Wednesday 12 December 2012

BellaBox - December 2012

I was super excited to find my BellaBox in my letterbox this morning before I left for work. I was so excited because hints had been given that a big value make up item was being included. I managed to have a quick peek before I left for work and I must say on first impressions, I was super impressed!

The December BellaBox includes:

Savoir Faire Limited Edition Kit in "C'est Le Ton Qui Fait La Musique" (Winter) - $110.00 
This is freaking amazing! This kit is gorgeous and includes; 6 eye shadows, a blush, a lip gloss, a mascara and an eye liner. I received the Winter kit and I am really pleased with it. Besides the blue shadow it is all colours I would wear. It is incredibly generous of both BellaBox & Savoir Faire to give this to all subscribers. 

Allegra Rhodes Hand & Nail Cream - 175ml $32.95
This is available in four scents and I received cherry blossom. It smells amazing! It is only a small sample - 5ml but I just used it and quite like it. 

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme - 113g $16.99
I can't say I ever use these type of products, I usually find them too heavy in my hair. I will give this a try though and it has a nice scent. This is a 30ml sample. 

Anumi Miracle Recovery - 30ml $65.00
This is 'an overnight treatment to rejuvenate dull and tired skin'. It is an oil and it smells gorgeous! I will be using this, work is making me so tired it is making my skin look tired. This is a 5ml sample and is Australian made. 

Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna - 100ml $79.00
I have tried this perfume in the past and quite liked it. This is two .4ml samples but they aren't in a spray vial it is a little capsule type thing. I think you would only get one use from each sample.

Zipette - 3 Zipettes $5.95
These are little rubber things that you attach to the zip on your pants and then hook onto the button to keep your fly zipped up. It is a cute idea and nothing I have ever heard of before. Not really a beauty item but I like receiving new products in my sample boxes. This is a set of three. 

This month's BellaBox is exceptional value and has some fantastic products. I love the variety and the new and different products included. Overall this year BellaBox has really impressed me this year and I highly recommend subscribing to them if you are interested in one of the subscription boxes. 

What did you think of the December BellaBox? Did you receive the same products?


  1. The Savoir Faire Kit looks gorgeous! Could you do EOTD with it?

  2. This box looks amazing! I can't wait to get mine :D

    the zipper thing is interesting though

  3. The palette looks lovely - swatches please?

  4. Awww I want that box! D: I wanted the perfume!
    Not sure about that zippy thing though lol! How strange!

  5. The Zipper thing is awesome. It stops your zip from always falling down!
    I have heaps of jeans where the fly is sooo annoying lol! I've used each of the Zipettes for 3 different pairs of jeans.
    So happy that Bella Box put that in the December box!!!!

    1. Glad to hear they work! I'll have to try them next time I wear jeans :)


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