Saturday 26 November 2016

Chanel Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel

The latest Chanel collection hit counters almost a month ago now. It is quite different from what I have come to expect from Holiday collections. They are usually deeper shades, reds and designed for the northern hemisphere and their winter. The Collection Libre Synthetic de Chanel is more pink based with brighter shades. Chanel describes it as 'a vibrant, modern Holiday 2016 collection with a hypnotic edge'. Very true, well played Chanel.

Besides the items I purchased the collection also includes an eye palette and various lip products. The eye palette is beautiful but blue and silver shades just don't work for me (and I am kind of scared of blue eyeshadow...). None of the lip products called to me plus I am still obsessed with the Rouge Allure Inks. 

Joues Contraste - 360 Hyperfresh
As a self confessed 'blush fiend' as soon as I saw the blush, I had to have it. Hyperfresh is a bright pink with cool undertones, the finish is almost matte. The formula is lovely, as all Joues Contrastes are, wear time is also good. 

Calligraphie de Chanel - 65 Hyperblack
Chanel haven't made a potted eyeliner before this. It is described as a 'longwear intense cream eyeliner'. I have only had a quick play around with it since purchasing and I can say it is an intense, matte black. The formula seems easy to use and seems to be pretty long wearing - I had to pull out the big guns to get it off (oil based eye makeup remover). 

Le Vernis - 540 Liquid Mirror, 542 Pink Rubber & 544 Hyperrose Glass
Chanel nail polishes are something I seem powerless to resist. The colours are almost always unique and ahead of the rest of the pack. Liquid Mirror is a metallic silver. Pink Rubber is a matte pale pink (which actually looks stunning on the nails). Hyperrose Glass is in the nail gloss formula, it is a sheer hot pink with shimmers. I don't wear nail polish nearly enough to justify purchasing all three nail polishes in the collection but I had to have them. 

See how pretty the blush is and how black the eyeliner is? The blush can of course be blended out into a softer flush of colour. The eyeliner is not fully dry in this photo it is more matte once fully dry.

Overall I am very happy with my picks from this collection. Everything is wearable and useable. Very happy to have each item in my stash.

Have you picked up anything from this collection?

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  1. While all the products are beautiful.... that blush!!!!!! I want it so badly.


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