Thursday 26 September 2013

Guerlain - Violette de Madame Collection - Madame Rougit Blush REVIEW

I am a sucker for a pretty blush. I am an even bigger sucker for a pretty bush when it has those two words that make my heart race attached to it - LIMITED EDITION. Those two words have me opening my wallet and pulling the credit card out faster than you can say credit, please. This is especially true when I saw this Guerlain beauty pop up on the Harrods website (I was already planning an order, so this was swiftly added to the cart).

The Violette de Madame Collection is the latest release from Guerlain for the fall season. Besides this pretty blush, the collection includes eye shadow duos, lipsticks and lip glosses. I only picked up the blush and a lipstick (which I may review later, interested?). 

The blush comes housed in a black compact with a secure magnetic closure and a clip sealing bottom that holds a brush. The compact comes with the standard black velvet pouch. The compact, whilst nice looking can feel a little bulky - thanks to the brush compartment. 

The brush itself is okay, a little scratchy but usable. I prefer a bigger fluffier brush though. Really, I wish companies wouldn't bother to include brushes - for a make up lover, they will already own a more suitable brush. I would prefer a slimmer compact and no brush. 

The blush consists of four different shades, starting from the bottom up (in the above photograph): raspberry pink, pale pink, beige and coral. Personally I don't use the individual shades - I just swirl my blush brush around the whole pan and apply. The shades are really too small to apply individually. The top half on the blush tends to lean more warm whilst the bottom half is cooler.

One of my absolute favourite parts of this blush is the scent. It smells like violets which I LOVE! I am a massive fan of violets so this pleases me greatly. If you aren't a fan of scents, no worries! You cannot smell it once it is applied. The scent is quite strong in the pan though. 

All the shades swirled together produces a pretty rosy, pink. The white dots disappear after the first use or two. The blush is slightly shimmery but not too much so. It gives a beautiful brightening colour to the face. No looking like a disco ball! 

This blush doesn't have the most amazing texture - it is a little drier than I would like but it does get better with the more use. It seems the pattern has caused the texture to be drier and harder. On myself, this blush wears around 7 hours with some fading after that. This blush, having the drier texture does make blending out a little more difficult but not impossible - just use a nice fluffy brush. 

Above is a swatch of all four shades mixed together. You can see the luminous colour the blush gives without being shimmery. How pretty is it?! The golden glow is just lovely on the skin. 

As a blush fiend I am very happy to have this in my collection. I love it but I had decided I would love it before I even tried it. For those just looking for a good quality blush, this may not be for you. It is expensive for a formula that is not absolutely perfect and a shade that is could be duped. 

I believe this blush is out currently in Australia and retails for somewhere between $80-90. Remember it is limited edition so if you like what you see, don't wait to pick it up! 

Are you a sucker for a pretty blush? Does 'limited edition' make your heart flutter? 


  1. How pretty is that blush in my web window!
    Woof woof woof woof goes my wallet, I'm poor!
    I'll read your review and be delighted!
    Woof woof, blush buying for me no more...

  2. That is a really beautiful blush! I agree about the brushes though they should have two types of packaging one with a brush and one without. I would love to own this but I really can't justify spending $80 on Blush when I'm supposed to be (not actually because.. Priceline recently opened..) saving for Uni!

    1. Ah the call of Priceline can be too strong to resist!

  3. This blusher is incredibly beautiful! I think it's just about the right flush of pink for my liking!

    1. It is a lovely flush of pink that really brightens the complexion :)

  4. This blush looks stunning! I am a sucker for limited edition! I agree with wishing brushes weren't included in quite a few products, I rarely even try them out.

    1. Agree they can be absolutely useless! Scratchy and just well crap..

  5. Very nice blog youu have here


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