Thursday 9 May 2013

MAC Extra Dimension - Blushes & Eyeshadows

I was excited to see that MAC was releasing a collection with Extra Dimension products. I got super excited when I found out both blushes and eyeshadows were part of the latest collection and that they were both in the Extra Dimension formula. 

I have previously reviewed and raved about the two eyeshadows I purchased from the last collection so I had to pick up some and try the new blushes.. Of course! Luckily I was able to pick up two of the blushes and the eyeshadows in an order from MAC USA thanks to Rebecca.

I didn't purchase any of the Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighters this time. Honestly, I don't use them enough to justify another one. But I can justify another four blushes... Yeah I don't know how my minds works either...

The Extra Dimension Blushes have a silky smooth texture that easily blends into the skin. The blushes all have a dewy sheen finish. There is no glitter but they do look luminous on the skin. The colour lasts around 6-7 hours on the cheeks. 

I would have purchased all five shades but the other shade - Firey Impact just looked too red for me. I like my pinks and corals. The four shades I purchased are:

  • Blazing Haute - a soft peachy shade
  • At Dusk - a soft baby pink
  • Bareness - a soft nude 
  • Flaming Chic - a soft but bright pink

They are swatched below in the same order as above. You can see the subtle sheen they add to the skin to give that luminous finish. 

The Extra Dimension Blushes retail for $52.00 each in Australia for 6.5g. They are $25.00 each in the US. The prices we are forced to pay is ridiculous.

I love my Extra Dimension Eyeshadows from the previous release but these are out of a whole other world. The colour of these is amazing! They are so metallic and look almost iridescent. 

They are silky smooth to the touch and apply like a dream. They are super easy to blend and the shadows last all day on the lids. Seriously, they look as good 8 hours later as they did when first applied. 

If there had have been more shades that I liked the look of, I would have purchased more than 3 shadows. Personally I don't like frosty blues and greens on my eyes. The shades I purchased are:

  • Opalesse - a metallic white with yellow undertones
  • Triple Impact - a metallic pink that leans slightly purple against my skintone
  • Smoky Mauve - a metallic plum brown

Again they are swatched below in the same order. They look amazing on the eyes! I especially love Smoky Mauve - it is so pretty!

The Extra Dimension Eyeshadows retail for $50.00 each in Australia for 2g (larger than a normal MAC shadow). They retail in the US for $21.00 each. 

Seriously that price hike is ridiculous! I understand a slight increase in price but that is more than double the price, $50 for an individual shadow is extortion. I love these products. The Extra Dimension formula is outstanding but the Australian retail price is just ridiculous. 

If you feel like splurging or can get them from the US, I highly recommend these items. They are fantastic and the colours are stunning.  

All items are still in stock on the MAC website - Maybe the high price is the reason behind that?!

Are you a fan of the Extra Dimension formula? What do you think of the Australia v. US prices?


  1. All the shades look so fantastic! You always make me want what you buy arghhh, my wish list is endless haha


  2. Yes MAC products are super expensive in OZ... I got the new mineralise moisture SPF15 foundation and a 217 blending brush using a 20 dollar myer gift card (redeemed when you have 2000 myer points, u know that). I dont dare to get anything from MAC without the gift card :(


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