Monday, 13 August 2012

Wanting, Desiring, Needing...

Since I have purchase pretty much everything from my first 'Wanting, Desiring, Needing...' post. I decided it is time for a new one. I pretty much always have a wish list, a lot of the products on it aren't new things just things I haven't gotten around to purchasing. This list is more products that are new releases, that I NEED now. :)


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By now you should know that I am a massive fan of Chanel make up. When I was shopping at Doncaster I found out that two new shades of my favourite cream shadows - Illusion D'Ombre had been released. During the trip I picked up one of the shades (88 Abstraction, a coral pink) but the other 89 Vision - a gold shade was sold out.

Another two shades of the Illusion D'Ombre have been released with the 'Blue Illusion' collection. I had a friend look for them in Myer Melbourne but she was told they are only sold at the Chanel Beauty Boutique at Chadstone. The shades are Apparition - a dark blue and Destination - a pale blue. I will have these shadows in my collection - nothing will stop me!


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Clinique recently released eight new shades of the awesome Chubby Stick (previously reviewed here). I am super excited. The colours are absolutely gorgeous! I am eyeing off the shades Oversized Orange, Mighty Mimosa and Curvy Candy. I cannot wait to get to a Clinique counter.  

Estee Lauder:

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I have been lusting after this palette since watching this Lisa Eldrigde tutorial. It is the Bronze Sands Gelee eye shadow palette. The colours are just gorgeous. I have tried asking on the Estee Lauder Australia Facebook page when it will be released in Australia but haven't received a response. I believe it must be being released soon as I spotted it in the David Jones Beauty Book.

Marc Jacobs:

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Marc Jacobs very recently released his latest fragrance - Dot. It is inspired by his love of polka dots. The bottle is absolutely stunning. I haven't even smelt it yet but if it is like his previous fragrances I am sure I will love it. 


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Having a German heritage (my Fathers side is German), I have a bit of a soft spot for German themed products. This collection from OPI has some gorgeous shades and really quirky names. I think I will pick up at least a couple of shades.

Tom Ford:

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I have been wanting this perfume since I first saw it advertised. Isn't it just gorgeous? I love Violets. I first smelt Violet Blonde when I went to Chadstone in May. I sprayed it on my arm and thought 'yeah, it's nice but nothing special'. After around an hour I realised I really loved the scent. I went back to purchase it at David Jones but there was no one around to serve me so I left empty handed. The more I think about this perfume, the more I want it.


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Recently, I have really started to love my Touche Eclat highlighting pen. 20 years after it's release YSL has released the Touche Eclat Foundation. This foundation seems to have all the things I love in a foundation - light coverage with a natural radiant finish. As soon as I can get to a YSL counter I will buy this foundation.

What is currently on your wish list? Are we lusting after the same thing?


  1. I'm lemming after MAC's Face & Body foundation as well as a creme blush from them as well. :)

    1. I have another complete Wishlist that is just MAC products. Both Face&Body and Creme Blushes are on it :) I may do a MAC whishlist post in the future...

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Comments, criticism, questions & love all welcome.

Stephanie x

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