Sunday 9 June 2013

Chanel Summer Collection 2013 - Stylo Eyeshadow REVIEW

In my Birthday Wishlist post I mentioned the Chanel Summer 2013 Collection and how gorgeous it was. I had my heart set on four of the Stylo Eyeshadows. 

When at Chadstone shopping, I went to the Chanel boutique and was very excited that they had the collection on display. I managed to pick up three of the shades I wanted but the other was sold out. I have since managed to track down the one that escaped me from Myer. Therefore I can now share them with you! 

The Stylo Eyeshadows are housed in a pencil form with a slanted tip for ease of application. The lids have the typical interlocking C that is just classically Chanel. I also love the band of colour around the end. It makes it so easy to know which shade is which. 

I was really excited about these as like I have mentioned before, I am lazy when it comes to my eyeshadows. I just can't be bothered spending half my 'getting ready' time blending. Thanks to the easy application and pretty colours these have fast become a favourite. 

These are a dream to apply. They are silky smooth and just glide across the eyelid. I apply and then blend out the edges with a brush to give a perfect finish. On first application these Stylo Eyeshadows have a cooling effect on the eyes. I would image it would be quite refreshing in summer. 

I apply these in the morning and I have found they last the whole working day. Apply, blend and then give it about thirty seconds and they will be set. My lids are on the drier side so I don't have a problem with creasing or fading. Oilier lids may though as they are a formula with a lot of 'slip' when first applied. 

The collection includes six shades but I only purchased four of them. The other two shades were a blue and a green colour. I very rarely wear those type of shades, so I stuck to the more wearable ones (or in my opinion anyway).

The shades are (L-R):

07 Moon River
A metallic taupe with a hint of platinum and my favourite. This looks lovely all on its own, blended out at the edges. An elegant, simple smoky eye. 

17 Cool Gold
A bright yellow gold with a metallic finish. Very brightening on the eyes. I find it looks great on the inner half of the lid with another shade blended outwards. 

27 Pink Lagoon
Is described by Chanel as a fresh pink. I feel it leans a little coral. It may bring out redness in the eye area. A very pretty metallic pink shade otherwise.

57 Black Stream
A black with silver shimmer. Perfect for a more unusual eyeliner. The silver sparkles stop it from being a boring black. 

The shades are swatched below in the same order. The swatches are a two swipe heaviness. I love that with these shadows, you can blend them out to be sheerer or leave for a more opaque application.

At $47.00 each for 1.4g they are not cheap but I am very glad to own them. High end products will never be cheap but I think these are quality products for the price. Shades like Moon River are perfect for everyone for everyday. 

I love these shadows and am very glad to have them in my stash. If you feel like a splurge or are a Chanel fan go and pick these up whilst you can!


  1. Gosh! They are gorgeous! I really like the look of Moon River.

  2. I love all the shades! Great review. I wish I had the spare cash to purchase one of these haha

    1. Haha the biggest problem for a beauty addict!

  3. the moon river is to die for

  4. Moon River looks especially wearable. I do have oily lids so I think I'd have to try before I buy with these!

    1. They do set quite well, but for oilier lids I would be worried they would almost dissolve after a while.

  5. Wow you lucky girl. I would like to try those out : ) They are probably super quick to apply in the morning rush too.

    1. Defenetly super quick to apply! Perfect for someone who stays in bed until they absolutely have to get up (like me) haha :)


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