Tuesday 3 September 2013

Bigger isn't always better

I realised go through my stash the other day that I have quite a few miniature versions of full size products that I own. I just can't get over how cute they are compared to their bigger counterparts. As soon as something is made miniature (dogs, beauty products, accessories, food...) it just automatically becomes cuter and I must have it!

Miniature lipsticks from Burberry are ones I have picked up with purchases, as gifts from the sales assistants. They are just too cool! Exactly like the full size but well... smaller. The miniatures even have the check print on the bullet. I also love that they have different types and colours available. The photo above shows the minis next to a full size. 

In the photo below on the left is a Lip Cover in No.4 Rosewood and on the right is a Lip Velvet in No.306 in Pink Amber. See the ultra cool check print on the actual lipstick?

The next miniature lip product I have is from Giorgio Armani. Again I received it as a gift when I made a purchase. It is a super cute Flash Lacquer in 109. If you are interested the full size shade is in 522. On a side note I really love these Flash Lacquers and I don't normally like lip glosses. 

The only eye product mini I can find in my stash is mascaras. Honestly I think I have about 8 of them laying around. This little Chanel one though is the only one that stands out as cute. It is a sample of the Inimitable Intense mascara that I love! This mini is the perfect size for the handbag or travelling with. 

This super adorable miniature of the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume is pretty much the only reason I spent over $250 at David Jones to get the free bag of products that this was in. I mean look at it's tiny little cuteness! As I don't own a full sized Dot, I have pictured it next to my 100ml Daisy perfume so you can get an idea of size. I wish more brands would give out miniatures like this instead of the little vial tubes. A mini is so much cooler. 

Miniatures are just so collectable. There is so many other brands I would love to get one from like Tom Ford, Dior, YSL, etc, etc. I'll just have to keep my eyes out and maybe harass a couple of sales assistants... Haha! 

What miniature products do you have in your stash? 


  1. I just wish I didn't have so many that always need to be used up, because throwing them away is always so hard!

  2. I love minis - perfect for travel. That's all I think of ha ha!!

  3. I have a mimi giorgio armani lip product from a GWP too! They're so cute xx



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