Saturday 30 November 2013

Violet Box - November 2013

As with my other subscription box, I received this earlier this week and lacked time and motivation to blog about it until now. As I had taken the photos already I thought I may as well just write the blog and post it. Queen of lazy here!

The November Violet Box Contains:

Body Armour Face Cream - 50ml $35.00
You would receive either the face cream or the body lotion from Body Armour. Personally I would have preferred the body lotion as I have my skincare all sorted at the moment. This is a full size product. 

ModelCo Colour Box Eye Pencil + Sharpener - $18.00
I received this in the shade Black. Can't complain about a full size makeup product but I do hope it is better than the last ModelCo eyeliner that I tried - it was very hard and minimal pigmentation. Hopefully the sharpener in the cap won't dry the pencil out as it leaves it exposed to air. 

ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder - $18.00
Another full size makeup product from ModelCo. I received the shade Amaretto Sunset which is a dusky rose. Not fond of the texture of ModelCo blushes, I find them quite powdery. 

Tailor Skincare Masque - 10 pack $40.00
This is New Zealand brand and the masque is all natural with no nasties. It is two ziplock bags, so two applications. It smells amazing! The whole box smells like the masque. 

Guess Girl & Guess Night - 50ml $49.00
Guess Girl is obviously a female fragrance in a 1ml sachet. I hate perfume samples in sachets. Guess Night is a mens fragrance in a 1.5ml spray vial. Seems weird to receive mens perfume in a women's box but, oh well. 

Side note: Why does ModelCo keep appearing in these sample boxes (and stuck on magazines)? I actually tweeted about this and ModelCo replied saying 'As an Australian beauty brand, we use sample boxes to get our award-winning innovative products into the hands of an international audience - a #trybeforeyoubuy philosophy that works really well for us'. Good for them but I personally feel it cheapens the brand. Like why buy the products when they always give them away? Are they so bad no one will buy them or are they unable to sell them? That's just my thoughts though. 

Anyway, the photo below shows the blush and eyeliner up close.

Overall another great value box from Violet Box - it has over $75 value with two full size makeup items. Even though I am not really excited to see them you can't deny the value of the ModelCo products or the fact that they are makeup and we all love to receive makeup in a subscription box. So far, Violet Box is appearing to be an outstanding performer. Looking forward to next months box!

What do you think of the November Violet Box? Happy or not?


  1. I find it really odd about the Model Co as well. I mean I agree with what they are saying, it is great to get their brand out there and let us try out their products, but sorry we don't need 50+ lipglosses in Strip Tease, right? :|

  2. I tried Tailor Masque. They are amazing! They are having an offer online right now (receive the mist free while purchasing the masque and the moisturiser). However the shipping fee is pain in an ass (it's like aud40 when I tried to add in the basket). That stopped me from buying it. :(

  3. That's a pretty good box, the blush colour looks gorgeous, if only it wasn't powdery :(


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