Thursday 29 January 2015

2014 Beauty, Life & Blog Resolutions - REVISITED

Whilst writing my 2015 goals post I decided to have a look back on my resolutions for 2014 (you can read the original post HERE). I was interested to see how successful I had been and thought revisiting my 2014 resolutions before sharing my 2015 goals might be interesting. 

Looking over last years post I was pretty successful (which is surprising). I felt like I had written all about them but then forgotten about them. I think they must have found their way into my subconscious because I somehow found myself following them most of the time.

Whilst I think looking to the future is important, a little bit of self-reflection never hurt anyone! 

Cancel Sample Box Subscriptions
I canceled all my sample box subscriptions, though I did sign up to The Parcel late last year (no regrets yet either). I consider this a success as I cancelled all the subscriptions I had at the time and did not renew them.

Stop Impulse Shopping
Whilst I didn’t completely eliminate the impulse shopping, I was a lot better than previous years. There was only two times I really fell off the wagon and I was shopping at Chadstone both those times. So my 2015 goal should probably be – don’t go to Chadstone.

“You don’t have to own EVERYTHING”
I am better at limiting my purchases, especially from new collections/ranges. Example – the recent spring collection from Chanel, I wanted all of the nail polishes but limited myself to one (and the most unique shade).

Start a Blog Overhaul
I think the blog overhaul was going pretty well until I lost all my mojo and decided to quit (for the a while anyway). This is something I plan to continue working on, now and into the future.

Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle
This is something I really struggle with. I have a stressful home life and am an emotional eater. This is not a good combination. My work hours also make it difficult to eat properly during the day. I am slowly working on it though and progressively making changes where I can.

Cull the Stash
This is a work in progress & I have a post coming up about it in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Work Harder
I have both failed and succeed at this. I started back at university early in 2014 and hated it. Again. All the issues I had with my mental health when I was originally at university started to come back. I decided after talking to my family, that the issues university caused me weren’t worth it and I did not enroll in any subjects for second trimester or this year. I am much happier for it. University just wasn’t for me. I spent all my high school years studying so hard just to get to university by the time I was there, I had just had enough.

In better news, my career did take a step forward in May 2014. It wasn’t really the step forward I wanted but it was a step forward. I moved up in positions and responsibility but unfortunately the position is only part time – 5 hours a day, 5 days a week with a 35-minute commute each way. I am enjoying the challenge and working towards that next step forward.

Even though I can be hard on myself around my career and dropping out of university, really I am doing okay for someone turning 24 this year. In the end though, being happy is more important than anything else.

Well, this got a bit personal in the end considering this is a beauty blog. I hope you don’t mind…

My 2015 Beauty Goals should be up in the next few days – stay tuned! 

How successful were your 2014 resolutions?

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