Sunday 28 April 2013

Lust Have It - April 2013

My Lust Have It box arrived on Friday but I am only just getting around to blogging about it. I worked on Friday and I didn't leave work until about 6.15pm and then had a 45 minute drive home - I had left home at 7.45am that morning so I was exhausted. Saturday was then spent out, so blogging had to wait til now. 

From the looks of the card, there is no theme to April's box. It kind of seems like a random assortment of products. 

The April Lust Have It box contains:

Gosh Cosmetics Mono Eye Shadow - $16.00 1.7g
LOVE to see a full size make up product in my box. I recieved this shadow in the shade 016 Aubergine which is a beautiful deep purple. I look forward to trying this out. I have heard of Gosh Cosmetics before but have never tried them.

Nude by Nature Nude Papaw Ointment - $5.95 30g
I already own this and honestly? It is not that special. I do like that it contains no petrochemicals, so it is more natural. Love that it is a full size product too.

Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Conditioner - $20.95 300ml
Does anyone else think it is a little strange to just receive a conditioner and no shampoo? I saw some people just got the shampoo no conditioner. Personally I like to try both the shampoo and conditioner from the same line to see what it is like. Saying that I will use this 100ml sample - I always run out of conditioner before shampoo so it will be handy.

Pink Tiger Duri Cosmetics Nail Tools: Buffer & Lint Free Gauze - no prices given 
This buffer is massive and personally I think it is a little too coarse - it feels more like a nail file than a buffer. It is also meant to be washable. The Lint Free Gauze are well, pieces of gauze (like from a first aid kit). They also came in a resealable sandwich bag which I find a little cheap. 

Ocean Essence Crystal Microdermabrasion - $24.95 60ml
This brand and Lust Have It must have a deal going on. Last month I received a full size eye cream and this month a full size exfoliator. The other option was a mask, I'm glad I got this product though. Will use but I like to see more variety of brands in my boxes. 

This months box is not a bad one. It has good variety and value for money. I am just bored with them. I think it might be time to end my subscription.

What did you receive in your Lust Have It box? Are you bored like me?


  1. We got the exact same box! :) I didn't realise that people got just the shampoo sample - would have been nice to get both :P

  2. I like your box better than the one I received, I would love to try the Ocean Essence, you will have to let us know what you think of it :o)

    Jac x0x

    1. Will do.. Mind you I still haven't tried the eye cream from last month. Product overload haha

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  4. Did you check out the price of the gauze? $13 for that ziplock packet of 200! Who in their right mind would pay that! My $2 cotton wool balls will certainly suffice!
    My box was a little different than yours, and whilst I don't think I'm bored with LHI yet {I only subbed in Dec} - I am a bit disappointed as this was actually my first box as an annual subscriber... :(
    and I got just the shampoo.. really would have liked to trial the two together!

    1. Woah! I would not pay that for something to just remove nail polish.

      I had been thinking about an annual subscription but I keep thinking of the products I could buy that I know I would love. :)


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Stephanie x

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