Thursday 26 January 2017

Beautylish Lucky Bag - 2017

If I wasn't so busy (read: watching far too much Law & Order SVU) this post would have been up well over a week ago. 

Each year Beautylish (one of my favourite places to shop online) has Lucky Bags available starting Boxing Day (but are not shipped until the new year). They are inspired by the Lucky Bag tradition for New Year in Japan. 

In 2016 I held off too long and missed out. I then had major regrets when I saw the contents on the bags popping up on social media. I was not going to miss out this time! I purchased mine as soon as they became available (at something like 3am). The bag cost US$75 but it worth over double that. 

The most annoying part of the Lucky Bag was how long it took to get to me. It was only about 10 days but I am really impatient. Shipping was free but it was only standard shipping. 

My Lucky Bag arrived beautifully wrapped in brown paper and the gorgeous paper used as a background in the photos. I was too excited to open it to take photos beforehand. 

I am really pleased with my Lucky Bag - the contents are worth over US$150 and all the products are things I can/will use. Obviously the big ticket item in this bag is the By Terry palette. 

BY TERRY - Sun Designer Palette
I received this in the shade 1 Tan & Flash Cruise. It is a face palette that has blushes on the left and bronzers on the right. I am not a massive bronzer person but I could see those shades making nice eyeshadows. I think this palette could be really good to travel with. It retails for US$82.

BECCA - Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed
I am all about the highlight at the moment so I was very pleased to receive this Becca highlighter in the shade Moonstone. It is a shade I did not have but the formula is so lovely, I am thrilled to add it to my quickly growing Becca stash. This retails for US$38.

This product isn't exactly exciting but brow pencils are an essential and I haven't tried this one before. The shade is Universal Taupe which works well with my brows. I also like the sword like shape (similar to Shu Uemura when they sharpen the pencil for you). It retails for US$24.

Z PALETTE - Small Palette Leopard
I understand the idea of Z Palettes but I am not a depotting type of person. I like my makeup to look like it did when I purchased it (usage aside). This is probably the only item I won't use. I do like the leopard print though! This retails for US$14. 

Good brushes are so expensive, it is important to take good care of them. I have never tried this type of brush shampoo before but the lavender scent smells lovely. This retails for US$15. 

I am unsure of this brushes brand - posts on Instagram suggest it is a Chikuhodo brush specially made for the Lucky Bags. The brush itself feels well made and the bristles are quite soft (not Wayne Goss soft but still soft). I do not know how much this would retail for, maybe US$20? 

There you have my Lucky Bag 2017! 

Overall I am very happy with it's contents and can see myself using almost every item. The value is definitely there - excluding the brush as I am unsure of its retail price, the value of this bag is US$173. That is almost US$100 more than I paid! I will be getting another one next year, that is for sure. 

Did you purchase a Lucky Bag? What did you receive? 

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  1. I've never heard of these bags before but this year everyone I follow is talking about them! I will have to set a reminder to get my hands on one next year :]

    xx Julia


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