Saturday 29 June 2013

Spending Ban - Update

Time for an update on my Spending Ban progress!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my decision to go a on a Spending Ban (posted about here). My spending on make up and beauty items had gotten out of control and I needed to reign it in. I decided to go a 6 week Spending Ban. 

I am now just over 3 weeks into my ban and I am very happy to say I have not purchased any make up in that time! It is quite freeing to go into a store and not even look at the beauty section because I know I don't need anything. I even went into a Priceline today and managed to come out without any make up items. 

Being on a make up spending ban doesn't mean I don't make any purchases though. I made an essentials purchase this week of hair care items. I also picked up some lovely candles as a treat for making it this far. 

When I saw the new release Glasshouse Fragrances candles I honestly hoped I would only like one of the three. Sadly or happily - depending how you look at it. I feel in love with all three of them. They are all gorgeous! The three scents are:

Avallon - Cassis & Vanilla
Cassis is French for blackcurrent (in case you were wondering, I know I was). This scent is sweet and fruity yet still has some warmth from the vanilla. 

Shambala - Honey, Vetiver & Patchouli
The honey in this adds a whole other dimension to this scent. It is slightly powdery and sweet. 

Cuba - Pineapple, Tangerine & Cherry
I almost feel like drooling when I open this one up. It seriously smells like a tropical drink. Oh I really, really love this one! My only problem with this is the glass is more of an oval shape than round. It makes getting the lid on and off very hard! 

I cannot wait to burn these. I believe Glasshouse has a promotion running where you vote for your favourite scent and it will become a permanent part of the collection. These retail for $39.95 each and are available from your local stockist. But be quick they are selling out fast!

I also had to stock up on some essentials from Adore Beauty. I happened to run out of my shampoo, conditoner and mask all at the same time this week! Hair care is really the only products I don't have a heap of back ups for. 

So I purchased my favourites from evo - The Therapist shampoo & conditioner, Day of Grace leave-in conditioner and the Great Hydrator moisture mask. The leave-in conditioner is a new purchase but the others repurchases. I will review these in full in the future, hopefully!

I also got one of the famous Adore Beauty Goodie Bags! I am most excited about the Benefit They're Real mascara mini. I have been wanting to try this mascara for ages but for some reason have never purchased it. It is also make up and you know the whole spending ban thing... I will take any new make up I can get my hands on!

Only another three weeks to go on this spending ban. I already feel like I have better control over my spending. I am looking forward to celebrating the end of my spending ban with a trip to Chadstone though...

Anyone else on a spending ban? What have you purchased recently?

I am still getting around to getting my blog sale up too! 


  1. I really need to go on a spending ban- I'm so poor at the moment! I love Glasshouse candles- the packaging is just so gorgeous and they smell amazing. I really want to smell Cuba now after your description! I haven't tried the They're Real mascara yet but I want to as I've heard so much about it :) Good luck for the next 3 weeks of your spending ban!

    1. The Glasshouse candles are amazing. I love how the jars are reusable too :)

      Thanks, I hope the next 3 weeks go quickly haha :)

  2. You're doing so well! The evo hair products sound soooo good! Can't wait to hear more about them :)

    1. They are lovely, I will post about them soon (or eventually) hehe

      Thanks :)

  3. I love glasshouse candles! I haven't smelt these though. Goodluck with your ban :)

    1. Glasshouse candles have fast become my favourite candle brand.

      Thanks :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! 6 weeks seems like nothing compared to your 100 day one :)

  5. Great work :-) I am shocking at going on spending bans and then splurging like a maniac with some kind of justification. I was only THINKING of making July a spending ban the other day and my bank account threw up at the idea sadly it is negative-negative for me.
    I'm not a fan of the Benefit mascara (neither is my mum, but my sister adores it) but lurve the candles and the EVO stash x

  6. I love those candles... I am planning on buying a few very soon :)

  7. Hello mate greaat blog post


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