: learn how to braid! Currently I am trying to figure out how long I can go before having to undo it and wash my hair.. Haha! 

With the gold coin donation you received a goodie bag filled with well goodies! At first I was told it was a $5 donation which I was fine with (I had already planned on giving $5). Later it changed to a gold coin donation. I was a little surprised by the amount of people who were only donating $1, I know that is all that was required. But guys! It is going to charity, it would be nice if you could spare more than $1 especially considering you were getting 4 bags at a buck each. I was also a bit unimpressed about people getting annoyed that they had to wait for their make over. 

The bag was generously filled with a variety of products both full size and samples. It includes brands like Aveeno, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, John Frieda and Burt's Bees. 

There is still heaps of events to come for the 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty celebration. Head to the website here to find any events near you. You can also check out the Priceline 30 Days website here. If you want to catch the Pinky Bus it will heading to locations in both NSW and QLD during September. 

I highly recommend you attend an event if you can! It's lots of fun and you can come away with a cool new hair do! 

Have you attended any 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty events? 

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Bigger isn't always better

I realised go through my stash the other day that I have quite a few miniature versions of full size products that I own. I just can't get over how cute they are compared to their bigger counterparts. As soon as something is made miniature (dogs, beauty products, accessories, food...) it just automatically becomes cuter and I must have it!

Miniature lipsticks from Burberry are ones I have picked up with purchases, as gifts from the sales assistants. They are just too cool! Exactly like the full size but well... smaller. The miniatures even have the check print on the bullet. I also love that they have different types and colours available. The photo above shows the minis next to a full size. 

In the photo below on the left is a Lip Cover in No.4 Rosewood and on the right is a Lip Velvet in No.306 in Pink Amber. See the ultra cool check print on the actual lipstick?

The next miniature lip product I have is from Giorgio Armani. Again I received it as a gift when I made a purchase. It is a super cute Flash Lacquer in 109. If you are interested the full size shade is in 522. On a side note I really love these Flash Lacquers and I don't normally like lip glosses. 

The only eye product mini I can find in my stash is mascaras. Honestly I think I have about 8 of them laying around. This little Chanel one though is the only one that stands out as cute. It is a sample of the Inimitable Intense mascara that I love! This mini is the perfect size for the handbag or travelling with. 

This super adorable miniature of the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume is pretty much the only reason I spent over $250 at David Jones to get the free bag of products that this was in. I mean look at it's tiny little cuteness! As I don't own a full sized Dot, I have pictured it next to my 100ml Daisy perfume so you can get an idea of size. I wish more brands would give out miniatures like this instead of the little vial tubes. A mini is so much cooler. 

Miniatures are just so collectable. There is so many other brands I would love to get one from like Tom Ford, Dior, YSL, etc, etc. I'll just have to keep my eyes out and maybe harass a couple of sales assistants... Haha! 

What miniature products do you have in your stash? 

Monday 2 September 2013

August Favourites

I need to start writing down the products I am loving during the month. Once the next month starts I pretty much forget all products I have used in the previous month. Or all I can remember is what I used for the last week. So annoying. Saying that though I try to make sure I don't use the same products all the time, with the amount of make up I own, rotation is very important. 

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
This primer is amazing! It adds an instant radiance and glow to the skin, so much so that you could just wear this and no foundation. I love that this works under any foundation and keeps it looking fresh and lovely all day. This can also be used over foundation as a highlighter. 

Aerin Floral Illuminating Pressed Powder
This is sold as an 'illuminating powder' but I much prefer to use it as a blush. Lately, I have really been loving that soft, pale pink cheek and this is perfect for that. It is a very subtle product that is hard to overdo. Sadly Aerin products are not currently available in Australia (and who knows when they will be). 

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 6 In Devotion 
I love all the different Rouge Volupte lipsticks from YSL but this new formula is especially lovely. It is not as creamy as an original Rouge Volupte - it has more of a slick, gloss like texture but it is still insanely pigmented. I find the colour lasts really well on my lips even if the shine only lasts an hour or two. I think I need another shade or two from this range. 

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in 02 Lots o' Latte
I wrote a review (that can be found here) on this earlier and everything I said then still stands. I love this for a quick and easy eye look. This shade is especially a favourite for a one shade, quickly blended out eye. 

