Friday 30 January 2015

2015 Beauty Goals

I know this is late, very late! I had planned to get it up much earlier but other things ate into my time, like watching the Australian Open (and I don't even like tennis!), work, sleep & food. Just the normal!

Last year I wrote about my beauty, blog and life resolutions. This year I am only posting about my beauty goals. I am not referring to them as resolutions this year; I don’t feel like they are actual resolutions. They are something I want to achieve during the year and continue to do in the future but there are also some I want to continue to do after starting last year. I don’t really like the term ‘New Years Resolutions’, if you want to change something in your life or anything else you don’t need to wait until a new year to start. 

Buy Less
Seriously, I need to cut down on my expenditure. I spend far too much of my salary on beauty related products. I had 104 new makeup items come into my stash in 2014 (I keep an inventory so I know the exact amount, if interested I could post a breakdown of the actual items purchased). Some of those items were gifts or purchased with money that I was given for birthday/Christmas, but it is still a ridiculous amount of makeup. I am not going to say I won’t buy anything because I would just be setting myself up to fail. I just want to reduce that amount, ideally I would like to limit the new products coming in to around 50 but I will see how I go. 

Invest in Makeup Brushes
I know I won’t be able to resist spending money on beauty products so I have decided to focus on brushes. I need to up my brush game! My current brush collection is primarily made up of Real Techniques and some Sigma that I purchased years ago. Whilst they work fine, after trying a couple of luxe brushes recently, I am itching to explore more brushes. I want to purchase some from Wayne Goss (purchasing the Holiday Brush is what motivated this goal), Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Suqqu and any other that interest me (I am in desperate need of more eye brushes).

Avoid ‘Drugstore’ Purchases
Now I have absolutely nothing against drugstore brands. It is all I used up until 3 years ago and there is nothing wrong with the brands or products. However I have found that whilst cleaning out my stash, it is mostly drugstore products that meet the rubbish bin. They aren’t bad products but if I have the choice between a drugstore lipstick and a luxe Chanel one, I am going to wear the Chanel. This means the drugstore one is getting neglected in my stash. My aim with this goal is to not make the purchase in the first place which will save money and a product won’t go to waste.

Cull the Stash
This is one I want to continue from last year. I have had a decent cull at the start of the year and will post about it soon. This is a work in progress goal as I try to go through my stash every few months. In essence I want my makeup stash/collection to contain products I love and actually use, not just be filled with pretty products because they are exactly that – pretty.

Keep a Lipstick Record
I am calling this ‘365 Days of Lips” as I started this on January 1st and plan to continue until December 31st. Lipsticks were my first beauty love and the product that I find hardest to part with. The idea with this goal is by keeping a record I know which of my stupid amount of lip products are getting used. I hope this will help me cull my stash towards the end of the year.

That is it for my 2015 Beauty Goals! I will probably revisit this during the middle of the year to see how I am going. At this stage I see all of my goals as achievable and I won’t be accepting any excuses for failure. We will see though.

What are your goals for 2015?

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