Tuesday 16 July 2013

BellaBox - July 2013

The July Bella Box has a theme of Luxe Beauty Travel. Hmm, expecting some luxurious products perfect for travelling? Yeah me too...

Honestly? I am pretty unhappy with this months box. You will find out why below.

The July Bella Box contains:

Luxe City Guide - $12.99
I received this for Bangkok which isn't a place I have ever even considered visiting. When I go overseas again the first place I will be going is Paris. Cute idea to tie in with the travel theme but I would imagine the information in this is only valid/relevant for so long. 

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream - 70g $34.95
This is meant to be one of the top selling products in Japan in the last 50 years. It is like a balm so I would imagine it would be quite moistursing but also a little heavy (no good for the face). It also has a very strong fragrance - minty somewhat spicy.

La Fresh Waterproof Make Up Remover Wipes - 18 sachets $16.50
This is one individually wrapped wipe. Yeah just one, not very luxurious. Not very exciting either. It is cruelty free and made with natural ingredients though.

Janesce Softening Refresher Mist - 100ml $31.95
This smells really nice - very much like roses. The bottle is very dodgy though, it doesn't spritz, it just comes out in a stream. Not very refreshing. Also in the information card there is a 3ml sachet of a Softening Wonder Serum. Also - why does your skin need softening?  

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - 118ml $49.00
This is actually a product I have been interested in trying for a while. It is a favourite of Hollywood stars too. It is a tiny 3ml sample sachet though. I hate sachets.

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy - 200ml $5.99
I normally like shampoo and conditioner samples but this is not one I have been interested in trying. I looked at it when it first came out and I cannot stand the smell. Far too strong. This is one product that has me really disappointed in Bella Box. You can get this sample for free from Clear when you go to their website here. Really? I had to pay you to send this to me when I could have gotten it for free from the company?!? Bad form there.

Libra Hotties Heat Patches - 2 pack $4.99
Another bonus product according to the information card. This is a heat patch that you can apply to your skin and stay warm for 5-8 hours. A product I actually like the idea of trying. Another one use product though. I am not sure if it has expired though it has a date of 15/4/2013 on the back. Which reminds me, I never received my replacement gloss from last months box...

Model Co Cheek + Lip Tint - 10ml $24.00
Another Model Co product, this brand seems to pop up in a subscription box or the front of a magazine every couple of months. Can't say I have ever been overly impressed by any of their products either. This is a rosy pink stain - think Benefit but thicker. A mini 5ml size. 

So for me this months box was a very 'blah' one. The one product that I saw in other boxes that I actually wanted - Baby Foot, I didn't get. Yeah I know we can't all get what we want but this box doesn't have the value Bella Box has provided in the past and it is just boring. Nothing overly (or at all) exciting. 

What did you think of the July Bella Box?


  1. That's kind of why I unsubbed. They build up these awesome boxes only to let us down. And I've bought the Clear shampoo and conditioner, not very luxe lol. But I kind of like the idea of the heat patch, would come in handy since I work somewhere that's not well heated! :P

    1. Yeah the heat patch will be handy especially at that 'time of the month'. :)

  2. I got the same box as you! I didn't mind the sachet as much as previous months since they did have new products that I did want to try - but like you, I was really disappointed that I didn't get the babyfoot!

  3. you can get the baby foot for free here :)I really don't like it when we pay 15 dollars for things that did not cost them any money to get or are useless (the baby foot, the shampoo, luxe city guides, cute but not worth 12.99 and should not be in a beauty sample box)

  4. The date on the hotties are not expiry dates, it's the batch date! very confusing huh. I was disappointed with the shampoo and conditioner too. Luckily I received a guide and few products I'm happy about. I'm actually glad I didnt get the baby foot- I'm not sure how I feel about skin continuously peeling off my feet for 2 weeks!

    1. Thanks for that, I thought it might have been but wasn't sure considering they did send out of date products last month.

      Yeah the peeling skin is kind of gross but I never remember to regularly apply foot cream so I thought Baby Foot may have been a quick fix :)

  5. I got the same box! As most people are saying, the Libra Hotties isn't the expiry date, it's the batch date, I asked Bellabox! (I never received a replacement lipgloss from last month either, actually!)
    A shame you got Bangkok, I got London which at least is somewhere I would consider travelling to!
    You'll love the Egyptian Magic Cream! I use up tubs of this stuff during winter on my legs, it's wonderful! A shame it's in a sachet though...

    1. Oh London would be good!
      I am looking forward to trying the Egyptian Magic Cream but I really hate sachets..

  6. I received my replacement lipgloss on Tuesday, arrived in a standard envelope and with no expiry date this time.. Still awfully sticky and a pain to get off!

    Also received the same box as you. I'm trying so hard to convince myself that the next BellaBox will show me why I am bothering with them, but every month I continue to be disappointed!


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