Tuesday 19 February 2013

My Nails are Wearing... Sally Hansen

Just a quick post to show you what is currently on my nails. I couldn't resist using the Sally Hansen nail polish that came in the recent Bella Box. It is the shade 677 Shoot the Moon and it is a gorgeous metallic grey that just looks amazing on the nails. 

This is two thin coats but you could get away with one. I didn't use a base or top coat. The polish was very easy to apply and seems to be lasting pretty well so far. 

This polish actually reminds me of a Chanel polish called Graphite. I don't own Graphite to compare but it looks similar when comparing images.

What are your nails wearing? 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had gotten this Bellabox just for the nail polish! It looks lovely on your nails :)

  2. What a great shade! It will be perfect for autumn/winter :)

  3. I quite like this metallic silver nail polish! It looks like such a futuristic shade and something that isn't too "in your face" yet still stands out! Love Sally Hansen formulas :)



Comments, criticism, questions & love all welcome.

Stephanie x

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