Saturday 30 November 2013

Bella Box - November 2013

I received my subscription boxes earlier this week but was too busy to blog about them straight away. I also wasn't very excited about them either so the motivation was harder to find. I took photos and then debated as to whether I would even blog about them but I decided I had already done half the work taking photos so I should just write the post. So here we are!

The theme for this months Bella Box is 'Refreshing Beauty' and again, I don't see much that fits with the theme in the box. Why bother with a theme if the items don't fit it? 

This month gave subscribers a sneak peek of the new packaging to come. I am assuming it is the new pillow boxes. I like it but not all the products fitted in so it seems a little silly. The items also weren't as well protected in the new packaging. 

The November Bella Box contains:

Bella Box Pout Pencil - $14.99
I received this in the shade 'Coral me Maybe' which is more of a red than a coral. Unfortunately mine is all mushed into the lid (as you can see in the photo above). I believe Bella Box is replacing these though so I'll email them and see. On first swatch, it seems like a nicely pigmented product. Good on Bella Box for starting their own make up line!

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Corrector Pen - $11.99
I have tried this product before and found it absolutely useless. Maybe it is a new version though with the whole NEW on the top corner? Can only hope it is better than the last one I tried. 

Indio SOS Gel - 50ml $72.00
This is a gel for sensitive skin to help combat redness. May come in handy, I am prone to redness around my nose. A nice 10ml sample though my tube appears to be leaking through the top. 

Wilde Organics E'Lustrous Shea - 150ml $39.95
This contains unrefined shea and organic virgin coconut oil. I am not actually sure what to do with this. Is it a moisturiser? A balm? I will have to do some research. This is a small 15ml sample pot. 

Puretan Pure Bronze Instant Tanning Lotion - 200ml $29.95
Bah! More tanning products. Won't use this and this little 15ml sample seems a bit tiny for a large application (like more than one leg).

BONUS Caron Laboratories Bump Eraiser Paste - 30ml $16.99
This is a balm for ingrown hairs, I actually have a tube of this (from another sample box). I have only used it the one time but it worked really well. This is a 2.5ml sample sachet. 

Overall another slightly disappointing box from Bella Box. The products are pretty boring (except for the Pout Pencil). Nothing amazing in this box and I don't know. Am I asking too much for a box to wow me? High hopes for next month otherwise I will be ending my subscription (after over two years). 

What did you think of the November Bella Box? Happy or not?

PS. November Violet Box coming up next!


  1. I wasn't too happy with the packaging so hopefully they take note. All my stuff was practically falling out, and I was wondering if maybe things had fallen out!

  2. I unsubbed last month, some nice goodies to try, but overall I'm not heartbroken about not having received this :)


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