Chanel No.5 EDP
Perfume is something I love and have since I was about 13. It is actually what I was obsessed with before the make up obsession began. I have own No.5 for only a couple of years (it wasn't something that appealed to my teenage self). I just love this scent, the powdery loveliness. Honestly I feel grown up and sophisticated when wearing this. Probably my favourite perfume out of all I own and have tried. 

What are your August Favourites? 

Sunday 1 September 2013

August Empties

Well, hello Spring. You have really put some effort into your appearance for your return!

Hasn't the weather been lovely today? It is so nice to be able to have the windows and doors open and all that lovely fresh air in the house (and not having to be rugged up in jumpers). This lovely weather has really picked up my mood too. 

Anyway onto the empties. It is a nice stash this month, I am on a bit of a mission of to use up as much of the skincare I have laying around before repurchasing the lovely Chanel skincare I am so desperately wanting. I have so many half finished products and sample sizes that they are driving me crazy. They need to be gone but I can't bring myself to throw away perfectly good products. 

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk 
This has been hanging around in the bathroom cupboard with about a quarter left for the last year or so. I figured it was time for it to go. I purchased this back when I was using Clinique 3 Step program. It is a fine cleansing milk but I found it didn't fully remove my make up - I needed to follow up with another cleanser. Probably wouldn't repurchase.

Bioderma Crealine H20 
My absolute favourite make up remover. Holy Grail stuff right here. Already repurchased and will continue to do so.

Daiso Cleansing Water
I picked this up at Daiso earlier in the year for $2.80. If you didn't know everything in Daiso is only $2.80! If you haven't been to one yet - you should. They are awesome! Anyway this cleansing water was okay. Definitely not as great as Bioderma but a decent more affordable option.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
Another product that has been hanging around for ages. I love to use this product as a mask - slather it on ans leave for around 10 minutes. It really hydrates my skin and brightens too. I would repurchase this but I have a couple of GWP sizes hanging around, so I'll use them up first.

Swisspers Original Facial Cleansing Wipes
I received these to try as a part of the Beauty Heaven Trial Team. Really nice wipes - very thick and soft on the skin. They aren't drying and effectively cleanse my skin. I like the resealable plastic lid too. I would consider purchasing them myself. 

A couple of months ago I purchased the Perch skincare set from Aesop. The below three products and a moisturiser were all a part of it. I haven't quite finished the moisturiser yet but it will be in the September empties post. 

Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser
I liked this cleanser but didn't love it. It is a gel/liquid cleanser and with my dry skin I really prefer a cream cleanser. This cleansed my skin nicely and didn't leave it feeling tight. My one problem with this is when it was about half finished it turned very watery. I don't think any water got into it so I don't know what happened. I probably wouldn't repurchase.

Aesop Purifying Facial Paste
I really enjoyed this product! It is a really gentle but effective exfoliator. It didn't upset my skin or turn it red after use. The one thing I didn't like was the metal tube - it was a pain to squeeze the tube to get the product out. 

Aesop B & Tea Balancing Toner
This toner has a nice smell and a really refreshing feeling when applied. To me though a toner is a toner. I didn't find anything exceptional with this product. 

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
The only deodorant I use. Already repurchased and will continue to do so.

Bosisto's Lavender Spray
My Nan brought this spray ages ago and I never really used it until recently. Kinda embarassing but I was using it to spray my feet if they were a bit smelly, sometimes I would spray it before going to bed. I then found when using it I found it a bit easier to get to sleep. Therefore it has become a regular part of my routine. I also like to spray it around my room before bed. It is so relaxing. Already repurchased. 

Artiste Brush Cleaner
A staple product that I have been using for ages. I recently replaced it with MAC's Brush Cleanser. As a comparison the Artiste is $14.95 for 100ml and the MAC is $20 for 233ml. So the MAC actually works out cheaper and I use the empty bottle towards Back to MAC. The MAC also smells better than the Artiste. 

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer
Another staple product for me. I keep this on my desk for easy access and use it regularly through the day. Will repurchase next time I am at the supermarket.  

Then there is this nice line up of sample size tubes. All were fine but not really big enough to form an opinion on. Love the Chanel though and it is why I NEED Chanel skincare again. 

Last month I set myself a challenge of 10 posts for the month. Technically I made it but then one of the posts was just an annoucement that my blog sale was live. So I am going to try for 10 again this month. But then with this lovely weather I feel like I am just going to want to sit in the sun... 

What did you finish in August? 

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