Saturday 7 September 2013

30 Days of Fashion & Beauty - Priceline Pinky Bus + Goodie Bag

It's the 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty time again! This event/celebration has been running the last couple of years. There has never been an event near me though... Until now! The Priceline Pinky Bus visited Horsham, VIC today! Horsham is about an hour away from where I live so I was super excited. Finally something I can attend, us country dwellers miss out on a lot as most events are based in larger cities. 

So I got up early this morning (which is something I never do on a Saturday) and headed off to Horsham. When I got there, I had the option of either having my make up done, a manicure or having my hair done. Since I have had my make up done quite a  few times at beauty counters and there was a long wait for nails I decided to get my hair done. There was a bit of a wait so I headed in to Priceline to pick up some supplies then headed back to the Pinky Bus. 

It was a gold coin donation to have a service in the bus and to get the goodie bag (featured below). The funds are going to the Priceline Sisterhood Club supported charity Look Good Feel Better

I told the lovely lady (whose name I didn't get) that was doing my hair to do whatever she wanted. Having my hair done is not something I ever have done so I was interested to see what she would do. We decided on some braiding and god I LOVE IT!

My hair was parted on the side and was braided across the head using 5 strands. I am so happy with it! It just looks gorgeous and I wish I knew how to recreate it. Note to self: learn how to braid! Currently I am trying to figure out how long I can go before having to undo it and wash my hair.. Haha! 

With the gold coin donation you received a goodie bag filled with well goodies! At first I was told it was a $5 donation which I was fine with (I had already planned on giving $5). Later it changed to a gold coin donation. I was a little surprised by the amount of people who were only donating $1, I know that is all that was required. But guys! It is going to charity, it would be nice if you could spare more than $1 especially considering you were getting 4 bags at a buck each. I was also a bit unimpressed about people getting annoyed that they had to wait for their make over. 

The bag was generously filled with a variety of products both full size and samples. It includes brands like Aveeno, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, John Frieda and Burt's Bees. 

There is still heaps of events to come for the 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty celebration. Head to the website here to find any events near you. You can also check out the Priceline 30 Days website here. If you want to catch the Pinky Bus it will heading to locations in both NSW and QLD during September. 

I highly recommend you attend an event if you can! It's lots of fun and you can come away with a cool new hair do! 

Have you attended any 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty events? 


  1. Whoa thats an amazing goodie bag! Im so disappointed I couldnt make it due to uni this year. You braid is super cute!!
    Such a shame about some people being annoyed about having to wait and many only sparing $'s charity people!

  2. I went to the Adelaide event and it was great.
    PS It's sad when people complain. :(

  3. Your hair and makeup looks so pretty!! I haven't been to the event yet 'cause the bus won't be stopping anywhere near me. :(


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