Sunday 17 February 2013

Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in To Die For - Review

Essence is a brand I have really been loving trying out lately. If you didn't know Essence is a German brand and has incredible quality and value. I don't think there is an item over $10.00 in the whole range. They also regularly release limited edition collections based around a theme. 

I have heard great things about the eye shadows so naturally I had to get some to try. I don't like to be missing out on anything... 

I chose the most neutral of the eyeshadow quads mainly because that is what I always wear and will get the most wear out of. This nude beauty is 05 To Die For. As a quad it of course features four shades (duh!). I like the design of the palette - you get more of the shade you will use the most. 

The first shade - in the top left corner is a shimmery white. The top right shade is a very pretty champagne beige shade. The bottom right is satiny deep brown. The last shade - bottom left is a chocolate brown with bronze sparkles. 

The quality of these shadows is fantastic. They are buttery soft, pigmented and so easy to use. They blend out beautifully and last all day on my lids with or without a primer. 

The shadows are swatched below in the same order as the colour descriptions. 

I am really happy I purchased this palette (and have proceeded to purchase another one). For the price of $5.95 it is an absolute bargain! Essence is available at Priceline and Target. I highly recommend you check out their products. 

Have you tried any Essence products? What do you recommend?

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