Tuesday 7 July 2015

Chanel Mediterranee Collection - Summer 2015

A few weeks ago the Chanel Mediterranee Collection for Summer 2015 landed on counters. The collection is inspired by the vivid skies and blue seas of the Mediterranean. With this collection you can create bronzed skin, mesmerising eyes, bold nails and colourful lips. 

I, as the Chanel lover I am, rang my favourite beauty boutique the next day to place my phone order (I had had my wishlist ready since February). I only purchased four items from the collection. The bronzer - Lumiere d'Ete Illuminating Powder looked gorgeous online but would have been too warm and dark for my cool and pale skin. For the first time in quite a few collections, none of the lip products appealed to me. They weren't overly unique and therefore seemed too similar to products I already own. 

Stylo Eyeshadow in 127 Laurier Rose & 147 Caroube
These two were my must-have items in the collection. I have some of these from when they were released in 2013 (review HERE) and I still enjoy the formula so I had to have them. Laurier Rose and Caroube are the two more neutral options in this collection. 

Laurier Rose is metallic, coppery pink. Very much a rose gold hue which seems to be all the rage at the moment in cosmetics, jewellery and even home decor. Caroube is a cool toned, taupe brown and my favourite of the two. Caroube is definitely the more work and everyday appropriate shade of the two. 

These eyeshadows have a very cooling effect when applied on the lids. These shades however have a very quick drying/setting time, I find I only just have enough time to apply and then blend out on the edges. It is best to work with one eye at time. On the plus side though, once these babies are set they don't budge until they are removed. 

Le Vernis Nail Colour in 707 Mediterranee & 727 Lavanda
There are four polishes in the collection and I was really tempted to get them all but then I remembered that I hardly wear nail polish. Mediterranee is a slightly dark blue, almost teal in some lights (or just the poor light in my bedroom). Lavanda is a royal purple with a cream finish. It is a really gorgeous shade. 

I haven't actually worn these polishes yet, my nails are in horrible condition currently (I think winter is messing with them as it is with my skin and hair...). I did paint one nail with each polish and I didn't have any issues with the formula. I think these shades would look great on the toenails during summer.

Did you pick anything up from the Chanel Mediterranee Collection?


  1. Oh Caroube looks gorgeous! I think both the eyeshadows look pretty wearable for every day. The nail polishes probably not but they're still such pretty bold colours :)


  2. Everything looks amazing! Sadly I didn't get anything! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty


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