Thursday 30 August 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Cream Compact - Review

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"This water-based formula blends effortlessly and offers the lightness and radiance of a fluid with the ease and convenience of a compact format. The complexion is immediately hydrated and smoothed, with a look of natural, flawless radiance and a comfortable feel that lasts all day." - Chanel

I purchased this foundation when I went shopping at Doncaster in July. When swatching, my friend and I instantly fell in love with the texture - it felt so light. An impulse purchase then ensured - yes, I have a problem controlling myself. I have only recently got around to giving it a good try.

This foundation comes in a really nice black compact with the Chanel logo on the lid. It has an inner closure over the cream foundation, a decent sized mirror in the lid and room for a sponge. It is classically elegant Chanel and very travel friendly. It also has SPF15 which is always good.

The Vitalumiere Aqua Compact comes in 10 shades. I was matched to the shade 22 Beige Rose. This is actually one shade darker than I am normally but it is the palest shade with pink undertones, 10 Beige was too yellow for me.

I fell in love with the texture on my fingers so much that I didn't even have it applied to my face before handing over my money. This was a big mistake! 

I have tried to apply this foundation several different ways including a sponge, paddle foundation brush, stippling brush, buffing brush and my fingers. No matter what I try I can not get this foundation to work on my skin. It always looks uneven on my skin. It also has a light coverage.

Applied using a stippling brush, photo taken with flash.

In the above photo it does not show how bad it looks. In real life it just appears to sit on the skin and then is blotchy, no matter how much I buff or blend it. Even my Mum commented on my makeup not looking as good as usual. It may last on the skin but it doesn't look good from the start. I am not sure whether it is my dry skin that is causing this or whether it is just the foundation.

It is so disappointing, I really wanted to love this foundation and thought I would. I have never been let down by a Chanel product until now. I really want to ring them and complain, for the price it is not a good or even somewhat good product. To me it is absolutely horrible. Another thing I hate is how quickly it is disappearing. I have used it around 5 times and the compact looks half empty.

This foundation retails for AU$100.00 at Chanel counters for 12g of product. I really regret buying this foundation it is definitely not worth its price tag. I would not repurchase it, I am not even sure I will finish this one. Though I hate the thought of wasting such a pricey product.

Based on my experiences, I do not recommend this foundation, I much prefer the original Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. Though if you are really keen on the Vitalumiere Aqua Cream Compact I suggest getting it applied and really thinking it through before purchasing. I have never been this disappointed in a product before especially such an expensive one.

Have you tried this foundation? Have you ever been really disappointed by a product? What was it? What did you do about it?


  1. How disappointing, especially as it's so expensive. Def try before buying. Either get the SA to apply it for you or request a sample to try at home first.

    1. I would normally but I got a little caught up and excited about shopping with a friend haha. Also being around 4 hours away from a Chanel counter, I have a buy now or never mentality.. :)

  2. Maybe try a heavier moisturiser underneath? Or a primer? I also have this and I really like it. My skin is combination oily but I do have dry patches. I have applied using with my fingers but I prefer a dense stippling brush. Chanel is very expensive here. I purchased mine online. You could try returning it if you can't get it to work for you? I'm not sure how they are with returns though.

    1. I have tried all those things and still cannot get it to work :(

      I would try returning it but sadly the closest Chanel counter is around 4 hours away.

    2. :( Maybe try and contact where you got it from and see if you can mail it in for a return?

  3. This reminds me of my experience with The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact. No matter what I try, it hates me. :(

    1. That's how I feel with this! Like it just hates me and at this rate I hate it back. :)


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