Tuesday 26 July 2016

Disappointing Products #2

It has been a long time since I have done a 'Disappointing Products' post, my last and only one is way back in 2012 (post HERE if you are interested). 

I try to be positive so I rarely post reviews on products I don't like. Especially since if I don't like a product, I stop using it pretty quickly. I don't have a lot of products in this post either, mostly because I throw them out/pass them on pretty quickly. My stash doesn't have room for crappy products!

Australis - AC on Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit
I think this a good entry level product but it just doesn't work for me (I know a lot of people love it). The contour colours look muddy on cool, fair skin. The yellow (banana) shade is too yellow for me. I also found the powders to be quite chalky and hard to blend. 

Bobbi Brown - Old Hollywood Eye Palette
I fell in love with this palette as soon as I saw it and I paid a massive $125 for it. I hate it. The shadows are powdery and patchy with poor pigmentation. They have really bad fallout too - I had glitter all over my face by the end of the day. An expensive, disappointing product. 

Maybelline - SuperStay Better Skin Concealer
This is the lightest shade and it is still so dark! I picked it up in a rush as I had a giant pimple on my chin that needed covering ASAP. It worked in a pinch that day but I haven't used it again. 

Tom Ford - Concealing Pen
Another pricey disappointment. This is the concealer with the little sponge on the top. Firstly the applicator sucks - the product just seems to get stuck in the sponge. Secondly, it did nothing to conceal my dark circle. The formula is thin and didn't actually have any coverage. I am determined to finish it somehow though as it was so pricey. 

Tom Ford - Correcting Pen
This concealer seems like such a great idea, two different shades of concealer in one nifty little pen. Pity the concealers aren't any good. Both are cakey, difficult to blend and do not wear well. Again I am determined to finish it as it cost so damn much!

Giorgio Armani - Rouge Ecstasy 
Pricey disappointments seem to be a theme to this post. These lipsticks were quite hyped when they were first released and I had to have them. I picked up two shades 500 (the pink shade) and 302 (the coral shade). These lipsticks have quite chalky appearance to them when applied to the lips and they are very patchy. The formula just sits on top of the lips. So disappointing (look how pretty the red cases are!). 

Benefit - They're Real Push-Up Liner
I have no idea why I bought this. I guess I get swept up in the hype thanks to all the beauty bloggers raving about it. The actual gel liner is quite good, the applicator is difficult and fiddly. I also found I wasted a lot of product as it dried out in the applicator between uses. 

What products have disappointed you lately? 


  1. Totally agree with you on the Australis Contouring Kit - I can't work out why everyone raves about it. Great post! Kayte x

    1. Glad I wasn't the only one! Thanks Kayte :)

  2. I second the Australis palette. I have olive skin and it looked SO muddy on me.

    Lily not Louise

    1. Sounds like it looks muddy on a lot of people!


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