Thursday 16 August 2012

Essence Cosmetics - Review

When I was in Bendigo back at the start of June I made sure I headed to Target to pick up some items from the cosmetics brand Essence. It is a German made budget brand, I don't think there is anything over $10.00 and there is quite a good range of products. Including powder, blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss, nail polish and tools.

I decided to pick up a variety of products to test out the brand. The only problem is Target wasn't that well stocked and I have heard that it is quite common at various Targets. The other problem I have with the product is they are not sealed. You have to go through everything before purchasing to make sure it has not been used. Some of the products I wanted to purchase, I wouldn't as they had fingerprints in them.

My Base Skin Perfecting Make-Up Base 20ml - $7.50

I picked this up as my favourite primer had recently run out and for the price I thought it was worth the try. It comes in a nice pump package which makes getting the product out easy. The primer has an apricot tint but blends out when applied. It instantly makes my skin look more radiant when applied, like an inner glow. I haven't noticed if it has made my foundation last longer, my foundation normally lasts all day and does so when using this primer. It does make a nice smooth base for foundation to be applied onto.

Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer 3.5g $4.50

This concealer has three different shades in the one palette. Pink for discolouration, beige for imperfections and green for redness. I find the pink is great for dark circles under the eyes. It is light so it does not feel cakey on the skin and really helps cover my dark circles. The green is good for disguising the redness of pimples. I have unfortunately found that the beige is actually to dark for my skin tone so I have not really used it.

This concealer is great for the price especially getting three shades. They are very emollient and easy to blend. I have found the staying power is not that great and it needs to be touched up during the day. I recommend this concealer though. It is great to keep in the handbag for any touch ups needed during the day and for the price it is a steal!

Marble Mania Blush in 01 Swirlpool 7g $6.50

This blush is part of the Marble Mania collection so I don't think it is permanently available. When I saw it though I had to have it. It is gorgeous to look at in the pan. All those shades of pink, mauve and a little bit of peach mixed in, so pretty. It blends into a luminous peachy pink. It wears very well and does not fade through the day. I love this blush and I am so glad I picked it up. I highly recommend it.

Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 05 Camp Rock 5.5g $5.50

I really (and I mean really) love cream eye shadows. They are just so easy and fuss free, so when I saw these I had to get one. This was the only shade that did not have fingerprints in it so it's the one I purchased it. Camp Rock is a shimmery, metallic light grey. The shadow is quite soft, making it easy to apply and blend onto the lid. It doesn't budge all day nor does it crease. A steal at $5.50 I have already picked up another shade and will do a more comprehensive review in the future.

Lipstick in 47 Prom Night 4g $3.95

As a lipstick lover I could not leave the Essence stand without one. I chose the shade Prom Night which is a baby pink. Sadly I don't like this lipstick, I actually think I may hate it. It feels and smells like a cheap lipstick. It is gritty on the lips and just doesn't feel nice, so much so that I wiped it off my lips.

Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss in 04 Trendsetter 4ml $2.00

I am not much of a gloss person, I am more of a lipstick fan. However I am really impressed by this gloss. It has great pigmentation and really does last. It is slightly sticky but not annoyingly so. It also has a nice scent - like berries. I really like the hourglass shaped applicator too, it makes application really easy. Next time I am at Target I will picking up some more, at only $2.00 each I can afford to.

Have you tried any products from Essence Cosmetics? Any recommendations?


  1. I'm a pretty big fan of Essence and I particularly love their nail polishes for the great colours and individual eyeshadow pans because they're soft and well pigmented.

    1. I keep meaning to try their Nail polishes but am usually in a rush and can't decide which colours haha

  2. I love Essence they have some great stuff!

    I like your collection of stuff there :)

  3. The single eyeshadows are pretty good, but mostly I'm a huge fan of those Stay With Me glosses (I think they are normally $3.95 though).

    I'll have to try one of their cream shadows.

    1. The glosses are fab - and I am not even a gloss wearer usually :)

  4. I love Essence although felt the same way about that exact same lipstick! I've heard others rave about the lippies so maybe it's just that colour? What a shame though!


    1. I was thinking maybe it is just this colour. May have to check out another shade to see. :)

  5. Love this brand to death, it's now in Priceline too, and sealed!

  6. nice stuff:)

  7. I have the same sentiments about the lipstick. its just so annoying on the lips. I tried their No. 40 "look at me" shade.
    what a pity.

  8. This is a fantastic review!! Thanks very much!!


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