Sunday 9 December 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Haul

In my previous MAC haul I mentioned that I had ordered some items from the holiday collection - Glamour Daze. Originally I had ordered all these items (plus some more) from the US. However most of the items sold out very quickly so I had to pay the high Australian price and therefore had to reduce the amount of items ordered. 

I was instantly attracted to the femininity of the Glamour Daze collection - it feels very pretty & girly. Most of the shades are soft and shimmery. I also really like the shiny packaging of this collection, it is not the normal matte that MAC items are packaged in. 

Extra Dimension Skinfinish 

The collection has two Skinfinish shades, both equally gorgeous looking. I chose the shade Whisper of Guilt, it is described as a 'light soft white gold with a shimmery sheen'. It is very pretty on the skin and I love the Extra Dimension formula - it is a liquid-powder. It is very smooth and buttery soft.  

Powder Blush

This collection includes three blushes and I originally ordered two of them but at Australian prices I could only afford one. I purchased the shade Easy Manner which is a satin blush. The shade is described as a 'light dirty peach'. I love this shade, it's like a very natural coral shade.

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow

The collection features eight eye shadow shades in the Extra Dimension formula. I chose two of the neutral shades. A Natural Flirt which is a 'soft peachy nude' and Stolen Moment which is a 'dark taupe'. Both shades are incredibly pigmented and smooth. 


I actually purchased two lipsticks from the collection, one just hasn't made its way to me yet. This one is the Cremesheen formula and the shade is Outrageously Fun and described as a 'midtone magenta violet'. It is a gorgeous shade and I LOVE it. The other shade I ordered is Innocence and is a 'soft coral'. 

L-R: Easy Manner, A Natural Flirt, Stolen Moment, Outrageously Fun and Whisper of Guilt.

I am really pleased I purchased these items. They are just gorgeous and excellent quality. I wish I had purchased more of the eye shadows, the formula is incredible. Just pity about the Australian price.

I am really loving MAC lately though especially the regular releases of new collections. I am already planning on purchasing some items from the Taste Temptation collection when it is released here. 

Did you purchase anything from the Glamour Daze Collection? Are you loving MAC like I am? 


Comments, criticism, questions & love all welcome.

Stephanie x

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