Wednesday 19 February 2014

Two Ways to a Better Night's Sleep

I have always been a bad sleeper, my Mum tells me even as a baby I hardly slept. I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and my quality of sleep is not good. Technically I suppose I have insomnia. 

I have tried so many different remedies - relaxing music, a period of relaxation before bed, herbal medications and prescription medications (I have tried two different sleeping pills, one made me sleep for about 18 hours at a time and the other kept me awake for about 36 hours). I would put my sleep problems down to stress. However, I remember being about 4 years old and having a tea party in my bed with my toys after everyone else went to bed because I couldn't sleep. I don't remember being stressed then! 

My sleeping issues have always been a problem but I have found ways to try to manage it. Especially so in the last 6 or so months, I have found two products that have really been helping me out. 

This Works - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
Scents are something that has always helped me relax but I never found one that actually helped me relax and feel drowsy until trying this offering from This Works. Infused with lots of essential oils including lavender, vetiver and wild camomile, this is a soft yet powerful spray. I have tried lavender sprays before and had minimal results but this combination of oils works really well together. I almost feel instantly relaxed when I sniff this, it isn't overpowering or overly herbal smelling.

I spray the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on my pillows, sheets and doona about 5 minutes before heading to bed. I like to give it a little time to settle on my bedding as it can leave the bedding feeling damp until it has dried off. 

I purchased the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from Mecca Cosmetica (HERE) for $35.00 for 75ml. I have been using it most nights since purchasing and the bottle is still going. If you are after something a little bit cheaper (with slightly more product), The Body Shop also has a Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist (HERE) for $29.95 for 100ml. I have tried this one but it appears to be made with similar essential oils. 

Holistic Silk - Lavender Eye Mask
I am a little weird when it comes to light and sleeping. Some nights I cannot stand complete darkness, it can make me feel very claustrophobic and I panic. Other nights, all I want is pitch black with absolutely no light (these are usually nights I have a headache or am feeling completely exhausted). Since I cannot completely remove light from my bedroom on these nights I turn to an eye mask. Similarly to the linen spray, I have tried eye masks before but will little success until this one. 

My interest was piqued in the Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask after Lisa Eldridge mentioned it in a video. It took me a while to take the plunge and purchase it though (this mask isn't cheap). I am so glad I did though! It is a beautiful, big mask that completely covers the eye area and fits nicely around my nose. The front of the mask is silk with a pretty blossom design but the back is a lovely velvet that feels lovely against the skin. The mask is infused with lavender and one of my favourite parts? It has a tie fastening, not elastic which means it easily fits my big head without feeling tight. This mask well and truly blocks out any light which is perfect for the nights I want complete darkness (and works well during the day too). The complete light block out also means the rising sun doesn't wake me in the morning helping me achieve a better night's sleep. 

I purchased my Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask from Beauty Bay (HERE) for around $90.00. Yes, an expensive investment but just that - an investment in good sleep. If you don't want to pay that much for an eye mask you could try one from Peter Alexander (HERE) for $9.95, these have an elastic band and I have found aren't as good as the Holistic Silk for blocking light. 

These solutions don't have a 100% success rate, I still have those nights that I lay awake in bed for 6 hours. I have noticed that these products do help most of the time and if you are someone like me (who has always had sleep problems) most of the time is still pretty damn good!

How do you get a good night's sleep?


  1. I use the This Works Deep Sleep too. It's awesome stuff! Next time I do a Beautybay haul, I'm thinking of getting the matching body oil and shower gel too. The Body Shop one is pretty good too, but not as good as This Works.

    1. I've been thinking of picking up the shower gel too, but I have so many different shower gels already. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on The Body Shop version, I'll stick to This Works :)

  2. The eye mask looks gorg! Hey you have such a cool blog. Follower, follow me: also come and enter my giveaway!
    Renee x

  3. I'm also a terrible sleeper... I work night shift which certainly doesn't help! Plus I live in a house that faces a park instead of a road, so instead of traffic I get screaming kids and dogs barking. Yay! I definitely want to try this spray! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing love any great tips on achieving a great nights sleep... don't we all need it :)
    If you have time have a look over at my blog a fellow Aussie! Take Care!


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