Sunday 29 July 2012

Doncaster Shoppingtown Haul

On Wednesday I went to Doncaster Shoppingtown for some shopping (obviously). I met up with my friend Steph who travelled out from the city on a couple of buses - yay, pretty awesome of her! In May when I headed to Chadstone, I ended up so overwhelmed with the variety of shops that I didn't go everywhere I had planned to. This time I made a list so I couldn't forget anything. :)

I thought I would share with you, everything that I purchased. Reviews will come as soon as I start to use the products (and form opinions).


I had been eyeing off some of the items from the Heavenly Creatures collection on the MAC website. I was glad I wanted til a visit to the counter. What I had thought I wanted to buy once looking at it I didn't - it was way too glittery. So I picked up:
  • Mineralize Skin Finish in Star Wonder
  • Lustre Lipstick in Cut a Caper


No shopping trip is complete without a visit to a Chanel counter. I had been eyeing off two lipsticks. One which I used the Myer gift card Steph had given me for my birthday to purchase (yay). I also fell in love with the new foundation. I also found out that there is two new Illusion D'Ombres released. Sadly they were both sold out at Doncaster, I picked up one at another Myer though. Is it bad when the woman working the counter recognises you from when you have shopped at another Myer? My Mum thinks it is, she said I must be buying too much Chanel. I do not agree. I purchased:
  • Vitalumiere Aqua Cream Compact in 22 Beige Rose
  • Illusion D'Ombre in 88 Abstraction
  • Rouge Coco Shine in 447 En Vogue
  • Rouge Coco in 117 Magnolia


My first time shopping at Kit. It's a nice shop with a good variety of products but I wish they had more staff on. I had to wait quite some time to be served. I purchased:
  • Kit: Futuristic Fever Nail Polish (4 Mini Polishes)
  • Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

Glasshouse Fragrances:

I used to really love candles but whilst at University (living on Res) I could not burn candles so I lost interest. These smell amazing. Everyone in my house loves this candle.
  • Bordeaux - Vanilla Noir


I only picked up one polish from the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection. I hate the Australian retail price - it is so high. This polish has pink glitter hearts - so cute.
  • Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It

Laura Mercier:

I have been eyeing off these Laura Mercier products since the price reduction earlier this year. I didn't find a counter at Chadstone (as I said earlier I was overwhelmed) so it made my list for Doncaster. No one was working the counter so I had to get the woman at the Bobbi Brown counter to serve me. It would be an understatement to say she wasn't pleased about it.
  • Foundation Primer - Hydrating
  • Tinted Moisturiser SPF20 in Porcelain
  • Silk Creme Foundation in Rose Ivory

Bobbi Brown:

My friend and I were disgusted by the service at Bobbi Brown in David Jones. The woman ignored us and fiddled with paperwork for around 10 minutes until I interrupted her to purchase the lipstick. She really did not want to be bothered to do it though.
  • Creamy Lip Color in 32 Coral Pink


I had originally intended to purchase Aesop as my new skincare but then the woman (whose name I cannot remember) who served me at Mecca Cosmetica was so helpful I decided to buy my skincare there. REN skincare has bio extracts, does not test on animals or have any of those nasty ingredients like petrochemicals, parabens or sulphates among some. My new skincare is:
  • Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk
  • Tonic Moisture Mist'
  • Max Moisture Concentrate
  • Ultra Moisture Day Cream

Mecca Cosmetica:

I really love shopping at Mecca, both times I have had exceptional service. So much so that I ended up spending more than I intended both times. I recommend shopping at Mecca, it is always such a pleasant experience. I also wanted a nude eyeliner but sadly it was out of stock. :(
  • Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera
  • Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna
  • Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto
  • Nars Lipstick in Niagara


Gosh, Lush smells amazing! I have been wanting to go to a store for ages, I forgot to go at Chadstone and almost did again but didn't thanks to my list. I only picked up a few things - I wasn't sure what to try.
  • It's Raining Men Shower Gel
  • Whoosh Jelly
  • Mint Julips Lip Scrub
  • Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
  • Oatfix Face Mask

Priceline & Chemist Warehouse:

The whole time I was in Melbourne I was on the hunt for the five Maybelline Color Tattoos that I wanted. It took around 6 stores before I managed to get them all. I was committed to my task. I also picked up a couple of other things including some Baby Lips that adjust color to your lips and a lipstick sealer.
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in
    • 05 Too Cool
    • 15 Audacious Asphalt
    • 25 Bad to the Bronze
    • 35 Tough as Taupe
    • 45 Bold Gold
  • Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 01 Coppy Right
  • Lipcote Lipstick Sealer
  • Baby Lips Pink Glow Mixed Berry Lip Balm in
    • Baby Pink
    • Pink Blast

So there is my haul! I really need to start behaving myself with my spending on cosmetics. My current makeup storage is full and my overflow box is overflowing. I had a heap of fun though especially shopping with a friend, much better than by myself. This haul also crosses a lot of things off my wish list.

What have you purchased lately?
What would you liked reviewed ASAP?


  1. wow amazing haul, did you buy all this in one day?? that would be my ultimate shopping spree! because of the Australian prices on cosmetics, i always feel like i've done my part after buying one high end product it puts me off shopping for a couple of days lol, you did well! awesome post x

    1. I purchased most of it in around 5 hours :)
      Living in the country I make the most of it when I can get to a decent shopping center.

  2. love going to doncaster, wish I had your spending budget though.
    would like a review on the laura mercier stuff I really want to try all those products but want to finish the 6 other foundation i have.

  3. Wow wow wow! I would love to see swatches of the Bobbi Brown lipstick, it looks amazing! =)

  4. You would win the beauty shopping event at the Olympics if they had one!!! I'd love to see swatches of the Kit nail colours - I nearly bought them the other day but I still need some convincing :)

    1. Personally I think shopping should be considered a sport :)
      The Kit nail polishes were so cute I just had to get them, swatches will come soon

  5. Laura Mercier counter is available in Myer and DJ in the city, also in DJ in Chaddy :)

    I would say Mecca has extremely overpriced NARS and Smashbox (I doubt Mecca and Kit are in the same company; and Mecca are selling more high-ended brands).
    I saw REN from but sadly they do not posted to AUS. The prices are just half price from Mecca. Just love and hate Mecca cause they always stocked the latest brands but their prices are totally rip-off.

    If you like to do online shopping I would recommend for NARS and Smashbox products; has NARS and Urban Decay; always comes in discounts; and I would definitely recommend to purchase UD, too faced and Stila (Coz it's free international shipping!).

    Also, (a drug store like Priceline which is based in Hong Kong and have a several branches in Asia) has a lot of branded cosmetics / skincare available in attractive prices (It is because HK's comestics / skincare prices are closely stick with US prices, so it's like half price than purchasing in AUS)

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for all the suggestions. I have shopped from many of those sites before. Sometimes I don't mind paying our inflated prices as I like the experience of shopping in store. Also I am very impatient and hate waiting for things to arrive :) I will have to try out as I have heard great things about it.

      Thanks :)


Comments, criticism, questions & love all welcome.

Stephanie x

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