Monday 26 January 2015

10 of the Best Australian Beauty Brands


Since today is Australia Day I thought it was fitting for Luxury on the Lips to celebrate some great Australian beauty brands. When compiling this post I released just how many great Australian beauty brands we have. There are so many skincare brands that are dedicated to producing high quality, locally produced and cruelty free products. Makeup brands are great quality and so affordable (often more affordable than the big overseas based drugstore brands). Great hair care and fragrance brands round out this post to give a bit of an overall view of the Australian beauty market. 

The following are in no particular order, well actually they are alphabetical, not in order of greatness (because they are all equally great).

Aesop was founded in Melbourne way back in 1987. With an aim to create a range of products, committed to using both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. Aesop does great skincare, haircare and bodycare. The skincare kits also make it super easy to find products that suit your skin. My favourites from Aesop are the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste and Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque. The hand washes are also great and smell fabulous. Website HERE

Australis is the brand I remember from my teenage years (which feel like they were AGES ago). Australis was launched in 1987 and I remember them originally being called Colours of Australis and having a sun in their logo. Australis is super affordable and are constantly updating and expanding their range to be on-trend. Some great products from Australis include the AC on Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit, Cray for Colour Eyeshadow Sticks and Velourlips Matte Cream. Website HERE.

Evo is an Australian brand based in Adelaide with the motto ‘saving ordinary humans from themselves”. I love this cheeky brand; the descriptions on the product bottles always make me giggle. Evo is free from the nasties and great for sensitive scalps. My favourites from Evo include The Great Hydrator Mositure Mask (my Holy Grail hair mask) and Icon Welder Hot Tool Shaper. Website HERE.

Face of Australia (FoA) is another brand I remember from my teenage years, FoA was launched in 1997. It was an black eyeliner from FoA that I used to use and use badly. Think thick black lines on the lower lash line and nowhere else, yeah not a good look (actually I am kind of embarrassed about it…). Some favourites from FoA are the Impact Curl Mascara and I cannot go past the limited edition nail polish collections. Website HERE

Glasshouse Fragrances is my absolute favourite candle brand and being launched in 2006, they are still a relatively new brand. The candles they produce are amazing I haven’t purchased one that I didn’t love. Even better all their products are made in Australia. My favourites are Bordeaux, Cuba and the limited edition releases. Website HERE.

Another great cosmetics and skincare brand with affordable prices and quality products. I haven’t tried a lot from Innoxa, only bodycare products and lipsticks. The Summer Matte Lipsticks are my favourite - on trend colours, great pigmentation and super comfortable to wear. Website HERE

This brand makes my Holy Grail skincare product for winter. I swear by the Certified Organic Rosehip Oil to keep my skin hydrated and healthy in the cooler months. Kosmea is a brand dedicated to bringing quality natural products to everyone’s reach. The Rescue Balm also makes a great lip balm. Website HERE

Lanolips produces some of my favourite lip products. I adore the original 101 Ointment; it is so good at soothing my dry and sore lips. It is a handbag essential. The range has recently expanded to include the ‘Fruities’. That is 101 Ointments in apple, peach and strawberry. There is also a Banana Balm, which smells exactly like bananas and leaves the lips looking lush and shiny. A new product to me is the Hand Cream with Antibacterial, which I am really enjoying. Website HERE

Models Prefer is a Priceline owed brand that was launched in 2011. It is a great budget friendly brand with a massive range of products. My favourites include the Infinite Colour Shadow Pencils and the quality range of brushes. Models Prefer does not have its own website but you can view the products on the Priceline website HERE.

Sukin makes great skin and body care products that are perfect for sensitive skins. They are free from all the know nasties (and some I had no idea about), Australian made & owned and are carbon natural. I love the Hydrating Mist Toner and the Sensitive Soap Free Body Wash was great on my dry winter skin. I love the Sukin motto – ‘Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth’. They mean that in more than one-way too! Website HERE


Us Australians really are blessed with our range of quality Aussie brands. I love that these brands produce affordable and quality products with many of them made in Australia (yay for Aussie made & keeping jobs in Australia). The other thing I love with the above brands is that they are all animal cruelty free (Models Prefer hasn’t been certified (as far as I know) but does claim cruelty free). 

I hope you all have a great Australia Day and celebrate by supporting some of these amazing Australian brands. 

What are your favourite Australian beauty brands? What are you doing for Australia Day?

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  1. Great picks! I remember using Australis when I was a teen!! It's wonderful how it's still around :)


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