Monday 26 November 2012

Glasshouse Fragrances White Christmas Candle - Review

I used to be a massive candle lover. I remember spending over $150 in Dusk in one go, just on candles. But then as I moved to university and lived in the residences I could not burn candles. They had a very sophisticated fire alarm system that would pick up even the slightest amount of smoke. I wasn't risking a $1000 fine from the fire brigade for a false call out! My love of candles was forgotten about until recently...

When I went shopping at Doncaster (way back in July) I purchased my first Glasshouse Fragrances candle in the scent Bordeaux. A gorgeous vanilla. I LOVED it and so did the whole household. Even though I burnt it in my room, the scent spread through the whole house. I finished it up a while ago but only just got around to purchasing another candle. 

At my local stockist, they had the three limited edition Christmas candles in stock. I instantly fell in love with them all but had to limit myself to just one. I chose White Christmas which is a cedar leaf & fruity clove scent. Personally it doesn't sound like something I would normally like but upon smelling it I loved it.

All the limited edition Christmas candles come in a gorgeous decorated glass jar. White Christmas has snowflakes on it. When the candle is lit the snowflakes light up, it looks so pretty. 

White Christmas has a fruity yet still spicy scent. It is difficult to explain but when burning it, it really does make you think of Christmas. The scent is strong but not overpowering, I love that it can be smelt through the house. 

White Christmas has a burn time of up to 80 hours. This candle was also handmade in Australia and is triple scented. Personally I plan on picking up at least one of the other Christmas scents.

The Glasshouse Fragrances Christmas candles are available now. They retail for $42.95 and are limited edition so head to a stockist soon!

Are you a candle lover? Have you tried the Glasshouse Fragrances candles? What are your favourite candles?


  1. Oh man I need some new candles. I got one as a prize today called Montego Bay and it is amazing!

    1. All Glasshouse Candles smell amazing, I need them all haha


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