Monday 10 August 2015

Makeup Empties #3

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo again, I can never seem to keep it tied down. It is always escaping me! I thought I'd try and rein it in with an easy post - Makeup Empties. Since I have a new batch of products that are almost empty I decided to empty the bag first. These products have all been finished up since the start of 2015. 

Again, apologies for the bad photography. I seem to have lost that mojo too (and I never have time during daylight hours to take photographs).

YSL - Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation
I really enjoyed this foundation. It is light-medium coverage with a dewy finish, that lasts all day. Very easy to apply too and good for dry skin. I will repurchase. Original review HERE.

Burberry - Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
I have raved about this primer before and I still think it is amazing. This makes your skin look glowing but not shiny - just a healthy glow. It helped hydrate and smooth my skin prior to foundation. I haven't tried another primer like this - I must repurchase it.

Clinique - Blended Face Powder
This powder seemed to last forever! I originally purchased this back in early 2011. It is a nice loose powder but not a 'wow' product. It did have a tendency to look a little cakey if applied whilst foundation was still wet. A good product but not one I am going to repurchase.

Bobbi Brown - Creamy Concealer Kit
A concealer that so many rave about. I thought it was good but often creased under my eyes. I honestly can't really remember if I really liked this product or not. I finished the concealer ages ago but the powder part stuck around for a lot longer. I may repurchase, just to see if I really do like it or not. I would not purchase it in the kit though (the powder took forever to finish).

Laura Mercier - Silk Crème Foundation
Even after using up the tube, I am still in two minds about this foundation. I like the finish it gives my skin but I dislike how it can feel heavy on the skin and application can be a bit time consuming. I find this foundation strange to wear because it is full coverage and something I am not used to, it's odd to look at myself wearing this. I believe a new version has been released which I am keen to try.

NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer
This is another raved about concealer which I really enjoyed. I found it covered my dark circles but wasn't overly brightening, probably because the shade Vanilla is a perfect match for my skintone. I will repurchase this. 

Clinique - Airbrush Concealer
This is an absolute favourite of mine (and the second time I have used one up). For me it is the ultimate under eye concealer and brightener. I'm repurchasing this next week. 

Australis - Ready Set Go Finishing Powder
This powder was fine but don't accidentally inhale it, it stung my nose like a bitch! I ended up using this in my hair when I ran out of dry shampoo and it worked really well for that. As a face powder it did it's job but it didn't blow me away. Won't repurchase. 

Pop Beauty - Peak Performance Mascara
I purchased this mascara because I kept seeing it in Michelle Phan videos. It is a really unique comb mascara which you wind at the bottom to dispense the product into the comb. It was a fiddly mascara to use and prone to clumping. Won't repurchase (not even sure if this is till available).

Charlotte Tilbury - Full Fat Lashes Mascara
I loved this mascara. It gives voluminous, long and really black lashes. It has a classic spoolie, the formula is what makes this mascara. I would repurchase (once I use up some of the 15 or so mascaras I have in my 'unopened mascara stash').

Kevyn Aucoin - Precision Brow Pencil
I purchased this on a whim from Mecca Cosmetica. As a brow product it is fine but I don't like the packaging. The actual pencil does not have a lid, it just winds up like a crayon and the pencil was very easy to break if wound up too much. Won't repurchase just because I like ABH more.  

Clinique - Cream Shaper for Eyes
This is a nice creamy eyeliner that is super easy to apply. It is the shade Black Diamond which meant it had black sparkles through it which made it look less flat than a matte black. I liked to apply this then blend it out softly. Sadly the staying power of this eyeliner let it down. Would not repurchase. 

There is my makeup empties for the year so far. I really enjoy writing these posts, it is a good reflection and provides some reminders for my shopping list. I rarely seem to actually repurchase the products I say I will though, something new and shinier always seems to come along and grab my attention. What can I say? I'm not very loyal...

What have you finished up recently? Do you actually repurchase the products you say you would?

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  1. I love love LOVE the YSL touche eclat foundation, have you tried the concealer? It's amazing too. Definitely going to try the Charlotte Tilbury mascara, it sounds amazing <3 <3 We've recently done an empties post, we'd love you to check it out if you get the chance :) xx


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