Sunday 5 June 2016

365 Days of Lips - 2015 Results

This post is a long time in the making (almost 18 months). It should have been written a long time ago but what can I say? I get lazy and unmotivated. 

At the start of 2015 I decided to keep a record of what lip product I wore each day, for the whole year. If you have been a Luxury on the Lips reader for a while (if not, hello!) you will know that lip products are my biggest weakness. Hell, even this blog is named after my lip addiction. My lip product stash has been getting a bit out of control, I decided to keep a record so I can see what products I actually wear in the hopes of having a bit of cull. That hasn't happened yet...

I have over 170 lip products in my collection (yes, I know this is ridiculous). During the 365 day period, I only wore 87 different products. Of the 365 days, I wore something on my lips 259 of those days. That means I didn't wear anything on my lips for 109 days which is a lot more than I expected, though I rarely wear makeup on the weekends. 

One thing I found interesting when looking at my Excel spreadsheet was that I could track certain things or events that happened during the year. For example I knew when my Nan was in hospital in Melbourne because I wore lipstick everyday for about 6 weeks. I also knew when I had been feeling down or ill because I didn't wear any, even during the week to work. 

Without further ado here is my 10 most worn lip products for 2015:

1. CHANEL Les Beiges Lip Balm - No. 10
This lip balm is just so easy to wear and that is why it was my most worn lip product for the year. It imparts a perfect nudey-pink tint that looks polished. It is also great for when my lips are feeling dry but I don't want bare lips. 

2. YSL Tint-in-Oil - No. 5
This line would almost be my favourite release from 2015. It applies as an sheer oil and then sort of develops on the lips into a darker shade. No. 5 is reddish pink. I love how comfortable this is to wear. 

3. BOBBI BROWN Art Stick - Hot Berry
This is one of my favourite lipsticks - ever. The formula is spot on - matte, long wearing but comfortable. Hot Berry is a gorgeous shade, a bright berry pink. I also really like the pencil shape - you can use it to line then lips and then fill them in. 

4. CHANEL Rouge Coco - 454 Jean
Chanel revamped the Rouge Coco formula in 2015. I fell in love with Jean on first sight. It is more plum/berry than I would normally have gone for but I love it. The formula is beautiful but sadly not very long wearing (it's too creamy). 

5. MAC Lustre Lipstick - Lovelorn
One of my all time favourite lipsticks as you can see from the tiny little nub that is left. It is an effortless pink-nude that feels creamy on the lips.

6. YSL Tint-in-Oil - No. 8
As above but No. 8 is a purple-pink. 

7. CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet - 50 La Romanesque
This formula would have to be my favourite from Chanel. It is another matte but comfortable formula. La Romanesque is a little darker than what I would normally wear but it is perfect for when I am looking for something a little vampy-er. 

8. TOM FORD Lip Color - 29 Jack
This shade is part of the original 'Lips & Boys' collection from Tom Ford. This berry pink shade is not as matte as the others but still wears well. 

9. CLINIQUE Soft Matte Lipstick - 49 Matte Magenta
A beautiful bright pink. A favourite of mine when I need a pick me up. Another comfortable matte formula. 

10. CHANEL Rouge Coco - 448 Elise
This is a classic 'me' shade - a pretty pink. A cool toned pink that isn't too bright but definitely not a dull shade. 

Swatches of all the shades on paper because I knew I would fail at swatching 10 lipsticks on my arm. So, I didn't even try. Shades 1 to 5 are on the left side and the 6 to 10 are on the right side. 

What else did I learn from this little experiment? I like bright matte lipsticks. Especially if they are pink or berry toned pink. I like my lipsticks to be comfortable and long wearing. I also like a lighter product like oil or balm for when my lips are dry. I also learned I don't use even half my stash and I really should cull some of it... maybe. 

I am keeping a record for 2016 so I will see if it changes between years.

What is your favourite or most worn lip product?


  1. Interesting experiment! Thinking about it I don't think I use all the lipsticks in my collection either. I tend to use berry and nude tones the most.

  2. Interesting experiment! Thinking about it I don't think I use all the lipsticks in my collection either. I tend to use berry and nude tones the most.

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  4. Such a cool experiment! It's very interesting to know you only use about half of your lip products in a year. I'd love to try the same thing myself, actually :]

    xx Julia


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