Monday 6 February 2017

366 Days of Lips - 2016 Results

Back at the start of 2015 I decided to keep a record of every lip product I wore for the whole year. I managed to do so and I posted about it here. 365 Days of Lips has become a habit for me, I have been keeping records for 2017 too! 

Note - 2016 was leap year, hence the 366 Days of Lips. 

Keeping a record has actually helped me clean out my stash. I can't justify keeping lipsticks I have not worn in over 24 months. Especially since so many are getting a bit old (probably really old but I just don't like to admit it). 

I didn't realise until I started this post but six of the ten lipsticks are from Chanel. Can you tell where most of my money goes (and why I am always broke haha)? 

1. CHANEL Rouge Coco Stylo - 202 Conte
This lipstick is perfect for a lazy day when I want to look polished but not like I have put too much effort in. Conte is a pretty nude-pink and the formula is hydrating and feels lovely on the lips. 

2. CHANEL Rouge Coco Stylo - 208 Roman
I love this fuchsia pink. Again love the formula and the hydrating feeling it gives. This shade is quite pigmented. The only downside is I seem to always get this one on my teeth!

3. BOBBI BROWN Art Stick - Bright Raspberry
This matte berry lipstick is a favourite for its colour and wear time. It is also really comfortable on my lips and not drying. 

4. CHANEL Les Beiges Lip Balm - No. 10
This was my most worn lip product for 2015 and it made the top 5 again for 2016. Honestly, I am surprised how much of this is left. As I said last time, this is perfect for days when my lips are dry and I am lazy (which is often). 

5. CHANEL Rouge Allure Ink - 150 Luxuriant
I adore this formula of lipstick, I am surprised only one made it into the top 10. This is gorgeous pinky-red, it is a liquid lipstick but does not dry down fully matte. It is comfortable to wear and lasts well. 

6. MAC Lustre Lipstick - Lovelorn
Another product that made an appearance in the 2015 edition. This soft pink lipstick is a favourite for a more natural look. Look how little is left! It is almost time to give up on it (and put in the Back 2 MAC bag).

7.  CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine - 116 Mighty
Another lipstick with a balm feel. Also another pink lipstick from Chanel. Another lipstick on the sheerer side that gives my lips colour but does not feel heavy or too made up.

8. LIPSTICK QUEEN - Frog Prince
Honestly, I purchased this because of the gimmick behind it. It is not actually a green lipstick - on contact with skin/lips it transforms into a pink shade that is meant to suit you perfectly. Not sure if that is true but it does become a very pretty pink. The texture is similar to a lip balm.

9. CHANEL Rouge Allure - 166 Indemodable
This is a more pigmented formula from Chanel with a satin finish. Indemodable is berry-pink that I find really lifts my complexion. I still love the case that the Rouge Allure lipsticks have - a click to release tube. I feel so fancy using it. Haha!

10. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Hot Lips - Bosworth's Beauty
Another pink lipstick! Who would have thought?! This is a Matte Revolution formula from the Hot Lips collection. I thought this shade was going to be too pale but it is perfect. The Matte Revolution formula is my favourite from Charlotte Tilbury.

What did I learn from this experiment in 2016? I like pink lipstick, actually I love pink lipstick is probably more accurate. I wear a lot of sheer formula lipsticks but I also like my bold matte shades. I also need to cull even more lipsticks from my stash. I have a lot of unloved MAC ones that are really getting on in age (like 3+ years). If they can stay in my stash and get that old, they obviously are not being used!

I actually really like keeping my 365 Days of Lips record. It is like a diary for my lips! I highly recommend giving it a try - especially if your lipstick stash seems to be getting out of control. 

What was your favourite/most worn lip product for 2016? 

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