Sunday 15 December 2013

Stila - Portrait of a Perfect Eye Palette REVIEW

I purchased this last month and wasn't going to post about it because it sold out online pretty fast but Mecca Cosmetica recently restocked it. I took it as a sign to write up a quick post about it. 

Lately, I have been loving eyeshadows, especially neutrals. Therefore when I saw this palette, I couldn't resist. The Portrait of a Perfect Eye palette contains six eyeshadows housed in a small but fairly sturdy cardboard palette. The palette is quite basic but does have a magnetic closure and doesn't feel too cheap. 

The shadows include mattes, satins and metallics. The pigmentation of all is really good though the matte dark brown at the end is a little patchy. I like to use this shade as a liner though so it doesn't matter. My absolute favourite shade would have to be the one second from the right. It is such a gorgeous metallic shadow. 

I am impressed by how soft and smooth the shadows are. They are really easy to pick up on the brush and apply to the lid. The soft texture makes them easy to blend out over the lid. I haven't found any problems with creasing or fading but then I rarely do with powder shadows. The shadows are swatched below in the same order as they are in the palette. 

Sounds great? Yup, but I haven't even told you the best part yet! It is only $24.00!! Personally I think that is a bargain. It works out to $4 a shadow! For shadows this lovely that is awesome.

I think this is a great gift idea for pretty much anyone. Who doesn't love some neutral eyeshadows?! 

The Stila Portrait of a Perfect Eye Palette can be purchased from Mecca Cosmetica for $24.00 HERE. It is limited edition, so make that purchase quickly!


  1. Oh this looks really pretty! although it's hard to find a neutral palette with the right balance of mattes and sparkles!

  2. This is a great price for Stila in Australia!

  3. I adore this palette so much and it is a major part of my everyday eye makeup! The fourth and fifth shadows are my favourites from the palette and look gorgeous together.

    A Cosmetic Anthology

    1. The 5th shade is my favourite - so pretty and sparkly!


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