Saturday 6 April 2013

Introducing Betty & What's in my Bag?

Apologies in advance for the dodgy photos and any errors in this post. I am currently sick but can't sleep because when I lay down I cannot breathe (and then when I do fall asleep I wake up thinking I am dying). Plus I couldn't wait to share my new purchase with you all. xx

I have been wanting to buy a luxury handbag for ages but I had not found one that I loved that is in my price range (I have always wanted a quilted Chanel but at this time that is just too pricey for me). That is until I saw Betty on the Cultstatus website a month or so ago. I agonised over whether to purchase it or not for weeks but then I decided to take the plunge...

I placed my order late Tuesday and my precious parcel arrived on Friday. Cultstatus were excellent to purchase from - polite & quick communication and my parcel was posted the next day after my order was placed. Postage was $20 sent by Express Post Platinum with Australia Post. 


Meet Betty and her friend!

This is the Saint Laurent Paris Betty - Studded in medium. Isn't she beautiful?!?! I am so in love right now. I mean seriously I realised earlier that I was actually cuddling her...

Betty is made of beautiful black leather with pretty gold studs on the front. The handle is a snake chain that can be doubled or used as one strap for a lower hanging bag. I love the style of this bag - it feels very classic but with an edge. 

This is the Alexander Wang Prisma Long Wallet. The leather has a lizard feel to it with pretty gold hardware. It is a pretty big wallet at 20cm long - I wasn't sure if it was going to be too long. But it is perfect!

This wallet is the perfect size because it fits everything in it. All my store and loyalty cards along with my essential cards (think debit, credit, licence etc). I can also fit my mobile in it, if I wanted to use it as a clutch. 

I thought since I was showing you my new bag and purse that I may as well show you what I keep in Betty. I can fit a surprisingly large amount, plus there is still room for more! Personally I think the less you carry the better - a too heavy handbag can cause back problems.

So what's in Betty?

As mentioned above this is by Alexander Wang and it is fantastic for holding lots of cards and stuff. I never carry much cash - I am more of a card girl.

Work Cards
These are essential for work - if I didn't take them I can't work... Must keep with me - they are not meant to be left unattended. My Smart Card is on a Dollarmites lanyard (hehe).

Nail File
I hate having uneven or broken nails. This is one from the Essence Snow White collection.

Lip Balm
I always have a lip balm with me. Currently I am loving the Nivea Lip Butters - this is the unscented one.

This is a Guerlain Meteorites Compact. Look at how gorgeous it is! I love it but sadly have hit pan on it. Also doubles up as a mirror.

Another essential, this is one from work.

These are my car keys - they have a Lego Captain Jack Sparrow key ring. I don't carry house keys often - there is usually someone at home.

This is an iPhone 4S. I take it everywhere with me but has recently gone a bit bung - the top button does not press down any more. 

Hand Sanitiser
I swear by hand sanitiser, I use it very regularly. I actually just refill this bottle from a bigger one. Anyone know of a brand that is in a prettier bottle?

Usually I only have one lipstick in my bag at a time. I have a habit of taking my lip product out of my bag when I get home so they don't build up. This is my current favourite - MAC Angel. 

Other Essentials
I keep a perfume sample in my bag - this is Chanel No. 5, hair tie and bobby pins and the essential pain killers for when a headache strikes when out. 

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this less beauty focused post! 

Anyone have any suggestions for looking after a designer bag? I want to keep it looking as good as possible for as long as possible...I am sure you understand me.

I feel a new addiction coming on... But for now back to bed with my flu like sickness :(

What is your dream handbag? 


  1. Betty is gorgeous and so is your new wallet! I'm now slowly building a wishlist from Cultstatus hahaha.

    For 'prettier' bottles of hand sanitiser, I really like the Soap & Glory one and the OPI one too :)

    1. I have had a Cultstatus wishlist for years lol next is a YSL Arty Ring and Alexander McQueen scarf :)

  2. Isn't Betty just gorgeous! I feel like stroking her (and gosh, that sounded so wrong)!

    LOL...I really like the things you put in your handbag, too, I often carry wayy more than I really need to!

    I bought a gorgeous hand sanitiser from David Jones, from the Aromatherapy Co.

    1. Haha I have actually stroked her many a times...

      I usually have a big bag with way too much 'stuff' but I find when I am out after a while the weight really starts to hurt by back and shoulders :(

  3. Betty is gorgeous. I have a handbag fetish so right now, I have a little bit of handbag envy. My dream bag is a Chloe bag. I'll have to check out the Cultstatus site.

  4. Oh my, that bag is GORGEOUS! I especially love your wallet though! Must. Buy. Wallet!

  5. Wow, Betty's gorgeous. Such a great design.

    If you don't have one already, definitely invest in a little bag hook you can put on a table and hang your bag off of. The less the bag touches surfaces (whether it's the ground, tables, even any coarse materials you're wearing eg. rough denim) the longer it will stay pristine. I learnt that one the hard way :)

  6. I really want a balenciaga city bag. I went and browsed them in cultstatus, they are so so lovely. Hopefully I will have one by the end of the year!

  7. Wow! It is really good info! Thanks for sharing this post ��


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