Monday 18 March 2013

BellaBox - March 2013

My March Bella Box finally arrived on my doorstep today. It took longer than normal to arrive - I got the notification email on Wednesday and I normally get my box within a day or two at the most. No fault of Bella Box's though - stupid Australia Post ( I could now go on a economics based rant about monopolies and lack of competition, but I won't - for your sake). 

The theme of the March box is Delicious Beauty. This month also includes two colour products instead of the normal one! In celebration of Easter and breaking the rules - like eating chocolate for breakfast. Personally I don't think there is any rule against eating chocolate for breakfast - or any meal of the day for that matter (mind you I am eating chocolate right now). 

The March Bella Box contains:

Ocean Essence Coconut Body Milk - 20ml $4.95
To be honest I was hoping for the body wash mainly because I am lazy and hardly ever moisturise. This smells awesome though, I hate the taste of coconut but I just love the smell of it in body products. This is a 20ml sized tube and I am looking forward to using it (and imaging I am on a tropical island). 

Ocean Essence Pink Diamond Face Mask - Box of 3 $39.95
When I saw this in the bottom of the box, my first thought was 'Why is there a slimy purple jelly fish in my box?' Turns out it is a face mask in a gel form. I don't know if I will use it, at the moment I am having too much fun squishing it...

Glamourflage Lip Balm - $10.95
I received this in the Bella Blaze version which is a delicious honey lemon scent. I have already used this and I likey already. It is not an overly moisturising lip balm but it makes my lips feel nice and healthy. Another lip balm is always handy to have around too. 

Designer Brands Lip Pencil - $4.99
I am not much of a lip pencil person - mainly because I cannot get my lipsticks to match to a lip pencil. Fantastic to see another full size item and I am really happy I got this in the shade 630 Pink - one I am more likely to use. 

Clinique High Impact Mascara - 8g $38.00
I used to have this mascara and really liked it so I am glad to have it again. This is a 3.5ml sample and I love getting a 'high end' product in my sample box. 

Swisse Active Energy Bar - $2.39 
This is listed as a bonus product. I hate these types of bars, I find they normally taste worse than cardboard dipped in mud. I'll give this to my brother - he loves this type of thing. 

Overall I am really happy with this months box, 4 full sized items - three of which are make up items. I LOVE that! I am subscribed for the make up... Like I am sure many of you are. I am also loving the Glamourflage lip balm already - it smells so good. 

What did you receive in your Bella Box?


  1. Those Glamourflage Lip Glosses look so cute, I didn't get one but I think I might buy one anyway just for the tin lol......

    Jac x0x

  2. You received so many great products this month! The Glamourflage Lip Balm would be my favourite!

  3. LOL at the how you described the energy bar. I've heard about Glamourflage before, lip balm looks interesting. Clinique High Impact is one of my fave mascaras and those samples sizes can last you ages!

    1. They definitely can last for ever! The Glamourflage lip balm is lovely :)


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