Friday 3 August 2012

An Example of my Make Up Hoarding...

Yesterday I went through my 'makeup overflow' box. I mainly store my makeup in a set of those plastic drawers on wheels that you can pick up almost anywhere lately. I keep an overflow box under my bed. My overflow box has older products, ones I don't currently use or just products I don't like but cannot bring myself to throw them out.

I needed to go through my overflow box as since my latest shopping trip the lid would not close! I think I may have a little more makeup than normal (feels so wrong saying that). When looking through it I was really surprised to see how old some of the stuff is. I don't use any of it lately, yet I could not bring myself to throw it out. The packaging was too cute, I used to really like it, I might need it one day etc, etc.

I have decided the time has come for the following products to meet the bin.

These products would have all been purchased circa 2009. That is three years old! I wouldn't even think about applying the foundation onto my skin. The Maybelline lipstick and Revlon cream eye shadows aren't even made any more.

When thinking about these I remembered where I had purchased them - the chemist at the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne. What really surprised me is that I have not been near there for over six years! These two Chi Chi loose eye shadows have to be at least six years old, I definitely would not put these near my eyes now.

 I used to have a love of Playboy things. Not the magazine! I always thought the bunny symbol was just the cutest (I still think it is pretty cute). I purchased these lip glosses back in around 2008. The make up range was available in Priceline for a while. These lip glosses both smell disgusting and they have changed colours. One used to be a orangey colour - it is now pink. :|

Look at those eye shadow colours!

Four bronzers! I didn't even wear bronzer...

All these lip products now smell funny.. YUCK!

I used to have a major love for all Sugar Baby products. I used to buy whatever I could get my hands on. I started buying this stuff in around 2007 and haven't purchased any for years. I can't say I have used it for years either. Somehow I ended up with four (four!) bronzers from the brand. I didn't even use bronzer! What in the world was I thinking?!?

I haven't thrown these items out until now because I always loved the packaging. Its cute girlishness it part of what attracted me to the brand. It is time for it to meet the bin, though I may have to pick up some things next time I see a stockist.

So there is an example of my make up hoarding! As I buy new and better items I try to get rid of some of my older unused items. Though that doesn't apply to my nail polish - I have some that are OLD! (but it doesn't seem to go off like make up). I think I need to be less of a make up hoarder... But for now these unloved items will be meeting the bin and leaving my life. Farewell old cosmetics.

Are you a hoarder? How old are some of your items?


  1. Good on you for throwing them! I probably have a stack of things the same, with each month I try to throw out a piece of makeup or two to ease my way into it,lol

    1. That's a good way to do it! I haven't thrown any makeup away since around January.. Hehe

  2. This post made me laugh! This used to be me but then I realised that I had issues (I'm not saying that you have issues :) ) and I did a huge make up cull. All the expired stuff I threw out ASAP and the fresher stuff I gave away on the vogue forums. It felt so good to have all my makeup sorted and further I no longer feel guilty about buying new stuff because I now have an idea of what I need/like/will use etc.


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