Saturday 13 April 2013

BellaBox - April 2013

Firstly - apologies for not posting for a week. I have been really sick with a flu like bug. So sick I even had to take some time off work. I am finally starting to feel more normal. Rest assured I managed to go on a sickness induced shopping spree this week. I have had lots of parcels arriving this week with more to come - will share soon. If interested? 

Now onto the April Bella Box with the theme of 'Innovative Beauty'. It also introduces a new way to purchase items from your box - by text or email by using a special code for the products. This months box includes 7 different products. 

The April Bella Box contains:

Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel - 60g $69.00
This is a facial mask that you apply for 15 minutes and then remove. The description includes lots of scientific words like; molecules positively charged and negatively charged. From what I gather it is meant to draw out bacteria & impurities from the skin. This is a 7g sachet - probably only one use. 

Lash Card - 10 cards $7.95
These are little pieces of cardboard with curved ends with the idea that you put them behind your lashes when applying mascara. Nice idea but I think it would get expensive for everyday use - you are only meant to use the card one application. This is a sample pack of two lash cards. 

Indio Skin Tonic - 200ml $44.00
This is a toner or hydrating skin mist - depending on what you want it to be. This smells nice and is a decent 30ml sample. I feel like I have these mists coming out of my ears lately though.

Ayurda Skin Perfecting Moisturiser - 120ml $79.95
This has a whole heap of natural ingredients and smells really nice. Pity about the actual sample pot - the pot is less than half full and when I opened it, it went everywhere. The pot says it is a 10g sample but I have my doubts. There is also a pamphlet about the brand and a 5ml sachet of a Silk Skin Firming & Toning Cream.

Proplenish Marine Collagen Sachets - 30 sachets $49.95
These are sachets you dissolve in water and then drink (duh Stephanie - you can see the still hazy sickness brain coming into play here). These are meant to help you achieve beautiful healthy skin, hair and nails. Three sachets are included.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour - $16.95
A full size nail polish! I got this is in the shade 901 Golden Conduct which isn't a shade I would normally go for but it is quite nice and my Mum liked it.

Cedel Dry Conditioner - 100g $7.99
This is a foam you apply to your hair as a conditioner without needing water. It suggests that it is perfect for using after dry shampoo to add moisture back into your hair. This is a 30ml sample can.

So there is this months Bella Box! I quite like it but I just wish there was more MAKE UP! I am so in this for the make up. Though there is some new and innovative products in this months box that I look forward to trying. 

Another apology - for the very basic English in this post. I am still all stuffy in the head making my thinking not the best...

What did you receive in your Bella Box? Happy?


  1. Hmm interesting box, although I'm getting a bit sick of these dry shampoo/conditioners.. I always forget to use them.
    Get well soon!

  2. Single use lash cards? since when. I still use the one lol I don't see why it shouldn't be used multiple times.


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