Sunday 12 June 2016

Burberry - London with Love Blush Highlighter

It was love at first sight with this beauty. I am absolutely powerless to resist blush anyway but add in a pretty pattern and slap on 'limited edition' and you have me whipping out my credit card. I know, I am a marketers dream.

The Burberry London with Love Blush Highlighter appeared on the Burberry website back in April. I have had it in my stash for two months now but it was only in the last couple of weeks that I could actually bring myself to dip my brush in it. I really didn't want to upset that pretty pattern. 

The London with Love Blush Highlighter features a raspberry pink in the centre, in the shape of a heart to form the blush. The heart is surrounded by a soft beige highlighter. You can either use each shade individually or mix together. I personally prefer to mix them for a glowing, pink blush. The blush on its own has a satin finish whereas the highlighter is quite shimmery. They mix together perfectly. 

The formula is lovely - soft and blendable but not powdery. Pigmentation is strong, almost too strong so a light hand is needed for application. I found wear time with this blush to be good. It lasts all day with only minimal fading around the edges. I can look in the mirror when I get home and I still have pretty pink cheeks. 

The product itself comes in the standard Burberry compact with the check print, it comes housed in a velvet pouch and a brush is included. Honestly, I haven't even tried the brush - I much prefer to use my own blush brush. This product is also quite heavily scented (as I have found most Burberry powders to be), I don't notice it once applied but something for those sensitive to scented products to be mindful of. 

The swatches above a little out of order (apologies). The first swatch is both the blush and highlighter heavily swatched. The second is just the blush and the third is just the highlighter. The final swatch is a lighter swatch of both the highlighter and blush. As you can see both the highlighter and blush are quite pigmented. When mixed together they make such a pretty rosy pink. 

Overall I am very happy to have the London with Love Blush Highlighter in my collection. The formula is spot on and the palette is gorgeous. It's LOVE!

The Burberry London with Love Blush Highlighter is available in Australia now and retails for $94.00 (luxury and limited edition don't come cheap). It will sell out fast, so if you want it, buy quickly - you have been warned!

Are you feeling the love with the London with Love Blush Highlighter?


  1. this love blush highlighter looks gorgeous!!

  2. What a pretty palette. It looks to pretty to use!

  3. What a pretty palette. It looks to pretty to use!


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