Tuesday 16 July 2013

My Winter Skin Saviour!

A few weeks ago my skin was really feeling the effects of winter. My skin was so dry and felt tight all the time no matter how much moisturiser I lathered on. My foundation was looking flaky and patchy no matter how moisturising it was or which primer I applied. The deeper layers of my skin were calling out for moisture and it was making my skin look dull, flat and yucky. 

I started looking for solutions and Rose Hip Oil was something that kept coming up. I asked around and it seemed it may be my answer. With the myriad of different rose hip oils on the market I asked on Twitter for recommendations and Kosmea was the first one. I also liked the idea that the Kosmea rose hip oil is certified organic. It is not something overly important to me in a product but I do like it when I can use one that is organic. 

Honestly, I am pretty sceptical when it comes to skincare. I don't expect products to be life changing or to actually live up to the hype. But when it comes to Kosmea Rose Hip Oil - BELIEVE THE HYPE! I pretty much feel in love with this product the first time I used it. I applied it and I couldn't believe the instant hydration my skin felt. 

I was always worried that applying an oil to my skin would make it well... oily. That is not the case though. It makes my skin feel hydrated, soft and plump. I feel the moisture sink deep into my skin as the oil is absorbed. The tight, dry feeling is gone from my skin and I feel it looks healthier and brighter than it has in a while. The skin around my nose is no longer dry and yucky looking and I even massage this into my lips when applying it on my face and it is lovely. 

My skin looks radiant and slightly dewy. 

Currently I only use this at night unless my skin is feeling very parched and I will use it very lightly in the morning. I find it keeps my skin feeling hydrated for a good 24 hours and probably longer. I apply about 4-5 drops to my skin and massage in before applying my normal moisturiser over the top. It can make your skin look a little orange when first applied but I find it disappears as it sinks in. 

The Kosmea rose hip oil is a lot thicker than I expected and as I haven't tried any other brands I don't know if this is normal. From what I have read and been told, other brands are both lighter in colour and not as thick in texture. This has a nice deep golden orange colour. 

I was actually surprised by the smell, with the name having rose in it, I kind of expected it to smell like roses. That it does not. It has a kind of 'garden-y' smell. If that makes sense... It is kind of fresh but still woody. Yeah, I was never any good at describing fragrances.

I highly recommend you try a rose hip oil, if you are like me and your skin is suffering from the winter blues. I have fallen deeply in love with this since I started using it about 2 months ago. It is not expensive either I purchased a 42ml bottle from Chemist Warehouse for just under $25 and I am not even half way through the bottle.  

 If you haven't tried it yet, take the plunge. You won't regret it!

Are you a rose hip oil fan? 
What is your favourite way to treat your skin in winter?


  1. This is my holy grail oil! I am glad that you love this too!

    1. It is fantastic! I am so happy I tried it.


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