Friday 24 May 2013

Lust Have It - May 2013

The May Lust Have It box arrived yesterday or Wednesday, I can't actually remember... It has been that type of week. I had fully intended to cancel my subscription to Lust Have It after last months box but I didn't get around to it before the payment was taken. So here is May's Lust Have It box.

The Lust Have It box for May contains:

Mik@vonk Auto Eyebrow Pencil - $10.00
This is the item I was happiest to receive in my box. I love a full sized make up product especially when it isn't the standard lipgloss. This is a full size eyebrow pencil in the shade Grey Brown which looks like it will suit my brows well. It is quite a hard formula but so is the Shu Uemura brow pencil I am currently using. I like that this is a wind up pencil and includes a spoolie on the other end. 

The Natural Source Camoflage Colour Lipgloss - $12.95 15ml
Love that it is a full size make up item but seriously, a clear lipgloss is soooo boring. Nothing ground breaking or exciting here. I also hate sticky lipglosses and just looking at it, I think it will be sticky.

Seacret Body Mud - $30.00 100g
Hmm this is an interesting product, it is a sachet of mud. Yup a sachet of mud! It is mud from the Dead Sea though, so is that extra special? I question that this little sachet is worth 30 bucks and I can just think of the mess it would make in the bath. Also how much of your body would this cover?

Paula's Choice Clear Exfoliating Solution - $38.00 118ml
When I read exfoliating I expect something grainy or the like. This is actually just a liquid - looks a lot like water. From what I can tell it is actually a toner. It is designed for acne prone skin, which mine is thankfully not. 

Tigi Bedhead Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum - $24.95 60ml
I am someone who loves sweet smelling products but this has that horrible fake sweet smell. It actually makes me feel a little sick. Props for the full size product though.

This months Lust Have It box wasn't bad. For me it was just boring. Nothing exciting or ground breaking was included. There is not one product I looked at and could not wait to try out. Yes there is great value and two make up items but I just feel like this relationship is no longer working for me.

I therefore have cancelled my subscription as of tonight. I actually felt quite liberated by it. I plan on putting away the $15 or $20 a month the subscription would have cost and buying something I really want after a while. 

What did you think of this months Lust Have It box? Are you still subscribed?


  1. I'm not impressed with LHI at all anymore with the price increase and promises of bigger better things it's all just been one big disappointment. I won't be renewing my subscription after August.

    Jac xx

    1. My thoughts exactly! :) I am glad to have finally pulled the plug on my subscription.

  2. I got a bit of a different box and was actually kind of happy with my box. It didn't disappoint me, so that's the main thing! Although I agree, yours does seem a little boring :(


  3. I have unsubscribed it last year (after getting 3-4 of their colorful make-up bags).The products are not intersting anymore, not to mention it has very little big brands/ products that you actually wish to try out and re-purchase. I first subscribed to GlossyBox and I think they were better. Anyways, the Bella Box's this month looks better (I didnt subscribe to it either) :)


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