Tuesday 15 November 2016

Chanel - Ombres Lamées de Chanel

I am not someone who believes in buying makeup to collect or keep. I buy products to enjoy them - at least a few times before I move onto other products. When I saw the text from my Chanel Lady with a photo of this product, I knew that was about to change.  

You know something is special when it comes boxed like this. It is boxed up like jewellery or something much more expensive than makeup...

The Ombres Lamées de Chanel is a limited edition eyeshadow palette, only available in Chanel beauty boutiques. To say it is beautiful is an understatement, it is simply exquisite. It looks good in photographs but in person? It is a whole other world. The detail on this stunner is like nothing else I own. 

No swatches from me, I cannot bring myself to destroy this beautiful pattern. I mean, look at it! Could you be so cruel and ruin something so beautiful? Okay, now I'm being dramatic... I'll just post a close up shot instead. 

Ombres Lamées de Chanel is available at Chanel beauty boutiques now, the price is a quite painful AU$115, especially for something I don't plan to use. But hey, never say never. 

What items do you have in stash that you can't bring yourself to use?

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