Tuesday 22 January 2013

Diorific Lipstick in Marilyn

When I was at the Dior counter to purchase my Fairy Golds eyeshadow palette something shiny caught my eye. It was the gold casing of a Diorific lipstick, I fell in love instantly with the shade, as I so often do. I knew I had to take it home with me.  

Where do I start on the packaging? It is amazing and like no other lipstick. Luxurious gold and such a unique design. 'Christian Dior' is embossed on the lower part of the case too. The actual lipstick has a slight florally rose scent which can't be smelt once applied though I do like the scent. 

The name Marilyn is perfect for this shade. The shade and name instantly made me think of the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. 

The shade is a vibrant pink-red. For me it is exactly the type of red to get me into wearing more reddish lipsticks. It is the type of shade that makes you look instantly put together and your face look radiant.

What is really amazing with this lipstick is the texture. It is extremely pigmented and creamy. It actually adds moisture to my lips. You need one swipe with this lipstick to achieve opaque coverage of the lips. 

The staying power of this lipstick is also excellent, being a creamy lipstick I expected it to not have good staying power. I was wrong. This lipstick lasted though around 6 hours that included eating and drinking. It did not bleed or smudge nor did it make my lips feel dry. 

The Diorific lipsticks retail for $50.00 in Australia and honestly I wouldn't hesitate to pay more than that for one. The formula is just that amazing. I WILL be purchasing more next time I am at a Dior counter. Hopefully their is a few nice shades..

Have you tried the Diorific lipsticks? Do you wear red lipstick? What is your favourite lipstick with quirky packaging? 


  1. Isn't the packaging to die for!!! Luxe all the way and I love the smooth swatch. Mmmm!...

    1. It is just gorgeous and the lipstick is very smooth on the lips

  2. That packaging is gorgeous! And the shade is lovely.

  3. That packaging is a work of art, I love it!


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